Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Documentary of Hijra Pain Ajmer Urus 2010

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Another 97 pictures I have placed on the Flickr uploader will complete this 4 GB cars

I have another 3 cards of 4 GB to upload.

I normally place my stuff on the uploader and go to work when I return I add details titles or poetize a picture or too,.

Few I post to Facebook and some to my Hijda Eunuch blogs at Word Press .

It is a tedious task, but through Yahoo application all my thumbnails show up on Facebook and on Twitter through another application.

So please dont think I am on the computer 24/7 I am not.

Because of a troubled state of mind I hate to add text only where required , or I leave my pictures blank.

This is a passionate Hijra documentation , beneath the smile lurks a hurting hijra pain of servile existence.

And for the first time in my life since the time I began showcasing the Hijra Angst one of the head of the Hijras in Mumbai Ma Madhurima Hijra Guru of Park Site Vikhroli patted my head blessed me and said Beta You are doing a good job for our community.

These few words made my day.

I have to rush to work..now.

A Story of Love Gone Awry

he had a tryst with destiny
he could not tell her sorry
a story of love gone awry

to leslie and randy..

The Sacrificial Goat Has No Tomorrow

on borrowed time he lives
appeasing the soul of god
humanity that slaughters him
he unconditionally forgives

Documenting the Soul of Humanity at Ajmer Urus 2010

And so my story of Ajmer Uris 2010 continues another 200 more pictures will bring this second memory card to an end.

I have 3 more memory cards of 4 GB left to upload.

A Photo Blogger Is A Beggar Too

one begs for money
the other for pictures
it is true
a beggars bowl
a pact renew
charity overdue
one with his mind
the other with his
camera your insipid
soul see through
shoot and preview
pictorial pathos with
demented passion pursue
on the wings of angels
of cyberspace
on your computer
you view
a thankless
thank you

Sweet Sofia and Me

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The first time I shot Sofia she was dressed like a boy and hung around with the hijras , and than she transformed into a diva.

She walks like a ramp model, and rarely mixes with anyone , but her favorite haunt is Babar Alis tea joint at Moti Katla where they all come to bond and make new friends.
.Babar Alis joint is literally a watering hole for the prey and the hijda head hunter.

Sofia had her rooms at Irfans hotel.

And this was shot by Irfans photographer friend who works for the Ajmer newspapers.