Saturday, September 7, 2013

Syed Rafiq Ali Baba Dam Madar ..

Normally the Dread Head Malangs dont open their hair in public it is always covered in a turban.. and say if you wanted to see than you have to pay for attar that has to be applied to the entire length of hair a very expensive option but Syed Rafiq Ali Baba Masoomi was in a very good mood and allowed me to take these rare pictures of his open dreads and it is like a huge python many feet long..

The only time they open their hair do the Kaif is at the Urus of Zinda Shah Madar Makanpur ,, I am told Masoomi Baba Madar has the longest hair ,,,dreadlocks ,,,

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Dua Karo Ke Zahoore Imam Ho Jaye Yeh Roz Roz Ka Kisa Tamam Ho Jaye

Dam Madar Malangs of India

Baba Gurshahani of Haji Malang And The Malang From Mumbai

Walking On Fire at Haji Malang Dhamal

Syed Masoomi Baba Madari Asqan Pride Of The Dam Madar Malangs

This was shot in 2006 much before I became a Malang , as a photographer I came here to shoot them and the rafaees ,, at Jalali Chowk Sola Khamba.

And their simple world simple means and their devotion to Khajah Garib Nawaz..and than one a few years later I became a Malang too..

Peer Syed Masoomi Madar Asqan.. Head Of The Malangs

He has aged gracefully ,and I have been shooting him since 2005, and Baba Rafiq Malang at the Char Yar Masjid cum cemetery .. I never thought I would become but a foreigner friend inspired me to become a malang with him in 2011.

The Malangs are the fastest growing Sufi order in India ..and if you visit Makanpur during the Uris of Zinda Shah Madar , you will know what I mean.. the selling crowds and the various orders of Malangs ..Khademan Dewnangan Taleban Asqan..

Baba Ramdev And The Malang

The Malang at Hazrat Pedru Shah Baba Dargah

The Urus Of Sultan Shah Baba Takiya Vijapur Gujrat 2013 Amin Baba And Me

I took an AC sleeper on 8 April on the Aravalli Express for Ahmedabad as I was invited by Amin Malang to his village in Mehsana district ...Vijapur Gujrat.

I reached Ahmedabad the next morning at 5.30 am took a bus for Vijapur.

I had met Amin Baba a dynamic malang at Makhanpur with his Murids Syed Bhai and others.

The Urus was 29 and 30 April , I needed a break and so I shifted gears of my body and spirit.

I was picked up from the Vijapur bus stand and reached the Dargah of Sultan Shah Baba at Vijapur.

This is my new set at

Here Amin Malang is felicitating me with a Pheta or Turban.. thee turban once belonged to Sayed Rafiq Malang Masoomi.. I was getting part of it.. turban of Dam Madar Malangs are over 25 metr in length.. because of their dread heads .

What If Bollywood Heroes Ran The Country .. Salman PM.. Sharukh President ..

My Fragrant Garden Of Roses

Sarkar Ali Bawa Rafaee Murshad And The Malang Of Mumbai

Shooting the rafaees at the Mahim Dhuni during the Urus of Makhdhoom Shah Baba was a great escape from the world of glamour glitz Bollywood .

So I would rush late in the evening to capture the Rafaee angst, I dont smoke so have a special cup of butter tea made on the Dhuni fire .. the Rafaes would ask me to stay back for dinner , but I skipped the invitation as dinner time is very late here ..

The most interesting aspect of shooting here is , the sandals that pass from the Dhuni paying tribute to the Murshad Sarkar Ali , he gives generously to the drummers and the performers.

Most of the Sandals enter from the back of the Mahim Dargah.. as the facade in the front of the Dargah is restricted to vehicles .. so they enter in from the Mahim Police lane ..