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Death on Wheels

Death on Wheels
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 11 July 2006 Mumbai Train Bombings
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The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and India's financial capital. 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured in the attacks. According to the Indian police the bombings were carried out by Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Students Islamic Movement of India.[1]

Pressure cookers with 2.5kg of RDX each [4], were placed on trains plying on the western line of the suburban ("local") train network, which forms the backbone of the city's transport network. The first blast reportedly took place at 18:24 IST (12:54 UTC), and the explosions continued for approximately eleven minutes, until 18:35,[2] during the after-work rush hour. All the bombs had been pla…

7/11 Mumbai Train Bomb Blasts Remembered

7/11 Mumbai Train Bomb Blasts Remembered
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 I was at my shop unaware of the bomb blasts , later we came to know and I posted an article from a Msn story , there was total chaos, I closed shop came home was watching the blood curdling images on TV when at about 10 pm I carried my camera and rushed to the Bandra station blast site close to my home, it was really bad, the eerie atmosphere , the pain that collectively hit all of us in the gut . From Bandra I took a cab , but the cops had stopped all traffic at St Micheals Church, so I walked through Mori Road shot the Mahim Blasts.
From Mahim tired drenched in my sweat, watched suspiciously by the cops and my Bandra Samachar Press Card like a talisman , I thanked my patron Saint Clarence Gomes who gave me this card..of his paper.
From Mahim I walked to Matunga , which was really bad damage done to the trains, here the cops caught me but let me go, I shot several frames, took a cab home at 2.30 am.W…

The Shia Sunni Divide

The Shia Sunni Divide
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 dressed in red both on a crest
watching each other abreast
the sunni in his sunday best
the shia bleeding on chehlum
his faith at the Imams behest
such is a divide of a crescent
shia sunni a hornets nest
muslims killing muslims
the rest of the muslims no rest
none are willing to get it off their chest
the israelis are happy
including the people in the west
our ulemas watch
divide and rule
this Islamic contest
eunuched silence
cacopohonic impotentcy
no one wants to protest
one allah one rasool
one koran
one mecca one medina
one karbala
allah ho akbar
both sides equally stressed
not trying to search for
peaceful solutions
both sides equally possessed
allah gets hurt
in this unholy quest
shia and sunnis
wealth of his treasure chest.
live and let live
our childrens future reinvest
with our congenital hate
let us not this world infest

Allah Ho

Allah Ho
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 a few coins they throw
turn their sanctimonious
pious ass on our face
with a spiritual halo
this is how charity
from their miserly pockets flow
from the very word go
a thought we as beggars
readers of mind
smoothly seamlessly know
Alah Ho
Allah Ho
Hindu Muslim
Sikh Isai
Sab ka Bhala Ho
Cahaye tum
Hum ko Bhula Do

Who is a better Muslim ?

Who is a better Muslim ?
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 Who is a better Muslim ?
He who says namaz
Carries a Koran
A tasbih
In hand
The other hand
Carrying an AK47
With which he kills another Muslim .
For a misguided spiritual whim
The other Muslims impotently quiet
Eunuched silence
A jehadi they call him .
In their eyes he is a better Muslim
Turning the house of God
Into a terror den
This bigoted misguided Muslim
Jamati Doctors that do surgery
With truck laden bombs
Tarnish the name of a Muslim
The situation horrendously grim
Islam hijacked by Mullahs
In Lal Masjid filled with Hate
To the brim..
Drowning little kids
Who they were teaching
To spiritually swim
A fabulous religion
Of Brotherhood and Peace
In the hands of a rotten Muslim

photo courtesy google images

Kafeel Ahmed
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Kafeel Ahmed, aka Khalid Ahmed and Khaled Ahmad, (b. Jan 1 1979)[1] was born and raised in Bangalore, India[2] and is an Indian[2] engine…

Who is a good Muslim?

Who is a good Muslim?
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 TV picture: Dr Kafeel Ahmed
photo courtesy


Dr Haneef's uncle Dr Kafeel Ahmed Most Suspected in Glasgow Blast Plot

ABC Online

Jul 6: AMA Gold Coast terrorism suspect Mohammed Haneef is the nephew of two of the bombing suspects being held in Britain, his family has confirmed.

Dr Haneef's uncle, Dr Kafeel Ahmed, is one of the two men alleged to have driven a car full of gas cyclinders into the airport terminal at Glasgow.

He was badly burned in the attack and is still being treated in a Scottish hospital.

Dr Ahmed's brother, Sabeel, is alleged to have coordinated the plot and was arrested in Liverpool, England.

It has also been revealed the Ahmed brothers had applied to work in Western Australia.

Late last night a Brisbane magistrate gave the Australian Federal Police another 96 hours to question Dr Haneef over possible links to the UK plot.

A police spokesman says investigators are still analysing 18…

Beggar Boyz

Beggar Boyz
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1 once born as humans
spawned of defective eggs
lying on the floor
gods own unbranded dregs
spindle like bodies
spindle like legs
dodged as digital
burnt as negs

Woman on a Burning Roof Top

Woman on a Burning Roof Top
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 her pain was immense
silence in the winds
soundless pin drop
waves after waves
of maddening memories
that she could not stop
as i write this sitting
in my shop
no greater hatred
than hatred of man
through religiosty
as the bombs drop
masjids where shia pray
grenades they lob
these so called
allahs name tarnishing
radical nabobs
if you commit a crime
in muslim countries
your hands they will chop
the laws of sharia beyond
a full stop
but if you kill
the heretic
the kaffir
take hostages
besiege masjids
you are proclamied as a jehadi
allah ho akbar
from minaret tops
a weeping picture
a circle of confusion
angle of focus
robbed of a depth of field
beyond f stops

Woman Among Men

Woman Among Men
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This was my first shot , while I was about to take it this possessed woman showed her desire to join them I did, she is a favorite of the Iranians , they feed her , she has a fabulous equation with them ..
I write this and post the picture too, to show you that they are happy as I have included her in the shot.They are not mocking her or her arrested womanhood.I thought I should say this in their defence.
They who feed thousands free noon and in the evening..
The people who come here are mostly imbalanced like this lady but hungry for food.
We all our hungry pictures here at Flickrs as food for thought..

The Good Samaritans

The Good Samaritans
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 These are the heroes in my eyes of Hussain Tekri Jaorah , they are the Irani restrauteurs , hoteliers who come here to feed the poor the needy pilgrims for Chehlum, a common kitchen for all communities not just Shias.
One of them told me that many years before Hussain Tekri had become famous a few had come here from Hyderabad, they saw the living conditions, they decided that the next year they would pool in recources and feed the people .They did year after year every year .
I never met anyone of them and strange it may seem I am posting this picture for the first time , so if one of them sees it please convey my best wishes.May your tribe increase , the most important aspect of any religiosity is to help heal and feed the underprivilged.The Iranians are incidentally Shias.
To feed do good so that the left hand does not what the right hand is doing..this picture was the day were leaving , kindly they gave me a lift t…