Monday, August 6, 2012

15 August Our Independence Day ..

is only a few days away when good folks will buy our national flag show they love the country and than the following day throw it away ...scams corruption has now found its way ..into the very soul of the heartbeat of our nation by the way cheats frauds the nation the taxpayer has to pay.. the only people who ever got rich overnight are the political leaders i must tucked faraway ..changing the surface potholes in our political system a thought gone astray.. heads made of molten brass feet made of clay ...

Dried Blood Flakes

as the blood flows
the earth shakes
hussain is humanity
every day is ashura
every land is karbala
the soul whispers
the heart aches
our pain their
original sin
their sanctimoniousness
all fake
with the chant
of blood
we keep their
dead consciousness
kill us
persecute us
burn us
at the stake
ghame hussain
the history of pain
we narrate
every moharam
hussain we
wont forsake
our blood
of the modern
of a guilt
up close
on the
as they
watch us
with faces

The Blogger and The Health Juice King Nitin

Shree Siddhi Vinayak Health Zone Carter Road One Stop Health Juice Shop

Zindagi ...Kaisi Hai Paheli, Haaye Kabhi To Hansaaye Kabhi Ye Rulaaye Zindagi...

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Kabhi Dekho Man Nahi Jaage Peechhe Peechhe Sapno Ke Bhaage
Ek Din Sapno Ka Raahi Chalaa Jaaye Sapno Ke Aage Kaha

Jinhone Sajaaye Yaha Mele Sukh-Dukh Sang-Sang Jhele
Wahi Chunkar Khaamoshi Yu Chali Jaaye Akele Kaha

Achha Toh Hum Chalte Hain

Bala And Me Shot By The Security Guy At Ashirwad

Once Upon A Time And Now Bala And Me

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After I finished shooting the weeping mangroves of Carter Road and other street shots I dropped by to say Hello to Bala my good friend at Ashirwad..Bala is the keeper of good memories of late Mr Rajesh Khanna his Boss ..

Ashirwad..Kal Aj Aur Kal

Minu Dutta of Kolkatta - Kakaji Khush Hue

He Leaves Behind a Museum of Memories -RIP Mr Rajesh Khanna

Mastiff At Carter Road

Mr Varghese Vintage Car

Man Made of Mud

man made of mud
flesh bone and blood
flies on the wings
of angels
falls with a thud
caught in the
throes of logic
dogma dreams
of the absurd
a mind
without method
in a word
to keep himself alive
his own
he has butchered
in the name of god
in the name of religiosity
millions he has murdered
his angst his hate
his delusions
his dilemmas
on the unborn
he has

to benn bell
om mani padme hoon
inward outward

to add him as friend for life
in my ears god whispered
a suggestion as on facebook
my soul heard added and twittered

Bachpan Ke Din Bhi Kya Din The ..

The Lucky Dude ...

At Carter Road You Dont Need A Pillow or Bedspread..

After College .. It Is Carter Road On The Rocks .. Fluttering Hens Stuttering Cocks

Aurat Ne Janam Diya Mardon Ko ...Mardon Ne Use Gauhati Main Lilam Kiya

Carter Road Fishing Village Under Development ...

The Carter Road Sea Front.. Land Sharks Land Grabbers on a Treasure Hunt

Give Me a Loaf of Bread And a Camera I Will Give You Poetry

Sometimes I Wonder Why Photographers Say There Is Nothing To Shoot In Mumbai

Woman Was Born Vulnerable ...

The Toilers of the Sea ..Living In Mutual Harmony With The Dhobi

Only Man and Nature Can Never Live Together Like Brother And Sister

I Shoot What God In The Soul Of My Camera Tells Me To Shoot

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

He is Hindu I Am Muslim We Are Two Eyes of the Same God

Ganesha Temple At Carter Road Bandra

Welcome to the Humility of Lord Ganesha

The Path to the Ganesha Temple in the Sea - Carter Road

Asymmetrical Attack on Nature

What is Needed Here is a Healing Touch Of Man Towards Nature

The Old Man and the Sea

Ganesha Temple At Carter Road Bandra

I shot this temple first time over 12 years back and I was shooting this because I had come here with my camera , and this is not my genre of photography, but once in a while it is a much needed break from beggars hijras and street angst.

The mangroves was a sad documentary and the curse of man on nature and fish life..

This part of Carter Road on the rocks is a lovers nest , free cheap economical provided you dont get get in a high tide while humping your babe..

But than where do lovers go.. it is either the deep sea or the devil..

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

Catching Crabs at Carter Road Bandra

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra

Weeping Mangroves of Carter Road Bandra