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10 for a broken halted journey
into a poets mind
a kicked ass from behind
this was sympathy
she was beng kind
an interwoven comment
as it unwinds
we are human
falters and reminds
you elysabeth faslund
are less human
a viking goddess
and divine

my new poem to you


Poetry of Pigmentation and Hate

Poetry of Pigmentation and Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 To Lawrence Beck
Sir you are a gifted poet and immensely human too, comments if you see in poetic clarity act as a corollary to a poets soul, by the reader as ripples caused on his soul, by reading and absorbing the goodness of the poets mind, I call this healing and though I am just two years old to this medium, I feel poetry like photography is an art of healing, I am a photographer poet.. where images are more pivotal than text, and in poets as gifted as you text brings forth far powerful images adding them on the emulsion of a mans parched soul..yes sir the poem hunter reader is one lousy specie in the department of commenting I say this loud and clear among a few dead bodies that lie in this forum.
Writing is fine but reading poetry and translating them as comments is where the power of poetry lies, here commenting is about hitting below the belt getting even because you cant give what your wife wants, a…