Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Art of Earcleaning Explained

Aye Shiyon Ke Mehman Khuda Hafiz O Nazir

Even God Cant Save The Muslim Beggar Born In Captivity

This was shot in 2013 during Chehlum Lucknow and there are many beggars like her near the Talkatora cemetery shouting their lungs out for alms ,,I dont recollect but there were a lot of Kashmiris too begging with pictures of the deluge during the same time I presume ,..and for a Muslim beggar begging is a life sentence a lifetime punishment .
And I document the pain pathos struggle of the Muslim Beggars ,,their children too take too begging and they gradually become professional beggars ,, their will to work disappears and having begged got money they will not slave for another person.
And its about self respect too once it has been mortgaged on the streets there is nothing left but beggary .

Black Madonna On The Streets Of Mumbai

pinjare ke panchhi re, tera dadr na jaane koe

vidhi ne teri katha likhi aansu mein kalam duboe 

pradip sab