Saturday, October 30, 2010

Made In India Rest Assured

This Is Man Enslaved To Humanity

Solving the Fucked Crossword Of Life

The Power Of Hope

This Is The Inside of a Dead Poets Head

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light comes through
as creativity added
as common sense
a wordsmiths
workplace making
poems through
a lens adding
to deathly suspense
light weighted but dense
holistically healing
the life span of a
broken fence
sensibility and sense
insanely intense
tragically torrid
tumultuous tumescent
tempestuous and tense

Indian Animal In a Zoo

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for a specie
called migrants
from the north
or a poet
like me its true in india
you are either a mosque
or a mandir a musllim
or a hindu a motley crew
you can build a tower
flout rules if you are a babu
call-it ideal or adarsh
it sounds as good as new
ministers politicians
have diplomatic
immunity from god
corruption the soul of
our blood sweat sinew
our nation is stripped
paraded naked
of the people by
the people of the few
early morning
poems are like utara
drunken delusions
of sobriety giving society
its due opaque like
a paper you cant
see through
the click of a mouse
is greater than a pen
cutting like a sword
if it is held
in your hand too
over the head of a blogger
a wingless blog
it flew

The Half Dead Poet of Mumbai

On Their Blindness

A Born Photographer Looks Like This

a nikon d 80
round her neck
you cant miss
she shoots
the soul of humanity
a single shot
pictorial bliss
a memory
with a life kiss
are made in heaven
place in a mothers womb
is the gist
recreating gods beauty
as it exists
a born photographer is
gods gift to mankind
a thought
you cant dismiss
masters the art
of living
just like this
snakelike charm
tantric kundalini
serpents hiss
unleashing a
holistic power
that wont go

Who Really Cares a Flying Fuck....

A Bed Of Thorns

Fucked The Day He Was Born

Bandra Where Hindus and Muslims Live as Brothers

He Does Not Want To Meet President Obama

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he dreams
that god has
granted him
a wish of a new
home a new hope
no more living
on the extreme
his wife smiling
his children
playfully scream
he has a regular job
everything fine
it seems
its the waking up
to the newly cleaned up
spruced up streets of sobo
to welcome the black
hope of america
martin luther kings
bleeding pledge to redeem

i have a dream
sweet bitter memories
flowing into a stream
unlike the CWG games
more money to be made
through another scheme
curds and cream
on the bind folded
soul of humanity
ever changing theme

I Am a Humble Maharshtrian She Said

memories of living
unliving to
which i was wed
less alive
more dead
good times
had come and gone
short lived as they fled
the long hours
the wrinkled hands
the domestic chores
i earned my family's bread
as i bled
to my grave
without regret
as i tread
half alive
somewhat dead

Sartorial Soliloquy of My Soul

The Diabetic Ulcer Called Life That Wont Heal

I vigorously walk barefeet , I used to wear slippers to work, but I have given-it up as it aggravates the wound that I incurred during Ganesh Visarjan while walking with the immersion procession of Lalbaagh Chya Raja.

It just wont heal.reminding me of the frailty of flesh and mortality of my memories but my defiance too , to keep them alive as images I shot of a journey that should soon end..fruitlessly

Poet of Pain Shot By Marziya Shakir On Nikon D 80

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on the viewfinder
of her childs soul
she saw what
she had to shoot
blood flesh tears
of her genetic roots
to the person
who taught her
to hold the body
of the camera
in the crucible
of her hands
she pays a poetic
praiseworthy tribute
are born
not factory made
run of the mill
for camera clubs
'she tells the truth
2 year 11 months old
solemnly cute
the worlds youngest
street photographer
beyond fucked f stops
beyond photography
teaching money
making institutes
in the name of
collecting loot
light and shade
shadows silhouette
highlights soundless
ruminatively mute
a path she takes
'she reroutes
the color chart '
the angle of confusion
she refutes
she is marziya shakir
born in humility
your blessings
her gratitude
one thing
i definitely
taught her
was not
to make her
a celebrity
or media
with fucked attitude
to be humble
to what she shot
never never be rude
crass or crude
the streets where
god lives among
the poor for the poor
like the poor
with his zealous
zephyr like zenitude

