Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Vision Is What Makes ..A Picture

I Shoot What Others Refuse To Shoot ...

Marriammen Feast 2013

Zindagi Aur Maut Dono Ek Hai

Hope And Hindutva

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Marriammen Feast 2013

Flower And Water To Bless The Sacrificial Goats Of Goddess Marriammen

Ganesh The Butcher Of Goddess Marriamen

Goddess Marriamen And The Hindu Tamils Of Mumbai

Goddess Marriammen is one of the most powerful , Hindu deity of the Tamil diaspora all over the world..she provides and she protects .

She is the Goddess of Plenty and also the Goddess Of Fertility .
Her temples are spread all over Mumbai and the world she is now now worshiped by other Hindus too .

I have been documenting the Marriammen Feast at Juhu , Mahim Fishermen Colony, and if invited at Sion Koliwada or Madraswadi at Worli gaon.

However thanks to my friends and the Temple priests of Juhu and Mahim I shoot this event without giving it a miss .

The feast starts with goats poultry sacrificed to the Goddess Marriammen...

This is a very intense feast , graphic so please use your discretion.. I shoot culture , customs rituals that have been part of the Indian ethos..

Muslim Motherhood ..Muslim Beggars of Mumbai

two young mothers
children in arms
sitting on the sidewalk
asking for alms
missing lines of
fate on their washed
out palms as the
winds blow funereal
calm ... awaiting
for hope to apply
a balm...away
from fear away
from harm
allah ho akbar
lucky charm
holistic yearnings
seeking warmth

Most Of The Beggars Are Now Heading For The Blessings Of Khwajah GaribNawaz Ajmer

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from every
nook and corner
they come to ajmer
the blind the cripple
deformed doomed
in remorse and despair
they know the holy saint
lover of the poor cares
is just devoted and fair
as they beg he hears
their prayer ..broken
hearts he repairs
gives them hope
above all takes
care of their affairs
ajmer sharif
the beggars
he gives them
food clothes
to wear
indias one
only one
spiritual fair
dam madar
beda par
tera karam
teri rehmat
allah khair

when you call him
he is there his
fragrance of peace
love hope humanity