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My Grand Daughters Are Born Again Football Players

Mumbai Serial Bomb Blasts Dadar 13/7 Remembered

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I shot the Mumbai Serial Bomb Blasts at Dadar in the rains ..and documented the destruction chaos and tears on the Soul of Amchi Mumbai.

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The 2011 Mumbai bombings (often referred to as 13 July or 13/7) were a series of three coordinated bomb explosions at different locations in Mumbai, India, on 13 July 2011 between 18:54 and 19:06 IST.[5] The blasts occurred at the Opera House, Zaveri Bazaar, and Dadar West localities,[6] leaving 26 killed, and 130 injured.[2][3][4]

The first device was planted on a motorcycle at Khau Gali in south Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar and exploded at 18:54 local time. The second device, planted in a tiffin box[7] at the Opera House near Charni Road, exploded at 18:55. The third device was placed on an electric pole at a Kabutar Khana bus stand in Dadar area and exploded at 19:06.[8][9]
Following the blasts, phone lines were jammed and communications ceased or were available intermittently for at least a few hours. Other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore were also put on high alert.[10] Immediately after the blasts, the Mumbai Police sent an SMS to a few mobile phone users in Mumbai reading "Bomb blasts reported at Zaveri Bazaar, Dadar. Please be careful. Stay indoors. Watch news channels".[11] Most of the injured were rushed to various hospitals in Mumbai, such as J.J. Hospital, St. George's Hospital, Harikishandas Hospital and G.T. Hospital.[12]
Mumbai has been hit by terrorist incidents at least half a dozen times since the early 1990s, with over 600 people dying in these attacks. In an editorial, the Times of India described the city as having become a "hot hunting ground for terror."[13][14
Casualties and compensation

A Maruti Esteem car shattered by the blast in Dadar
The blasts claimed 26 lives and injured an additional 130 others.[3][4][15][16]
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Indian National Congress leader Sonia Gandhi visited Mumbai the next day and met with those injured in blasts at Saifee Hospital.[17] Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a compensation of 2,00,000 to the kin of each of those killed and 1,00,000 to the seriously injured. Meanwhile, the Maharashta Government also announced 5,00,000 in compensation to the families of each of those killed and about[vague] 50,000 to the injured.[18]

