Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Allah Humma Lanat Qatalatal Husain

Allahumma Laan Qatalatal Hussaine Wa Asabehi.

26/11 The Day I Shot This Picture Was My Wedding Anniversary Too

Irani Chai

woh barish
ka mausam
unka kapta jism
unki bheegi palke
yad dilaye
chai ki
ko pakdte
hue unka
komal hath
mujhe dar
tha kahin
chai unke
jism pe chipke
hue kapdon
par no gir jaye
unki muskurat
woh bisri bhuli
yadein bhikraye
cafe sunrise
main suraj
chup jaye
brun maska
yun hi tanhai
main pigal
ta jaye
aj 35 sal
ke bad
irani chai
peete hue
unki yad
phir ghode
ki tarah
mera saya
ban jaye
woh kitne
ki ma hai
kya woh mujhe
yad karti hain
jaise main
unhe yad
karta hoon

Hussain Is Humanity .. I Wish We Followed What We Preach

somethings you
are born with
you inherit
as your
your culture
even a teacher
cannot teach
you can be
yet humanity
beyond your reach
when you hurt
others moral
code of love
you breach
is better
than what
you preach
oh hussain
give mankind
the munificence
of your pain
i beseech

I Head for Breakfast to Ikbal Cafe 11 Moharam Morning

Now I am uploading pictures of my last final day in Hyderabad on 11 Moharam I left by bus late evening .

On 11 Moharam morning I met Ali Bhai father of Syed Yasser Abbas he took me to the Shia cemetery and I shot pictures and finally to his house AL GHADEER where I had Paya Soup breakfast and met Yassers brother Zohair ..This ends my Moharam in Hyderabad series actually a story board of my 3 days in Hyderabad .

I Come Back To Choti Bargah After Shooting Ashura This Was My Base Camp

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I now come to an end of my Bibi Ka Alam series shot on Ashura from 1 pm till post midnight over 1000 images ..without the help of the Almighty who kept me on my feet , I had leg injury from Mumbai and the kind polite devoted hospitable Shias of Hyderabad this would not have been possible this series is dedicated to them in humility and gratitude ,, I am thankful to all my friends of Choti Bargah Darbare Hussaini and Zain Hussain who encouraged me from Dubai.And last but not the least Ejaz Photographer .
The Chadar Ghat of Bibi ka Alam segment thanks to Hussain son of Abid Bhai of Daru Shifa .

zainab ali akbar ke jeene ki dua maango bach jaaye mera bacha bas uski dua maango

zainab ali akbar ke jeene ki dua maango
bach jaaye mera bacha bas uski dua maango

zainab bade naazon se tumne usse paala hai
rehjaaye nazar meri logon ye dua maango

zainab ye pisar meri aankhon ki bisarat hai
mera laal bach jaaye tum ye iltejaa maango

abbbas ke marne ne meri tho kamar todi
hamshakle payambar hai logon ye dua maangi

ghutniyon ke bal chalkar pahunche laashe akbar par
qaime tak pahunch jaaye maadar ye dua maango

rakhte thay uthate thay maiyat ali akbar ki
lalila kaheen dekh na le tum bhi ye dua maango


Bibi Ka Alam 2012

This is My 257000 Blog At Flickr.com

haye kis dil se kiya tum ne gawara bhaiya har tamache pe sakina ne tumhay yaad kiya

bhai ko bhool gaye dhyaan na behno ka raha
yaad aaya na koi paayi jo darya ki hawa
haye kis dil se kiya tum ne gawara bhaiya
har tamache pe sakina ne tumhay yaad kiya
abbas jab cheene gaye kano se gohar

Bibi Ka Alam Is A Journey Of Introspection And Imprints On The Sands Of Karbala

My Photography During Moharam Is Based On Humanity Blood Sweat And Tears

a blade
cutting through
a childs head
the child
does not fear
as karbala
a poem
a passion
draws near
a ship on
the sands of
he steered
why we bleed
to others might
appear weird
but it is a mark
of our faith
unlike those with
marks on the
long beard
embedded alive
in walls bombed
the shias
are waiting
for their
imam when
he appears
into the
womb of
a shia
child is

this poem in its humility is dedicated to my dearest friends hassan shirazi and dr mansoor showghi ..

My Facebook Update 10 Dec 2012

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Firoze Shakir
Its the first time since I began shooting Shiasm in India 50000 images Flickr,com . I have decided not to shoot Moharam in Mumbai .. personal reasons . I will shoot Chehlum in some other city.

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