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Madrsas of Hate

Madrsas of Hate
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Picture courtesy Google Images for representational purpose ..

Seditious sabotaging of the scriptures
Self styled spirituality self centered seminaries
Semantics of self willed self serving shame
Sermonizing serendipity surreptitiously surrogate

Not fate not destiny but the Rogue Mullah to blame
Madrsas of Hate..a new trade name
Jehadi jurisdiction that even law and order can’t tame
Yazidiyat Terrorism
Misguided Martyrdom
Is all the same
Hidden faces beneath Male Hijabs
Defaming His name
Peace and Brotherhood
Only a War Game
Suicide Bombing
A Jehadis Aim

Sectarian rebellion
Sectarian blasphemy
Sectarian sanctimoniousness
Sectarian superiority
Sectarian scurrility
Sectarian sophistry

Madrasas of Hate …a new trade name
Destroying young children’s mind s

Not fate not destiny but a silent Islamic society to blame

I can only say one thing Muslims over the centuries have voyeuristically watched genocide…

Shame Gariba

Shame Gariba
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Shame Gariba is the last Ashura Majlis when after the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the ladies tents were burnt, looted pillaged by the so called Islamic warriors or terrorists , of Yazid the Ummayad Caliph, all the survors of this genocide were taken captives, chained manacled made to walk to the Court of Yazid in Damascus.This was a Black chapter of Islamic History that the Wahhabis , the Salafis would like to erase from the annals of Truth.
This is the only thing that comes in the way of their puritanical lies..
This is where the seeds of Terrorism were sown,this was a moment of extreme Hate for the Holy Prophets immediate Family these were his grand children, this was his Inheritance that was usurped plundered on the sand of Karbala...
One of the main cause of a vertical split between Muslims dividing them into Shias and Sunnis..The Shias mourn for Hussain..
The Sunnis further split into various purtanical sects like the Wahhabi…

Is this why the wahhabis hate the shias?

Is this why the wahhabis hate the shias?
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 as the blood flows
the eyes remain clear
fath bound in karbala
ya hussain and tears
is this why the wahhabis hate the shias?