Telling Stories Through Pictures of Pain

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certifying caricatured
life in street moodiness
as it strikes the brain
visuals eating into the soul
resurfacing on the flesh
of hope and humanity
as karmic pain man
in chains wherever
he goes his pain remains
a bleeding sorrow
as it strains memories
demystified as blood stains
unreal pretentiously pedestrian
all in vain like a stream of urine
gushing down the drain
searching for self beyond
the insane in the valley of doom
atomic rain mans destiny
doomed inane

Kalicharan Shot By Marziya Shakir on Nikon D80

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Its time for me to clear the mystery of the man Marziya shot at our house.

His name is Kalicharan he is from Aligarh and is a professional masseur , he comes in place of my regular masseur Bhura also from Aligarh but on an extended holiday , he has kept Kalicharan to take care of his clients till his absence.

Both Bhura and Kalicharan are migrants who eke out a living they stay near Mumbadevi and cater to the businessmen who visit Mumbai for trade .

Kalicharan was quite shocked when Marziya took my camera and took this shot totally on target , he wants a framed copy to show to his family back home.

when Bhura comes back from his long leave Kalicharan will not call me or approach me this is part of their professional ethics.

As I am not Kalicharan regular client , but when Kaicharan goes on leave Bhura will take charge of them.

These guys are not like the masseurs you meet at the citypoints or beaches etc, these are respected , clean and good at their jobs.

They charge reasonably and they are popularized by word of mouth, I have referred Bhura to most of my close friends.

After Kalicharan finishes with me he does Marziyas head and Marziya has watched them since she was a tiny child , so marziya is a good learner and massages my legs ,Marziya makes chapattis , Marziya makes tea under the guidance of my wife and Marziya is a good inborn photographer as can be gauged by this shot of her.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Man Is The Greatest Day Dreamer God Made

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when he gets kicked around
when he gets fucked around by reality
than day dreams come to his aid
in the slithering moments of his sleep
he gets beautifully laid an angel
behind the mirrored glass
her memories cannot fade
the pillow talk the love bites
the nibbling each time she
went down a tumescent thought
forbade he pleaded he begged
he felt betrayed his guilt
reflecting in her heavenly eye shade
her naked body nubile taut
she displayed the bar dancer
bar maid on his zenitude
her fragrance her muskiness
overstayed this was the first
woman who he fucked without
having paid soft silky like suede
a moment prolonged delayed

Crucified By The Lust Of Man

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she was a
seal packed virgin
pure pristine undiluted fine
till she got conned by
a smoothing talking hulk
she met on facebook online
he took her on the rocks
off carter road legs
spread supine he
forcibly frantically
entered her mound
on a far reaching incline
a moment i hate to define
woman cursed
doomed riches in a gold mine
a passage of pain pathos
blood etched on a dotted line
than he disappeared
leaving behind memories
of his child she a single mother
will have to bring it up offline
every night she spends crying
as time over the rocks goes flying
crucified by the lust of man
sexually manipulated by his lying
the flesh was willing the soul
is muted slowly silently dying

Topic] People you may know - Feedback (Kudos | Gripes)

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New Flickr Feature comment posted by me on the Forum

Excellent sometimes copying Facebook is no harm, but my grouse is you should get rid of the ugly welcome message and instead have a wall on which we can write our views and words of wisdom..

Salut firoze shakir photographerno1! this message kills me for its sheer unintelligence

Take Care

Please make Flickr Blogger Friendly
And introduce the two buttons Add Or Ignore for Contacts and a button to delete them completely as spam they dont add you ever again..

