Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Was Destined To Shoot Beggars

is all that i know
beggars stalk me
follow me wherever
i go ..much as i try
to avoid them
like coal embers
on my soul they
glow coaxing me
pleading their
world to the
rest of the world
i must cosmically
show ..blind beggars
cripple , lepers , dwarfs
on the screen of my
conscience as they
flow .. beggars lost tribe
of a rich mans god that
god happiness to them
wont bestow .the god
of today needs huge
garlands of money
gold silver diamond
studded shawls swanky
cars the man who gives
them all this knows that
his money will hundred  times
grow ..while the poor beggar
who takes gods name a million
times is mercifully left to his woes

beggar poet feels the pain of the beggars ,, up close
it was not his passion for photography that gods camera
he chose .. a teardrop of the beggar as a poem he froze

The Muslim Beggar From Jharkand

he was from
the state of
of Jharkand
in a humble
muted tone
he mentioned
poorer than
the poorest
always out of
funds no job
no hope he
came to Mumbai
to fate
to this city of
he was cosmically
summoned .
a door god had
opened and to
bandra he
hastened .
 he wasnt
lucky  no alms
he was disheartened
he was hoping to make
enough money to his home
return..sad sullen his beard
all whitened .he told me
man is an isolated island
mumbai was not at all
the city of joy that he
had envisioned ,,,