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Fatal Mistake ...Travesty of Cybernetic Justice

Fatal Mistake ...Travesty of Cybernetic Justice
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Innocent techie spends 50 days in Jail

Wrongly accused of defaming Shivaji on net

This is the first page headlines in Times of India by a report filed by Ketan Tanna
Nov 3 2007.
According to him a Bangalore based youth Kailash K was arrested for uploading
An insulting picture of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj on Orkut.. tht allegedly had led to riots in Pune …Nov2006.
He was arrested under the Information Technology Act 2000, and lodged at Yerwada Jail.He was there as an undertrial for 50 days .
His IP provider was Airtel Bharti they had provided the requisite information that led to his arrest.
However it turned out that the information provided by the provider was wrong and the actual culprits have been nabbed.
Kailash K has been duly released.
You can read the entire report in Times of India..

What I would like to warn the present day over enthusiastic bloggers is that Big Brother is watching you all the time.
I must tell you that last year at Buzznet my Photographer No1 site was hacked and the hacker went about posting pornographic stuff and had access to all my uploading, my messages and other tools..
I had informed Buzznet Support , the site was frozen but the damage came later , when this hacked contents were seen by Shia fundamentalists, I could not delete it as the controls were with the Developer..but they should have blocked my site from viewing which they did not do..I was threatened with Fatwas, went through the most harrowing experience. Deleted almost 11000 blogs in a single night , I was for the first time disillusioned as a photo blogger.
I respect all religion, I am not into porn, I like any one else hate the unnecessary killings of Muslims by Muslims or terrorism in any form.I am against racism too.
So it is shocking this single episode Kafkaesque says the Times journalist of the arrest of Kailash K.
Are we bloggers really safe? I don’t even know whatt happened to Gautam Buddhi who was alleged to have posted hate messages to President Bush from the Yahoo Finance Board network…

The cops catch the wrong man
For posting an insulting picture
Of Chattrapati Shivaji on Orkut
Lock him for 50 days
Crime they say never pays
But later they realize
The had made a mistake
Travesty of Cybernetic justice in a Maze
Such are police investigative ways
False encounters
False complaints
Extortions blackmail
by a few rogue cops to get a raise
there are good cops we do praise
for our safety hoodlums chase
case after case
meticulously they liase
but putting a wrong man in prison
for a crime he did not commit
a thought badly misplaced
our system
of law and order
totally disgraced

Racism ! Stop It !

Racism ! Stop It !
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like a poisonous snake in a vipers pit
racism its venom in your eyes
will spit ..
blinding you forever
you are badly hit
gaseous fumes of hatred
rotteness transmit
crimes commit
in a white mans world
black mans beatings
totally legit
they the racist regime
custodians of their society
dont care a least bit
know it but wont admit
to more torture and more horror
the black man submit
the laws of the white man
the white man acquit
the color of your skin
the eternal rift
eternal split
a failed gods creation
on the face of it
god who made man
with a faulty kit.

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