There was speculation that the pattern of the blasts suggested involvement of Indian Mujahideen. According to the Special cell of the Delhi Police, Indian Mujahideen has been conducting blasts on the 13 or 26 of the month. [nb 1][19] Speculation was also rife that the Mumbai underworld could be behind these blasts, in the light of the killing of journalist Jyotirmoy Dey, as well as the attempted assassination of Dawood Ibrahim's brother, Iqbal Kaskar on 3 May. 13 July is also observed as Kashmir Martyr's day, and there could be a possibility that the attacks were carried out by Kashmiri groups.[20] There is also a view that the attacks could have been plotted by those trying to derail the Indo-Pakistani peace process.[21]
The slain MiD DAY crime journalist Jyotirmoy Dey had previously reported that a huge cache of 35 detonators, gelatin sticks and large quantity of ammonium nitrate explosives had been seized on 20 May 2011 from Umarkui and Sayli village in Silvassa. Ammonium nitrate, gelatin and detonators have been used in several bomb blasts in Mumbai previously. The report also mentioned that this cache had gone missing soon after local police took custody.[22] The journalist had also speculated that the cache might be used to trigger terror attacks in the city.[22] There were calls for further investigations into this link to the Mumbai blasts by his employer MiD DAY.[23]
[edit]Timeline of investigations
The Home Ministry classified the bomb blasts as a terrorist act and dispatched a National Investigation Agency (NIA) team to the bomb site.[24] The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan said that the bombs used could have been fuel filled, much like molotov cocktails.[25] Preliminary investigations suggested the use of multiple IED explosives in the blasts with ammonium nitrate-based explosives mixed with fuel oil.[26] The explosives indicate some level of sophistication. It is also believed that remote detonators may have been used, with two of the three blasts being high-intensity.[27][28] The Home Minister also announced that his office would be updating the people through the media every two hours.[11]
The Maharashtra ATS was reported to have sought a list of passengers traveling from Kolkata to Mumbai and Kolkata to Kanpur from the Kolkata police. The suspicions were a result of a Kolkata man with Indian Mujahideen link having gone missing in the previous few days.[29] A NIA team visited Ahmedabad on 15 July to meet an Indian Mujahideen suspect who was arrested by the Crime Branch in connection with the Ahemdabad blast in 2008.[30] On 16 July, Maharashtra ATS Chief Rakesh Maria said that, based on forensic opinion and visit to the various sites, the possibility of a suicide bomber was being ruled out. However, a sketch of a possible suspect based on CCTV footage from one of the blast sites was being prepared. He added that in light of the sensitive nature of the investigation, the entire detail of the probe could not be revealed at that particular stage.[31][32]
On 4 August, Home Minister PC Chidambaram suggested indications of involvement of a home-grown terror module in the blasts.[33][34]
On 9 August, the Maharashtra ATS arrested one person it claimed had stolen a bike used in the Zaveri Bazaar explosion. The bike had been stolen from one Amit Singh a few hours before the blasts.[35] CCTV footage showed one person with long hair riding a stolen red colour Honda Activa, entering the crowded lane, taking two left turns, placing the scooter at the spot of the explosion and walking off.[36]
On 23 January 2012, the Mumbai Police claimed that it had solved the Mumbai Blasts case with the arrests of two suspects – Naqi Ahmed Wasi Ahmed Sheikh (22) and Nadeem Akhtar Ashfaq Sheikh (23) – hailing from Darbhanga district of Bihar.[37] The Mumbai Police's ATS claimed that the two had stolen two scooters used in the blasts according to a scheme whose logistics were managed by Yasin Bhatkal, the mastermind of the blast.[38] However, this televised announcement baffled the other intelligence agencies. It was later revealed that Naqi Ahmed was assisting the Delhi Police and other central intelligence agencies in tracking down two other perpetrators of the blast.[37] Further investigations revealed that the two Pakistani bombers; named Waqqas and Tabrez staying in Byculla used as many as 18 SIM cards and six handsets. The duo received sim cards from the co-accused Naqi Ahmed, who was arrested by the ATS in January 2012 for possessing SIM cards obtained with fake documents, following which Naqi admitted his role in the blasts and also admitted working with Indian Mujahideen's founder member Yasin Bhatkal in arranging accommodations for the bombers.[39]
On 25 May 2012, Maharashtra ATS filed a chargesheet against Naqee Ahmed, Nadeem Shaikh, Kanwar Pathrija and Haroon Naik (all are under arrest). Additionally, the chargesheet named six others including Indian Mujahideen mastermind Yasin Bhatkal and Riyaz Bhatkal, Waqas Ibrahim Sad, Danish alias Tarbez, Dubai based Muzaffar Kolah and Tehseen Akhtar as wanted accused on the run.[40][41]
[edit]Allegations of police brutality
The Mumbai Police detained several men for questioning. One of those detained—Faiz Usmani—died while in police custody on 17 July,[42] sparking allegations of police brutality. Usmani was the brother of one of the accused in the 2008 Ahmedabad bombings case. It was alleged by his family members that Faiz Usmani was healthy when the police picked him up and that he was subjected to torture in police custody. The police dismissed these charges and countered that Usmani was suffering from hypertension and complained of giddiness after walking himself into a police station. He was admitted to the Lokmanya Tilak hospital, Sion, Mumbai, following which he died quickly due to blood clots in brain and a heart attack.[43] A CID probe has been ordered into Usmani's death.[44]

"Islam Zinda Hota Hai Har Karbala Ke Bad..."

Azadari e Hussain .
The hosting of majlis matam juloos or processions is the basic ingredient of Shiasm.
This is what separates us from the rest of our Muslim brethren, though we believe in Allah Hi Holy Prophet , His Holy Book.
We also pay tribute to the Ahle Bayt..and Ale Mohomed , the heritage of the Holy Messenger of Islam.

For two mont eight days the Shias mourn for Imam HUssain his progeny, the carnage at Karbala this mourning binds us all, globally, we maybe part of a nation but we are part of a spiritual nation without borders called Hussainiyat.

On Ashur 10 day of Imam Hussains Martyrdom the Shias carry Tazias to the cemeteries, bleed , and remember the sacrifice of Imam Hussain..the Saviour of Islam..

In the words of Mohammad Ali Jauhar,
Qatal Hussain asal main marg Yazid hai
Islam Zinda hota hai har Karbala kay bad.

Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty’s powerful verses epitomise the reverence and devotion of Muslims towards Imam Hussain:

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain
Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed,
Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

Loosely translated

Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain,
Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain .
Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid.
Truly, the mirror of faith is Hussain

Razar Rumi has given a beautiful definition in his blog post, that I quote several times , so awe struck I am..of Shah Ast Hussain

Shiv Sena Dahi Handi Pandal Shivaji Park

Marziya and Lucky..

