Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Press Photographer who abused me

The Press Photographer who abused me
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In the geen shirt and camera is the hot shot press photographer who told me to Fuck Off.. when I told him to come up with something original instead of manipulating Idd Special photos of children made to hug,, Photojournalism Sucks ..

Idd Mubarak Muslim Beggar Woman

Idd Mubarak Muslim Beggar Woman
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Idd Mubarak says the Muslim beggar Woman
celebrating Idd on the kebside
rich poor the living dead
hidden sorrow within the hijab
within layered folds hide
man woman mullah
a great divide
the Jihad against Ignorance
taken for one big ride
a wound since generations
a wound open wide
Muslim women chattel
a commodity a plastic bag
biodegradable voice muffled
hands tied
only Allah her steering wheel
of a ramshackled human legs
as Guide
yes she was first a girl child
mother divorced after warming his
hearth as a bride
nothing but ripped flesh scars
her womanly shame
her womanly disgraced pride
many a nights soaking her
soul with molten tears she cried
she is husk blown by time and a bad tide
before she was born her spirit
within the amniotic fliud
had curled and died

Idd Hugging Picture-Photojournalists Idd Mubarak

Idd Hugging Picture-Photojournalists Idd Mubarak
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Photo Journalist Idd Special Picture

Photo Journalist Idd Special Picture
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The Mumbai photo journalists the dead wood variety, those who have lost it, a mental block of creativity, end up manipulating pictures.
This is the quintessential Idd Hugging picture .
And they expect to compete with those across our shores.
Even the few good photo journos end up like this a lethargy , an apathy, their celebrity staus gets them through, now mind you I am not talking about guys in other regions of photography who do am excellent body of work and make us amateurs proud..
I bitch because who do we emulate , inorder to become good in this field..its a sad day death of photo journalism and the blame at the photo editors desk.. not beyond.Girish Mistrys kids from his Shari Institute shoot better pictures .. more defiantly and differently critisism is constructive but than you have the God given Freedom of expression to tell me "Go Fuck Off .."

Brain Dead PhotoJournalists Mumbai

Brain Dead PhotoJournalists Mumbai
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I caught these two boys and made them pose for me , they looked happy , sincerely Idd belongs to kids, its their feast, they get gifts and friendly tips .. money called Iddi from relatives and friends.
So they were engrossed and walking away when I pounced on them and the trustees of the Bandra Station Mosque know me since years.After I finished my shot the two photo journers caught them making them hug each other for the newspaper fucked Idd Special picture.We have been seeing it , our grandfathers saw it too.. Give me a break re learn photography, join a crash course with Girish Mistry, bring some vivre de joie to your pictures instead of the typically hackneyed manipulated shots..
So the photo journalist when I told him this told me Fuck Off .
I could have made a scene but I let it go, and it was on my religious territory.. a day of peace and harmony.
But then I am lucky I dont have to go under a photo editors desk , I dont have constrains and before I shoot a picture it is already imprinted as a image on the viewfinder of my soul..
Wake up Journos.. I almost thew up my Kheer Shorma..
You can throw up yours tomorrow morning..when you see the front page or the inside page..

Bandra Police on Idd

Bandra Police on Idd
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Idd Namaz at Bandra Station
Bandra Police does a tremendously good job, the officers the constables , the seniors all giving it the finest shot, no outward incident, superb bandobast.
A real human touch with kid gloves..I sometimes must say with so many functions happening at the same time Bandra Police Station is itself a Holy Human Site keeping the greater good of the people in mind..protecting us body and soul.

Idd Namaz Bandra Station /Photojournalists Suck!

Idd Namaz Bandra Station /Photojournalists Suck!
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I start a new series at Flickr,pictures of the Idd Namaz held by the Sunni Jamat at Bandra Station Road, one aspect of community spirit in Bandra is that here people are counted as Muslims keeping the intrinsic identity of their respective sectarian backgrounds to themselves.
The people who run the Bandra Station Mosque do exemplary service and today was the largest crowd ever seen from one end of the staion to the other end.
Today after a long time Sunnis and Shia celebrate Idd together.
A great feeling of oneness to the nature of Allah all branches of a single fruit giving shade giving Islamic Tree.
I wore my Ajmeri Sabri cap my tiger overcoat shot a lot of pictures and got into a tussle with one conceited abusive photo journalist.
I saw two kids one in a police dress and the other in a Muslim dress, I stopped them to take a picture.Than both photo journalists began making them pose for the typical Idd Newspaper picture of Hugging , I told them to come up with something original, so the guy in a green shirt, I have his picture told me to Fuck Off..
He was right in a way a few Indian photo journos have been doing this for years, and the photo editors love it.You will see this in tomorrow mornings paper.
Oh how these mothers hate us photo bloggers, we could teach them a thing or two, and the newspapers cant do with these pedestrian celeb photographers who sell candyfloss that turn your eyes sore..
Why dont these guys change the nature of photo journalism beats me..dishing out shit day in and day out..
They should give up fooling the public with crappy pictures that even a kid can take better than them.
The other aspect of Bandra Station Idd Namaz every year is a couple of kids in cute ethnic dresses , caps turbans, the photo jounos hang here to shoot them , which does not bother me, what kills me is the artificiality of Idd Hugging pictures..
I shot some to show you all.
So sit back and enjoy.
Idd Mubarak to all of you.
Fuck Photo Journalists .

Idd Mubarak Jehadi Mother and Child

Idd Mubarak Jehadi Mother and Child
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Photo Courtesy Google Images

Martyred Misguided Motherhood
of a jehadi mother and a lost childhood
The Message of Fatima
The majority never understood
she gave up Hassan and Hussain
for the glory of Islam
Peace and Brotherhood
Karbala the land of sorrows
a sacrifice a single head on a platter
but an oath that on a spear stood
tillawate koran
that spoke truth
unveiled without a hood
Shah ast Hussain
Badshah ast Hussain
for the greater good

Idd Mubarak from a Blind Boy

Idd Mubarak from a Blind Boy
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Being blind
A Muslim boy
On Idd
A blessing in disguise
No sectarian hate
To blind the eyes
No need to be recruited as a Jehadi
Misguided Paradise
No half truths no full lies
No Shia Sunni Kaaffir to despise
No bidding of Allah
For a price
Forbidden fruits
Sectarian strife
Very few that realize
Much before you are born
Dreams that die
Acid Rain from the skies
Voiceless tears
Screamless cries
The Mullah on a Mound of Fatwas
No surprise
Spiritualty just a devise
With his power he defies
He too begs for a bigger Madrasa
A bigger Mosque
Political criminalization
sequestered scorched soul
parched and dries
Mortal demands
Of death and destruction
Human bodies suicide bombs
As supplies
Our World of Peace and Brotherhood
Slow demise
A New Hope
A New Testament
Of Harmonious living
We have to revise

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