Friday, January 9, 2015

Fresh Bombil Curry With White Vinegar

Our family cook  loves fish and this morning I was at the Bandra Bazar fish market I bought two surmais small size for Rs 220 after much haggling , but it was 10. am so she gave it to me it was her first sale the Kolis call it Boni.

As I was stepping out I saw this Gujrati lady selling fresh bombils Bombau ducks I bought a dozen for Rs 40 medium juicy size .

At home wife began to crib as there is Gol and Tuna that I had bought earlier ..

However the bombils were made  without removing the water no oil , just masala and white vinegar for the tangy taste no lime ,,

I had it for lunch though I would have preffered  to eat it with Brun  I ate i with fresh made chapatis and as I took my first bite I remembered Foodie Assad Dadan.. and thought of making him jealous with envy..  he shoots food but never shares it with me ha ha

There Is One Pseudo Islam Killing Innocent People And There Is Another Islam Of The Poor Dying On The Streets ..

Most Of The People I Shot Disappeared Into Thin Air

through a single frame
their arduous life i tried
to bare working here as
migrants after the 93 riots
they got scared , hindus
muslims polarized by rogue
politicians nobody cared
a blot on the name of mumbai
the CM lit his cigar as death
chaos prevailed everywhere
the PM the Defense Minister
watched as Mumbai burnt
helpless ensnared now all
forgotten lives all indian
unnecessarily lost  a thought
to spare ...a picture painful
memories a thought i share

the law of nemesis the hand
that rocked the riot gasping
for survival sinking in the quicksand
their opponents now sitting comfortably
in their chairs ,,, achhe din ayen ya
na bhi ayen fuck who really cares ,

Used As A Vote Bank The Poor Muslim Man Has Been Taken For A Ride By All Parties And Politicians

give us your precious vote
your life we will change
we will give you free house
free ration free education
in exchange once voted to
power all promises real unreal
go down the drain..this happens
in india ..very common but strange
leaderless muslim community of
the poor by the poor for the poor
thus socially arranged .. unchanged