Thursday, December 11, 2014

“No place to come to, and you’ll end where you are, Deep in the centre of the endless maze” — Edwin Muir

poor kids are wondering if they too will end up as beggars too, our municipal education sucks ,,a farce played without heart without our cleanliness drive ,, we want to clean our surroundings but not our inner corrupt self,,, and sadly corruption resides deep in the heart soul of the common Indian..he encouraged it pushed and promoted it .. there is dirtiness ugliness in corruption in every walk of life ,, you have to give something to get something.. politics religion bureaucracy police every section of society has been infiltrated by corruption.even education.. RIP.. Cleanliness .

photography is not just shooting pictures it is aligning mind to matter

1400 Bad Phir Yazid Jag Utha

Yeh shor E giryaa
Yeh shor E Matam,
Uska Dam Ghuta
Matam e Hussain
Band Karne Ke Liye
Dil Se Woh Juta

Abbas Bhi Jag Utha

He Asked Me Heaven Or Hell

I told him I was an Amphibian I could live in both the place at the same time father mother conspired i was the by product of that crime ,, held by my balls in space and time ,,verse and rhyme ..

Hey God I Am Your Urban Clown

now dont get upset
smirk and frown
even when you beat
me hard i dont slit
my wrists or think of
ways to drown
your world hopefully
one day i will renounce
no bare necessities not
a single ounce i will go live
like a fakir in the mountains
 this i solemnly  I announce
to your world come what
may i wont ever bounce
fuck hypocritical humanity
apocalypse now..from your
stage of revolving mirrors
i finally take a bow .. no kids
no grandkids no not even my frau
no more milking the consumer cow

a poem to me on my birthday
my world abrupt upside down