Also introduce Comment Moderation
And for Gods sake kick butt of One Sided Contacts

I dont access or use Facebook anymore has nothing to do with this comment..but than creating a God called Marc Zuckerburg is the only creativity God showed after he created Jesus Christ,,

Firoze Shakir Mumbai India

No Please Mr Sarkozy Leave Us Muslims Alone

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with every edict
against the hijab
your racist hate
alone good
is more important
than playing
to the gallery
on your own
for your original sin
of omission commission
dont ask the muslim '
woman to atone
banning the hijab
the chador the burkha
the head scarf
tears on a wizened
a garment of modesty
a muslim womans
traditional garb
will live forever
beyond your
though god give
you a long life
wisdom your
presidency a milestone
you have created a name
in history to your seat of power
may you always be enthroned
a nuns habit smirks in the aisle
mocking truth beyond the unknown
the hijab a muslim womans story
of determination survival self respect
hand made hand sewn '

The Babri Mosque Is The Greatest Curse On The Soul of Islam

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image sourced from the net

to keep this monolithic mosque alive
hundreds thousands of innocent
souls were lost now trying to
rebuild it at what cost
on the soul of a structure
blood of mankind embossed
pain dark memories riots
on the soul of nation crisscrossed
two communities both Indian
star crossed let the Hindu
brethren built a grand temple
of peace hope humanity
once and for all let this
topic exhaust for the greater
glory of a new unborn generation'
lets see reality beyond profit and loss
collectively living in peace
beyond caste color religiosity
our Indian ethos
away from hate bigotry chaos
lets be human be humane
send a message across

I have been a victim of the riots I lost my home at Khar Danda and had to start life from scratch.. so I am not just an armchair poet.. yes I sincerely think the Babri mosque was the cause of conflicting emotions that cost us dearly..rebuilding it is cursing the soul of those that died unnecessarily who paid the price for a political mistake of our power blind leaders ..

Under The Shadow Of The Lord

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from the holy waters
of the mothers womb
connected to divinity
held by the soul
of the umbilical cord
under the shadow
of the lord
life and death
two sides of a blade
walking on the edge
of a bleeding sword
a tower of babble
kissing the earthly feet
of nimrod a serpent
seeking shelter
in Aaron s rod
humanity fleshy
fully flawed the soul
of eternity defrauds
a tear drop-
bears testimony
of hope overawed
i am the life and
the resurrection
on a crucifix outlawed

Indo Fusion

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the cut is more
important than style
whats a face
without a smile
clothes maketh
a man
without guile
you are
what you are
the silhouette
of your profile
to your lifestyle
hope beyond
a deleted file
is a product
of his senses
erectile penile
touch and go
tactile searching
virgins in heaven
nubile alert
doomed to a planet
in transit in exile
slithering serpentine
a curse on humanity
in the guise of a reptile

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer From Mumbai

Carrying The Burden of Her Heritage of Hard Work

Muslim Beggars God Forgot


Hoor, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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an androgynous goddess
a transvestite in flight
high heel stilettos
a love soured online
that she went down
on me time and again
kept calling me a swine
hook sinker and line
in the beginning
the facade of
elusive imagery
suited me fine
a madness entwined
than came the
parting a vacuous
moment hard to define
a padded bra
slithering panties
hung on a clothesline
she was a dream
imagined not mine
a phased out face
in a book droplets
of wine unfinished
candle light dinner
on a fateful incline
on the pyre of peace
to fires consigned

Rajiv Soni And Firoze

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Rajiv Soni and Firoze
Will they ever meet
unless their elusive
destiny they cheat
one with shoes
the other barefeet

one a writer
the other a blogger
26 November
in mumbai
humidity and heat
blisters cold feat
in the dictionary
of dreamers
you will never
find the word

the sound of silence reechoing in the soul of a tweet

Get Well Soon Fr Jaun SJ

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there is a solemn silence
at st peter church
since you have gone
hospitalized at holy family
all your friends faces sad
sorrowful forlorn
the helpless the homeless
through your blessings
seek a new dawn
come back hale heart
healthy fully recovered
my dearest spiritual mentor
fr jaun christian yet
human insan

The Engry Old Man

Mere Pass Twitter Hai...

