Friday, December 23, 2011

Grandpa Shot by Nerjis Asif Shakir 5 month old assisted by me

the madman and the dreamer..follow the same path of humanity

we only meet god in our dreams...

Flowers Grown By Men Are Gods Best Friends

My Shoes Cause Me a Lot of Pain

I wear ankle length socks because of diabetic feet , I wore slipper earlier but mostly walked barefeet for several years , I detested shoes for me shoes was the worst form of slavery , my feet were never born to be held captive ..

And than this December my life changed drastically I entered a corporate world with a Sufi Dam Madar Attitude of spirituality and mind..

After work when I come home I am in the most grueling pain , a pain that becomes unbearable I am tired too I hit the sack, wake up at odd hours for dinner and to blog..

I had a masseur guy Bhura but my BB got stolen so I lost all important numbers ..and so saif my youngest son presses my feet to relieve me of my pain..

Fridays I become a Malang my weekly off and I get wings I fly..

Kamal Trivedi My Dear Friend From UK

I Do Not Say Fuck Shoes Anymore ..

Shiva is a humble polite down to earth pun intended , cobbler friend of mine , he is a good friend since my new job demands shoes .. and the only time I say Fuck Shoes is on Friday , my weekly off , I once again dress up as a quintessential Dam Madar Malang that I am and wander the streets camera is the beggar bowl that shoots pain captures the angst of restless human society that includes hijras beggars too..

Much before Shiva was born I worked on this street and at one time had my own fashion outlet on 29 th road off Water field road, my children grew up on this road and both my sons Asif and Saif studied at St Theresa High School close to late Mr Sunil Dutts office..

Late Mrs Nargis Dutt was very fond of me as I worked at Burlingtons and had done Dutt Saabs clothes for Sangram..I was close to late Mr Sultan Ahmed Saab..there was a time I altered all the suits that Dutt Saab bought from the States ..

My daughter Samiya studied at Apostolic Carmel Convent her admission to this great institution of learning was done by a a very dear friend Mr Pappu Mehra ..and today Marziya Shakir my grand daughter worlds youngest street photographer studies there ..

I could get my shoes polished where I stay but I like Shiva , and so it is Shiva my friend who contributes to my sartorial change of life style .. in a corporate world.

I dont wear a watch was never enslaved to time ,..handcuffed to time would be the worst damning slavery as a Dam Madar Malang.

This morning I gave Nerjis Asif Shakir my other grand daughter a tour of Khoka Chawl a upmarket slum , to which my wife retorted I should take Saif my youngest sons daughter Zaira for my outings ..but I must confess in my family only Nerjis and I are Malangs .. we understand each other we get along very beautifully and I carried my camera and Nerjis Asif Shakir kept touching it knowing well that she is the next Photographer no1 in my family..

Aex and the Dam Madar Malang of Bandra Bazar Road

Alex Paints Bandra Bazar Road

Alex Paints Bandra Bazar Road

Alex has painted some aesthetic murals on the walls of Bandra Bazar Road specifically Boran Road extension , he is doing all this with his own money..he is an artist and through the medium of paint is sharing his vision of a world without borders , just love no war .. no hate ..

Hijras Children of a Lesser God poem

A new lot of Hijdas have taken over the Turner Road Traffic Signal, I met
them yesterday while going to work, Laxmi the Beggar Hijda who kept
this signal running with her kind face has stopped coming here , and I guess
its their head or Guru who controls and tells them where they beg..
The Turner Road Signal is a prestigious begging point, and the arterial road leads to four distinct points of Bandra..
However the Turner Road beggar kids give the Hijdas a tough time moving in for the kill as the kids really are faster on their feet, semi naked and the little tots completely naked.
Their mothers play cards across the road, food is leftovers from the nearby Stomach restaurant. The Eunuchs eat from the street stalls mostly the Bombay staple food called
the Batata Wada ..which is potato pancake in bread and green chutney…

a new fresh crop a new lot of Hijdas
beg at the Turner Road Traffic Signal now
morning to evening they move from one car to another
a field of no returns
tired as they plough
of the sweat of their brow
to the passengers in the cars
they smile as they kowtow
the beggar kids plunge headlong
the eunuch competition
wont allow
a hopeless fruit of misery
that almost bends the bough
here on the streets of despair
the children of a lesser God
broken puppets on a string
have less human respect
than the Holy Cow

Christmas Cheer

traffic signal beggar boy
Christmas cheer
a life imprisoned
in a drop of tear
his cry the world
has no time to hear
the world busy shopping
for a happy new year
vehicular traffic of pain
as it draws near
joy happiness
pass by disappear
birth life death
karmic punishment
to mock and sneer

dedicated to Mrs Andrews mother of Tom Andrews..

During Xmas God Works Overtime ..What He Earns He Gives To The Poor

Have wheels will travel

his body
made if mud
his soul
made of gravel
to distant
he wants
to travel

the mystery of his birth
his impending death
he wants to unravel

The Future of The Beggar Hijras

the future
of the beggar hijdas
very bleak
a helping hand
a soothing hand
from our erstwile
government and society
they seek
no leaders
to represent them
in the parliament
but yes so much hijda speak
blessed said the messiah
are the underprivileged
the meek
wallowing in the gutter
aspiring for the peak
hit them on the face
they give you the other cheek

Kamal Trivedi And 3 Street Photographers

Kamal Trivedi And 3 Street Photographers

Kamal Trivedi and Me Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Kamal Trivedi Meets Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer

Kamal Trivedi Visits The Bandra Bazar Garbage Dump Tourist Hotspot

Seek and You Shall Find.. Jesus Another Name For Mankind

Kamal Trivedi from UK at the 16 century East Indian Grotto at Bandra Bazar Road..

Hussain is the Essence of Humanity Hope and Peace

Kamal Trivedi from UK beneath the banner of Hussain..

Kamal Trivedi at Bandra Bazar Road

Sometimes not making a pair of Jeans could lead to a cosmic path of Friendship..

Kamal Trivedi wanted me to copy a pair of Behmen Jeans , instead I told him to go fr a pair of breeches and a hand stitched embroidered waist coat , and Kamal followed my sartorial instincts and it worked .. all this at my new workplace..

So today after work Kamal desired to meet my family and so we walked down Waterfield Road and entered Bandra Bazar road, the first thing that Kamal saw was this banner promoting Hussain Peace and Humanity , he requested me to send him a copy of the banner instead I shot Kamal with the banner overhead..

He was excited seeing Badra Bazar Road specially the Garbage dump that has become a tourist spot, I shot him on this dump and the rest of the pictures were shot at home some by me , some by my 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir worlds youngest street photographer and a few by my younger son Saif Shakir..

I regret that when I shot Kamal beneath the Hussain banner I forgot to mention Josh Mahliyabadi's famous words .. Insan ko bedar hone do har kaum pukaregi hamare hain Hussain..