The Shia Hindu In Mylapore

Street Scenes Chennai and Dharmapuri ..Street Photography

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My Lunch at Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

Blogging Is a Creative Art Like Making Chappatis

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When I returned from Chennai the first thing I did was upload the Ashura pictures shot in Chennai , but I jumped the gun as prior to Ashura I shot the 7 Moharam juloos of Chennai, I got messages from several brave hearts from Chennai as to when I would post them , but after my problem with Flickr management regarding the restriction of my Ashura set in Chennai to public viewing , I did not want to have back to back Moharam pictures , and the 7 Moharam is a long series .

And I follow Flickr terms and regulations my account is marked safe and all my blogs originate at Flickr including my archives of 157240 images .

Than while posting the Ag Ka Matam Jigedevi which I duly completed , I posted Dharmapuri this was the halting point it was from here I went to Jigedevi with my dear friend Dr Abbas Ali Meer , he had a medical camp to attend he left me here , I would have gone insane without my camera so I shot the streets of Dharmapuri .

I will soon complete this set and than upload the 7 Moharam Chennai pictures , in between the Dharmapuri photos I inserted the Xmas images and pictures I had shot in Mumbai on my return.

This year after my return from Chennai I have been unwell, I caught the flu, I am asthmatic too, and a diabetic, I did not take any medicine in Chennai for a week I left it on Moulah Hussain I walked barefeet most of the time I was in Chennai.

For the first time as a blogger who documents Mumbai fetes religious events I did not shoot the Urus of Maqdhoom Shah Baba Mahim the police sandal or the Rafaees , I was caught up with a lot of work on Friday that was the day of my dear friend Sakibs sandal, finished my work past midnight.I did not make it all .

Last night after work there was the Mehfil Juloos till the Shia Bandra Mosque I was in bad shape , I passed it on my way home , it had not started , but I rushed home after talking to a few Shia boys.

However once Marziya Shakir and her mom returned from a majlis I took Marziya with her Press Card round her neck and made her shoot the Bandra young boys doing the Zanjir matam.. this I had promised her and after a few shots I shot too, we both came home.

My wife is still at Ziyarat and Marziya is waiting for her return.

And such is life on a slow blog track in Mumbai.

Today is my day off I will rest.

Street Photography Is Nothing But A Sense of Warped Humor

This Is The Servility of Womanhood Towards Fucked Man

Having No 1 Coffee at Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

The Quintessential Dress Code of Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

Oye Beauty Lies In The Eye Of The Camera

Behind Every Humble Woman Lies The Silhouette of a Man

The Wily Parrot Of Dharmapuri Re Reads My Fate Again

The Parrot Astrologer Shows Me My Lucky Cards Picked By The Parrot

The Parrot Astrologer Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

The Parrot Astrologer Reads Dr Abbas Ai Mirs Fate Dharmapuri

He Gave Us The Constitution .. We Returned His Thanks With Corruption and Scams

Food Is The Poetry of the Human Soul

My Lunch Break Dharmapuri Tamilnadu

Having Food Madrasi Ishtyle

Street Photography ..Chennai

Shot during Moharam but not pertaining to Moharam and being a street photographer I could not resist shooting these..

So I have added all such pictures to a separate set at my Flickr photo stream.

This set will also include the Hindu temples the dargahs churches I shot here in Chennai and in Dharmapuri including the pictures I shot of the hijras in the trains both while coming to Chennai and while returning from Chennai to Mumbai.

My Camera Does Not Take Credit For What I Shoot

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 my vision
my camera
no dispute
my camera
a witness
silent mute
the third
cosmic eye
of lord shiva
my mind
to my subject
pays tribute
lost illusions
lost worlds
lost childhood
missing links
vanishing youth
in humility
it salutes

Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old Shoots The Bandra Mehfil Juloos 2010

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Dressed in black a Press Card round her neck this picture was shot by my grand daughter Marziya Shakir 3 year old on the Nikon D 80.

I was not in a great frame of mind so I had planned not to cover this juloos because of my sever cold and flu but when Marziya returned home from a majlis I took her with me both of us shot a few frames.

The Mehfil juloos begins from the Bandra Mehfil and ends at the Bandra Shia Mosque Bandra Bazar Road.

This year the message of Hussain and Humanity was driven home with powerful banners placed on the Sabils.

My good friend Ashiq Ali and the boys of Anjuman e Yadgare Mehdi had really done a great job with a passion driven by their love of Hussain and their collective cause of promoting peace as the only message among all communities beyond caste color and creed.

Because of this helpful attitude of these Shia boys Furkan Mohsin Ejaaz Irfan and others even the neighboring boys non Shias come around and help in the cause of Hussainiyat.

Marziya first shot the Zanjir matam last year when she was barely two years old at the Almeida Park Moharam juloos.

master of the rings