Advocate Ashish Shelars Ganesha Pandal Bandra Reclamation

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This image has received 1725 views , posted without text I am updating it now as my tribute to the hardcore fans friends well wishers of Advocate Ashish Shelar ..

Advocate Ashish Shelar is an upright man, and though involved in politics he is honest , transparent and clear cut in his views , he does not blow his trumpet, he does not play to the galley and is equally respected by all communities , he has never played the politics of religion and so among his followers and his friends you will find Muslims at grass root levels including creative and business folks like me.

Muslims necessarily dont help Muslims a lesson I learnt the hard way , I recently was faced with insurmountable personal problems at work and at home , i mentioned it to Advocate Ashish Shelar and he went out of his way and helped me without any excuse or reservation speaks volumes of his helping nature..

I also approached another Muslim leader of my area and told him my woes and he smiled and showed me the door , I am not a political person but I am an honest person , I said nothing and walked away..yes I walked away a million miles from this Muslim leader .

So Advocate Ashish Shelar and his wife need no testimonial from me ,, they are human and understood human pain, they no I have no other agenda I am a blogger who shots my surroundings , actually we are almost on the verge of leaving Bandra Bazar Road for good because of problems that pursue us since a very long time.

I have for a long time documented his Ganesha Pandal and it is unique in Bandra for its historical and temple significance , and it imparts a message of peace and humanity.

Because of the injury to my legs,diabetic ulcers on my feet I could not shoot the daily events but I did shoot it when the opportunity arose.

I shot Lalbagh Chya Raja passionately the pandal and the Visarjan procession barefeet on the same injured legs , I shot the GSB Seva Mandal Kings Circle I also shot the Wadala GSB Ganesha Samiti.

I shot Sudesh Dubeys Ganpati pandal and a few of those clustered around Bandra

I shoot my culture my mother lands Hindu ethos and mutual coexistence ., and for me Lord Ganesha is a bond that holistically heals all sufferings and add hope where no hope existed,, and the greatest religion is the religion of Man and Peace ,

And I shoot Ganesha with your eyes not mine own..,the you would see humility and in praise to to the city of my dreams and yours Mumbai.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photographers Are Born Not Made -Marziya Shakir

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photographers are born not made
not manufactured run of the mill
a spade is a spade is a spade
from the mothers womb they
carry the essence of life
capturing eternity high grade
a talent that no money or glory
can trade holistically healing
the camera an instrument of peace
man made pictures long after
the photographer is dead and gone
wont fade remembered as memories
a future generation of new born
photographers they will aid
incidentally this is a picture story
of marziya shakir 2 year 11 months old
youngest photographer in the world
on parade in a world of pain she wades
shooting the soul of humanity
through the nikon d 80 unafraid
through your love affection
blessings a novice well placed
her pictures on redbubble cluster .com
on sale life on the streets essayed

We Bow To Allah Lord God Of All

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that connects
us to him
a prime thought
above all
the muezzins call
allah ho akbar
in the soul
of his wall
grand and tall
he is there
our provider
our guardian
each time we fall
all in all
of all
good things
big and small
the core essence
of a reality that
makes you tall
a power of hope
sees nothing
evil befalls
from a tiny
speck of dust
beauty evolves
all your problems
instantly solves

we bow to allah
lord god of all
showing you the path
marziya the doll

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grieving On The Tomb of the Mail Box

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once upon a time
he was looked
upon endearingly
as the hope
of humanity
all in all
the wide world
with postcards
aerogrammes `
making it small
than came the
the internet
hot mail g mail
yahoo mail
fucked it all
cut of his balls
a testicular
a eunuchs call
like humpty
a very
great fall
where there
is a mouse
who needs
to scrawl
in the waters
of goa
thanks to
the rainfall
match making
match fixing
is cricket
why play
sweet nothings
echoed on
her facebook wall
it is not height
or grandeur
but humility
that makes
you tall

