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Adab Aur Tehzeeb

Adab Aur Tehzeeb, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 138,748 items / 1,075,037 views

What you are
resides in
your blood
your heritage
your ancestry
word to word
makes you
or cultured
adab tehzeeb
reflecting your
without being
makes you
stand out
from the herd
a messenger
of peace hope
this little bird
the gift of her life
our prayers
god heard

Recycled Toilet Paper Being Sent to the Games

Recycled Toilet Paper Being Sent to the Games, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 138,746 items / 1,074,415 views

the poor have no water
to wash their bums
a sordid shame
recycled toilet
being sent to
the games
hand painted
for greater pleasure
to add to
our kama sutra fame
when sportspeople
make love
with russian whores
if the condoms leak
we will be blamed
russian kids
with indian names
also lying in wait
for the marathon men
hijras transgender
lady boys old dames
the fire in the loins
even god could not tame
tumescent engorged
on the soul of our nation
already defamed

Sorry, you can only submit 2 posts to IndiVine every 24 hour

Sorry, you can only submit 2 posts to IndiVine every 24 hour, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 138,746 items / 1,074,873 views

posted at Indi blogger than blogged at flickr

This is hitting below the belt

lashes and welt

each time

i came to indi blogger

insulted humiliated

i felt

to the the god of blogs

my pain i spelt

hoping that reading this

his heart would melt

like an errent child

in front of his blog pulpit

head bowed i knelt

greetings from mumbai

from bollywoods most wanted

heartfelt suave and svelte

dedicated to renie ranvin

The Sacrficial Goat Meditates

The Sacrficial Goat Meditates, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. ramzan time
death awaits
her joys
her happy times
the goat mediates
bound to the butchers
blade is her karmic
fate when her time
comes she will go
she wont hesitate
she has one regret
she told me
in her goat language
the humans had been
kind to her from
the garbage dump
she ate what she ate
sloth hate
envy ungratefulness
was not part of
her trait
she still loved
the butcher
the butchers kids
such was her
blissful state
as she sat in the
auto rickshah
meter jammed
knowing well
in advance
she would be
made into
mutton biryani
on another mans
dinner plate
her heaven
her hell
her paradise
did not exist
a kingdom
without gates
her body
her soul
for mans
spiritual welfare
to the greater glory
of god she donates

This is a Human Tent of Despair

This is a Human Tent of Despair, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. holding the plastic
winding sheet
with frozen hands
a beggar boy
at the traffic stand
such is humanity
a child's
last stand
he will not
in the common
wealth games
marathon run
he was disqualified
i understand
it was only for the rich man
the rich man to get much richer
the games were planned
under the shadow
of an upraised hand
that silently
in gloom watches
the common wealth
of the people
crash land
wealth by stealth
such wastelands

Making Love on the Streets

Making Love on the Streets, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. the guy
is wet
the umbrella
suffice to say
making love on
one such
unrainy day
a grainy 'brainy day
she on her part
is coaxing him
to take her to band stand
she too wants to play
she too wants to get wet
the waves and be swept away
such is love on display

in a city starved
of a lovers den
such images you capture
now and then
with a click
of a mouse
that serves as pen

Three Street Smart Idiots

Three Street Smart Idiots, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.
138,746 items / 1,074,415 views

Most of my pictures are moving pictures shot from cabs and auto rickshahs ,,

bald headed
with lots of guts
live on a street
in shanty of huts
one stammers
one stutters
one bad words
loves to splurt
word to word
three against
the might
of a herd
three flock
like warbling
now going for
hafta wasuli
from roadside
shop keepers
selling iftar fare
fruits jelly falooda
samosas bhajias
dates and custards
their body language
created this poem
three street smart

I shot these kids from a moving cab, these are kids you will find in any Muslim ghetto or locality,and Ramzan does a lot of good in controlling their bad upbringing in many cases.

I live close to a slum, and the kids almost the same age talk in a lingo laced with abusive words piciked up from the gutters of life or words that the adults use as normal bill of conversational fare , without realizing it is being picked up by the k…

Hooch Mixed With Rain Water

Hooch Mixed With Rain Water, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. He is a beggar who lives sleeps on Hill Road his poison is booze , he does not eat, he drinks and sleeps , sleeps and drinks .

He lives in the same clothes he has never changed since the first time he made Bandra Hill Road is home he is living only a few meters away from the Bandra Police Station on the same road but does it matter ,

At first I thought he was a genuine beggar and allowed Marziya to give him a few coins it has stopped I will not encourage alms for a wrong purpose,what he is doing is in a plastic bottle this only possession he has filled the country hooch and diluting it with better than Bsleri natural rain water,

And Mumbai is over drenched with non stop rains so dont leave home without an umbrella it may be a nice rainless weather and within seconds you are hoodwinked by unpredictable rains.

I was caught last evening and walked home drenched my camera bag in a plastic cover ,

This is my ast …

The Dead Poets Workshop

The Dead Poets Workshop, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. 138,746 items / 1,074,415 views

in sheer darkness
of my mind
words thrive live
they are poor
held by a breath
nurtured by a whiff
they escape
the sewer
of my mind
as a street poem
on cyber space
they relive

i use the same words
over and over again
live let live
my aberrations
on the soul
of your poetry

optional title

Yes I am a Positive Poetry Spam
my words my images JPEG TIFF

Ramzan Spread Overflows

Ramzan Spread Overflows, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1. The spirit of True Islam
founded on hope and humanity
peace and brotherhood
at ramzan time shows
the only time
that God his bounty
on our hearts
like little saplings grows
from my garden
into your garden
the fragrance
of flowers
God bestows
aligned with piety
charity humility
in each row
in the stillness of time
rain drenched
a ramzan spread
as it overflows
every single morsel
after breaking the fast
becomes a poem of life
first it was prose
marziya shakir
a message of
a better tomorrow
for all our children
embedded as hope
in the camera of
serenity evermore

this and much more than this
fused in marziya the camera child
time froze a fathers wish
for a grandfather god chose
marziya shakir petals
crowning the glory
of a pink rose

poetized on the soul of a street poet firoze


Hope, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.