Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Is Better Than Gin and Tonic ..Coconut Water Supersonic

In UP The Elephants Have Eaten Up All The Fodder the Poor Beg Beyond Its Borders

Slum Mumbai

This is the Flip Side of Slum Mumbai

The System Created This For Votes Once In Power The Politicians Will Demolish Them To Build Towers Please Note

Hathgadiwala Was Driving Without Helmet

God Save Us From Builder Politician Nexus

Prison Bars of Life .. Give Birth To Emotions As They Survive

I Too Am a Prisoner of What I Shoot I See Life I Loot Through Pictures Poems Bare Fruit

I Want To Take My Camera In My Grave Shoot God His Godliness Face To Face

Man Gives Birth to Garbage

He Is Taking The Cupboards To The Cemetery He Left The Skeletons Behind

I Live in a Coffin of My Earthly Desires

The Only Thing Indians Love Is Hump And Bump..

Weaving Baskets Brings You Close To God ..

My World is a Picture Gallery of Chaos Searching for Peace

Man and Woman Are Two Sides of a Warring Coin

Woman Was Born as a Slave Created by a Male Macho God ..

Why Does The West Hate The Hijab.. A Garment of Eternal Peace

Society Has Robbed Me of Everything.. Fuck Fate

The Muslim Beggar Begs At Jesus's Doorsteps

because the mullah
is busy with the elections
playing king maker
political biceps
the muslim beggar
mistakenly missteps
lost illusions
doomed destiny
held by fates forceps

Man Was Born in a Cage

The Wonb
the first stage
kicked around
like a football
at every age
the tomb
that says
the End
the last Page
the unmarked grave
his fall from grace
wont take
weeds worms
for company
bird shit
dogs piddle
no outrage

Tut Na Jaye Sapne Main Darta Hoon..

Christianity Rightfully Says In The Beginning Was The Word...

Pain Gives Birth To Poetry

LIfe is a One Way Street .. When The End Comes The File They Delete

your cosmic circle
of birth death complete
your bare soul
makes its final journey
you leave behind
your mansion
your wife
your children
your mistress
your illegitimate
kith kin
your fleet
your passion
your hopes
your dreams
all fucked forever
bitter and sweet
the last final tweet

The Changing Face of Bandra Bazar Road

Salma Murgiwali Died Silently ...

The Cosmic Wheel Has Run Over The Fucked Fate of Man

Man is the Most Fucked Animal on Two Legs

Bandra Is The Sacrificial Goat of the Suburbs

This is My Beloved Bandra Fucked Again For Another 5 Years

Street Urchins-This Young Lady Bought Them Jeans

We Were Born To Beg...

The World of the Muslim Beggar

The World of the Muslim Beggar

I Am Learning Photography With The Canon EOS 7 D

He Told Me His Life is Cheaper Than The Elephant He Will Have To Build If He Goes Back Home

Street Optical Illusion is Poetry Too

One Thing Is Sure He Wont Go To His Native Place To Build Statues

The Poor Mans Barber

The Hijra Has Turned Her Back on Fucked Society...

Black And White

Freedom Thy Name Is Hussain..A Tear Drop in the Rain on the Soul of Bahrain

Jesus Lives And Lets Others Live Too

Jesus And I Share A Unique Bond I Question He Responds

The Corporate Malang of Mumbai..

The Muslim Beggar Cries

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to gain
in heaven
nubile virgins
some paradise
the beggar woman
in a hijab
eternally cries
bombing the soul
of humanity
the jihadi
in disguise
martyred Truth
eternal lies
hope from faith
breaks all ties
round the neck
a gripping vice
melting tears
frozen eyes
as the poor
pays a price
the fattened goat
the sacrifice

Deleted Dreams of a Dead Fucked Poet

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