Thursday, October 25, 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach Though The Eyes of a Poet

Mumbai is a Cauldron of All Culture Hope And Humanity ..

As a hobbyist photographer amateur at all level point and shoot artist who uses a DSLR to demystify the soul of elitist photography..and so I give respect to all mobile camera phone Ipad photographers I shoot for myself , it is my precious time my camera and Gods vision installed in my soul , giving respect to all religiosity through culture tradition and rituals that I see as poetry and fine Art.

I have two more 8 GB cards of the Durga Visarjan , I am lucky being exotically dressed with a turban on my head barefeet I do make good friends and people remember me here at the Juhu Beach I met some people I had met over the years .. I give them my visiting card but I have never spoken to anyone of them a Mumbai phenomenon , we meet connect and go back to our respective pigeon holes.

Unlike some people and I have no issue with them who post their religion pictures as a defiance as the only Hope of humanity .. I dont my upbringing my parentage was different , and I was bought up differently.. I dont blog my Shiasm for people of my Faith they already know about its chronological history and its values .. historicity .I post my faith for those who dont know about it .. and my foreigner friends who come shoot it with me every year ..

I shoot my pictures or blogs as a story board stills seen as cinema of poetry passion and pathos.,, those not living in Mumbai would perhaps think I have saffronized my soul..shooting different cultures has not changed the inner machinery of my faith or religiosity at all.. my grand children where possible shoot what I shoot despite being 5 year old and 15 month wife can handle the Canon EOS 7D much better than she uses the rolling daughter is a digital photographer too, my sons can use the camera and ..I think everyone in my house knows the camera as an integral part of out house like the clock on the wall..

There are lot of things I shoot and a lot of things I refuse to shoot at times I do get upset when people tell me why I shoot what I shoot and I pay for my Internet usage , I dont shoot for money , or for personal gratification , I lost all my memory cards my belongings stolen while shooting the Lalbah Chya Raja Visarjan.. I bought a new set of memory cards .

I always take permission when I shoot indoors or in a hall so as not to be racially profiled even if it is a public situation.

And somethings to the agony of my simple wife I shoot every year.. and now she has stopped telling me did you not shoot it last year.

All my pictures text blogs poetry originate at than a few cross blogged to Blogspot , I am not a fan of Wordpress anymore I have placed my blogs here on Private mode.

I am on Tumblr I dont use it, my earliest blog is my site and Shia Thugno1 on Buzznet , the title was given to me by an American blog queen as she did not like me so I use her title to vindicate her indigenous hate for a few things Indian.

I am called Shia Hindu Shia Pandit because I shoot Hinduism but it does not change my parentage and my ancestry .. as a Shia we are a persecuted race called heretics rafidis so it really makes no difference a rose by another name cant be Firoze.

And I am a street poet , good but ugly going from bard to worse.. and please buy a copy of Time Out Mumbai vol 9 issue 5 dated Oct 25 2012 for a small article on this resident photographer beggar poet of Bandra.

And my pictures my stories you will certainly not find in print media .. I am a failed Bollywood actor ..last seen in China Gate a cameo.. and a high end Darji by profession.

And I blog for free ..

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

The Mobile Camera Phone Moment Lasts Forever

Main Hoon Ma

The Face Of Mother ..

Good Bye Ma

Durga Visarjan.. Parting is Sweet Sorrow ...Whatever We Own From God We Have Borrowed

Jai Mata Di Chalo Bulawa Aya Hai

God Gives Me Pictures To Shoot ..

I Could Only Shoot What I Was Destined To Shoot ..Pictures as Fruits On My Karmic Route ...

Bolo durga maiki jay

Bolo durga maiki jay

Bloggers Dont Shoot Pictures .. We Capture The Poetry Of Cosmic Hope

Woh Hote Hain Kismetwale Jinki Ma Hoti Hai

aye maa aye maa teri soorat se alag bhagwan ki soorat kya hogi

I Like The Common Photographer ...His Pictorial Humility Touches Me The Most

the celebrity
the arrogant
media photographer
of lenses bodies
he does not boast
capturing lost
elusive moments
to his humility
my tribute my love
my humble toast
this includes photo
shooting video shooting
dudes their eponymous
camera mobile phones
that appear in our pictures
'as spectral ghosts
they do not positively
spam on flickr facebook
twitter pinterest where
i post rich
fertile like compost

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach..

What really hurts me this Durga Visarjan is such a beautiful moment but no adequate preparations on the beach, I could not see the lifeguards , and kids were venturing deep into the water , just two cops and the tourist van moved around the beach, no first aid kit.. no extra mobile toilets nothing .. after all they hardly do this during the Ganesh festival...

The Flickr New Uploader Sucks

I placed files as a batch in the new uploader , and all crashed .. I mostly use the old slow Flickr uploader .. Flickr sadly has not yet come up with a soul satisfying uploader till date..

Two Street Photographers From Bandra

Nerjis Asif Shakir Wonders Whether My Wife Can Shoot With The Camera

We Are The Only 2 Malangs In Our House

I Get Ready To Go For Durga Visarjan ..

Nerjis Asif Shakir my 15 month old grand daughter gets ready thinking I will take her along , and she is now heavy into posing for the camera photo taken by my wife on the Canon 7D with vertical grip..

I Have Just Returned Shooting The Durga Visarjan Juhu 2012

This picture was shot by Sagar Bekal at Bombay Durgabari Durga Puja and I have a lot more to upload in this series .

Than I have to upload pictures shot last evening of Ramkrishna Mission Durga Puja , North Bombay Mukerjee family Durga Puja and the last one DN Nagar Durga puja ,, also shot along with my Facebook friend Sagar Bekal.

This evening at about 6 pm I left barefeet for shooting the Durga Visarjan , I prefer Juhu to Dadar or Chowpatty as it is part of my mental and poetic angst ,, I know everybody on the beach , the beggars the vendors the lifeguards and the tourist photographers.

I enter Juhu beach from the narrow lane near the Vakil bungalow shoot the Kali temple on the beach and walk all the way till the food courts where the big Durga visarjan happens.

I shot Kandivili, Andheri east , Thakurli,Mahakali caves Bengali Durgas and as luck would have it I met Samrat Mukerjee , Subir Mukerjee and Debu Mukerjee and so shot the North Bombay Durga Visarjan , Anurag Basu was not there his camera man brother Abhijit was there ..

I ventured in the waters and shot a lot of Durgas I have showered , having my black tea and I am in a dilemma should I continue with my pandal shoot pictures or post the Visarjan.
I think I will put the pandals on hold and post the Visarjan instead a very long series I shot for almost 4 hours I think.

My leg is still in bad shape will have to go to the bone setter again...