Saturday, July 25, 2009

Marziya and Me

thank you
she has a camera eye..
embedded between her eyes
her world of innocence
where god lives
none realize
at the feet of her mother
her paradise
memories live
as time passes by
god is on earth
they mindlessly
search for him in the sky
calling his home
a church a temple a mosque
a synagogue building walls
making a barbed fence
an insult
to mankind
god sees but man is blind
god is in your heart
look deep you will find

To Delete or Not To Delete

dear friendly and the not too friendly critic
on my sweet friend in the wilderness
antony posey why do you pick
its his photostream his album
his pictures good bad or ugly
let him stick
honestly he needs you advise
but not your Hitler booted kick
thank you jeff
for your support on the nick
i am sure it has done the trick
anthony believe me none will tell you
to delete
if you a post a voluptuous naked chick
her snake like tongue
behind their ears
nibbling as it licks
shutting into silence
all vested invested divested pricks
dumb headed defrosted dicks
living in glass houses throwing bricks

Wiladat Imam Hussain and Motherhood

Wiladatat Imam Hussain

hussaino mini wa ana minal hussain

birth of humanity
birth of motherhood
she faced it all
but upright
through sorrows sufferings
courageously she stood
such was his destiny
she completely understood
he gave his head but not his hand
a promise to his maker
he made good
shiasm a protest against terrorism
for 1400 years -
a thought that is misunderstood

Shah ast Hussain Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast dar dast-e-yazeed
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain,

Where Are You Uncle Glenn ?

My pictorial destiny
caught between two men
my grandfather
bollywoods most wanted blogger no1
and the furious physician
but I love to call him Uncle Glenn
a thorough gentleman
one plus one is equal to ten
two more crazy kind uncles
uncle Fred and uncle Benn
uncle posey desposyni
his love for mary magdalene
uncle lefty uncle metaverse
both sitting losing money
in a gambling den
now that I leave for Lucknow
hope to remember you all
now and then
facebook flickr
internet times amen

Marziyas Legacy

Simply because I have a camera
I captured memories of Marziya
like one captures butterflies
flitting and frolicking as they fly
held in my hand like a moment
that I made others see
with my camera eye
all this will be my legacy
to Marziya if and when
I should die
6800 images
each telling her story
as time passed by
from the second day
of her birth
to her first birthday
of a Shia child
born in Mumbai
her first brush
with cats dogs goats
that live nearby
riding a horse
at almeida park
fear she did defy
she did what she had to do
writing painting drawing
she never was shy
she would have
been cutting her head
scourging her back
during Moharam
but than God
made her a girl
not a guy
to do matam
to weep
feel the pain
of the Martyrdom
of Imam Hussain
as a Shia
she was born to cry
the path to Salvation
the source of her progeny
when they come by

she may or may not
become a photographer
a thought I wont deny
but she will see the world
on the emulsion of her soul
with her grand fathers
magic eye
pedestrian pain street poetry
rivers of nostalgia
that wont run dry

inspired by Fred Miller..

FredMikeRudy Pro User says:

I shudder to think of what her eyes have seen through your eyes, and what her eyes will feast on when she looks back at your photo legacy and tries to comprehend what you were trying to convey to her.

The Furious Physician and Marziya