Sunday, November 15, 2015

“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” ― Rumi

He Said You Are Mystic

grabbing my hand
he would not let me
go..i told him i am
what i am is all i
know but i told him
that he was a mystic
in his burning eyes
it showed memories
moments mystically
stored i penetrated
the soul of his windows
to others this vision he
had closed locked both
the doors ,,away from
worldly woes up close
he was one with brahma
vishnu mahadev i suppose
the power of shakti bhakti
karmically within his body
enclosed ..he blessed me
shocking me completely '
when he said is your name
not firoze ,,i envy the path
you divined you chose

after he left i wondered
had i met him at the nasikh
kumbh god alone knows ,,

Kabhi tanhaiyon mein yu humari yaad aayegi Andhere chha rahe honge, ke bijli kaundh jayegi

Ye bijli rakh kar jayegi tere pyar ki duniya
Ye bijli rakh kar jayegi tere pyar ki duniya
Na phir tu ji sakega aur na tujhko maut aayegi
Kabhi tanhaiyon mein yu humari yaad aayegi
Andhere chha rahe honge, ke bijli kaundh jayegi
Kabhi tanhaiyon mein yu.

mubarak begum
 Hamari Yaad Aayegi (1961)

Son Why Do You Shoot Beggars Like Me

what is there to see
do people really have
time for beggar pictures
do tell me ,, cursed by
birth cursed in marriage
old age at bandra station
i live in pain misery i hope
death comes soon sets me
free ..but than i have kept
some money aside so they
can bury me without asking
for charity from the mumbai
municipality ..this soil this
earth of my favorite city to
be wrapped in its sheet
of sweet mud dirt ,, she
looked into my eyes
penetratingly ..cosmically
she touched my hand
that gave her alms
lovingly holistically
adding words to my
picture my beggar poetry

She is a mystic lady I once gave her Rs 10 and was rushing away to catch a train ,,, she called me back returned rs 5 ,,, thus reminding me we are all beggars one way or the other ,,

The Only Chaiwali of Bandra Reclamation Anandi Ben Daya

These are a huge lot of street pictures I shot in November first week but was too lazy to download them from my camera ,, Canon EOS 7D .

Most of my images since 2011 have been shot on Canon EOS 60D .I used this DSLR prolifically ,,I hardly used the 7D .. but of late I have given the 60D much needed rest .. and I have to take both the cameras and lenses for servicing at Canon Service Center Natraj Towers Andheri East.

Well about Anandi Ben the lady tea maker or chaiwali , serving tea to her clientele of rickshawalas at Lal Mitti Bandra Reclamation.. I dont drink sweet tea but honestly her tea is the best ,,I endorse and vouch for it ,,people throng to her tea stall from early morning till late night ,, her grandson college going helps her out and serves tea too.. her husband and her son are bed ridden.. they are tailors .,. and she supplements the income by serving home made tea .

I was shooting her after a very long time ,, I was going to town and this series is of my town  visit twice ,,sometimes by bus sometimes by cab.

The Canon 7D is very fast and accurate and I am hoping to shot a video this evening a function at my house ,, hopefully ,, I normally shoot my videos on my  HTC Desire 826 mobile phone .

I got a call from my Naga Guru Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj I will visit him one of these days ,,as he is leaving for his hometown Mangalore .

Than I got a call from Mahesh my Gurus disciple he wants me to come for the Ardh Kumbh in April in Hardwar ,, he hails from Hardwar my Tantrik Guru Kapoor Khamakhya hails from Hardwar too... I might go as I have never seen Hardwar and want to visit Kalliar Sharif too ,,to meet the Qalandari Malangs.

But before all this I will try to leave for Chehlum Moharam.. I have not decided the city ..only where there is lot of zanjir matam head cutting etc... I dont want to shoot tame stuff during Moharam..

Muslims Are Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Sea

Having A Veil Of A Time In Lucknow

"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device...Twitter Or Facebook Jesus Christ

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

They Really Died Of Shock Seeing Acche Din In Their Drunken Dreams

The Muslim Beggar Dies Every Day Unlike The Sacrificial Goat

Reciting Fatiah On The Soul Of The Indian School Bag

I Shoot What Others Refuse To Shoot...

the poorest of poor
muslims forced to beg
by muslim society
as the soul of human
consciousness goes
mute i can only shoot
what i was destined
to shoot my camera
my fucked up vision
that time and space
dilutes muslim
beggars a beggar
poets humble tribute

Me And Twitter

There are some great beautiful minds on Twitter and keeping them company bashing their window panes are the fucked Twitter trolls of bhakts sanghis closet jihadists and a few Hindu Talibans thankfully most of my 169 k tweets have been photo related pimping Flickr and my photostream from asshole to eternity .