Waqt Ne Ghalib Nikamma Kar Diya

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Warna hum bhi the photographer kuch kam ke
muflisi main phir rahe hain nahi uthainge
sadak par pheke hue paise haram ke
hume woh izzat se rozi de aur paise
hamare name ke zindagi ke intaqam ke

Thank You Uncle Renie Ranvin

Marziya Shakir
2 Year 11 Months Old
is the Youngest
IndiBlogger till date
from the womb
of photography
into the soul of a blog
not a very long wait
shooting briliantly
with a Nikon D 80
hope is humanity
she states

kick ass photographers
she berates
with her vision
her inner sight
a street photographer
her destiny awaits

to renie ranvin
father of indi blogs

Ab Meri Kab Tak Bajaoge

A Tribute To The Departed Soul of Mr Keshu Ramsay

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Sometimes the departed soul beckons people to share the pain of the people he loved and people he has left suddenly on a journey across the shores , a journey we all will inevitably take one day..

As I carry a camera on my person always I shot these pictures without flash and discreetly , without getting into anyone's way.. or disturbing the sanctity of a decisive moment called Death..and its Aftermath.

Chautha is the four day prayer meet after the human soul is was performed at 366 Khatwari Darbar Linking Road Khar.. It was a crowded event unlike the funeral service at Oshiwara I shot to ,, and posted at Flickr.
I shall include them in this set .

This is my new set at Flickr of the Chautha of late Mr Keshu Ramsay I shot about 89 pictures ,, I normally shoot wide but I used a telly this time the new lens is a gift from a well wisher who is a patron of my street photography.

All three brotthers Dinku Mayur Sagar were there and there were kirtans for the eternal soul of Keshuji may it rest in peace..

Mrs Akshay Kumar finally did make it to the Chautha..a thought that should make Keshuji happy , and death being an equalizer , all bad memories should be forgotten and his death uncalled for should be taken positively , he was called by God and he left the shooting floor of life..

Bollywood is a door that leads to Hell and Paradise too..

i wont name those who attended the chautha but I shot as many as I could..

Om Shanti Om..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You Mr Shreekant Malushte

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i never knew
i would give
up drinking
an old monk
a bitter alcoholic
locked up
in a glass bottle
as i drank
my life away
till i met you
by chance
to kick my habit
you showed
me a more
intoxicating way
you gifted
me the vision
that has made
me a street
photographer today
you taught me to
read light on faces
dying burning away
half lit shadows
silhouettes of
slithering silence
that haunt and stay
of hungry beggar kids
holding the mothers
nipple that was
bleeding eaten away
dry scorched
mind play
you gave me a gift
that in all humility
i have bequeathed
to marziya shakir
my 2 year 11 month
grand daughter
who shoots
better pictures
than me i must say
she is my guru
unteaching the art of
unlearning photography
in a way blind folded
she shoots darkness
captures spectral light
praising his glory
his essence his
through the camera
an instrument
of peace hope humanity
a picture greater
than a prayer
holistically healing
with others we share
our pain within
the soul of another
mans pain we bare
yes we are human
we feel we care
beyond darkness
doom and despair
we shoot what
angels fear
to dare

To My Guru Who Made me a better human being than a better, better photography photographer honest sincere and fair ...

The Worlds Youngest Indiblogger Marziya Shakir

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blindfold Photography Marziya Shakir Nikon D80

151,456 items / 1,161,282 views

her eyes covered by a cloth
blindfolded she shoots
a born photographer
her surroundings
the darkness with
a spectral light
she loots
she stands tall
without high
heel boots
the core essence
of street photgraphy
on the soul of human
bears fruits
old pagan rules
of the Renaissance masters
F****d F stops
she refutes
a grandfather
a grand daughter
a lyrical duet
pictorial pursuits
flying without wings
only cowards
need parachutes

Marziya Wants You to Buy Bearly Fit Childrens Book By Uncle Glenn Losack

we would be more indian if we spoke just one language of truth