Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Carter Road Bandra Will Always Be Carter Road

Carter Road Bandra Will Always Be Carter Road

Whenever I come here to visit my patron Mr Yusuf Lakdawala I bring my camera to take a few shots of beautiful Carter Road ,,Once I walked a lot I shot a lot but than I began walking at MET Grounds Bandra Reclamation..
Walking here you might meet Gulzar Sab , Salman Khan , Anil Dhawan and a lot of celebrities , Page 3 .. I used to meet Mr Tushar Gandhi and I was the only clown among the walkers in my traditional Sufi robes..turban ,jewelry and walked barefeet .
This was in 2007 and than I disappeared completely from Carter Road ,, I used to bring both my granddaughters , in 2013 let them shoot pictures visit Bala at Mr Rajesh Khanas house Ashirwad , now it is the House Of Shettys ..

And I was wondering where his family will celebrate his third death anniversary..

There Is a Lot To Shoot In Bandra ,,, You Need To See It Before You Show It To Your Camera

Man is a Human Crow

the garbage dumps
for food leftovers
hungry stomach
his essence
his core
his fucked
destiny sweeps
another mans
doors ,,he needs
drugs he needs
whores dead
soul of humanity
on his face has
shut all doors
the story of
a bandra drug
addict hardcore
lying half dead
on the floor
his deathly
silence his
morbid snore
a pebble he
will soon be
washed away
to another shore
when it rains heavily
pours the rains will
take him away with
a roar...even god
has turned his back
wont hear him as
he implores a fistful
of coins he begs
for more ..

a fleshy body
rusted ore

Ganesh Workshops Parel 2015

Interview With Mr Surendra Pawar Tennis Coach MET Bandra Reclamatiom

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Once Upon A Time With Sanju Baba

This was shot during the elections a long time back.. Mr Sanjay Dutt was canvassing for the Samajwadi Party candidate Mr Rizwan Merchant , the moment Sanju Baba saw me he looked totally zapped , he knew I was a darzi posing as a designer but he was not aware of my photography.
After the meeting he asked me if I had become a photographer I told him I was documenting the Dance of Democracy...I was shooting political rally s , I was shooting the Congress BJP ..and other parties in the election fray.
And this was my set at Flickr that made me see the use of poor Muslims as crowds , the same Muslim woman with a hijab was in one party in the morning and another party in the evening for free biryani and Rs 500 .. some got extra money if they bought kids too and honestly elections is nothing but one big frivolous tamasha ,,the chamchas of the candidates , the leaders ass lickers , and the neta with folded hands .. and Bollywood bigwigs supporting the candidate and one Modi wave .turned the tables on the netas and their Bollywood Brigade .
I do miss Mr Sanjay Dutt what he did was wrong but one thing is sure his parents were hardcore nationalists , and his crime compared to those who sold spurious country hooch killed 105 innocent people ,, and though it is easy to say they must Hang ,, what about the cops at Malvani Police Station ,,what happens to them.do they hang too.
And what happens if in a rich mans bar on a New Years Eve somebody had supplied spurious English liquor and all the guests about 250 died , would the Government send them to Municipal hospitals .. and give them Rs 100000 .. I mean The CM who is also the Home Minster has a lot of answering to do.. He cant just wash his hands like Pontious Pilate ,, This is not progress and Development ..this is not Acche Din or Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas ..