Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life is a Pain in the Butt

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working morning to dark
like a slut life is a pain
in the butt the world
is lunatic asylum
every next man a nut
tail between his legs
piddling on the soul
of his misfortune
'like a mutt
no ifs and but
from the womb
to the tomb
stuck in a rut
to emotionalize
his pain
his own wrist
he will cut

to randall der joel my cosmic brother in fate

My Barefeet Heading Home

This ends the GSB Ganesha King Circle spiritual story board of 703 pictures at Flickr shot in a few hours , I walked from the pandal to the King Circle station shooting the street..

And heart of heart I prayed for all the GSB cadres , volunteers Dr BU Pai Dinesh Pai Dilip Pai.. this is a set for all of them and Rajiv Kamath a GSB in America who waits for me to shoot the GSB and share the magic the ethos of the Lord of Lord of King Circle..

Sorry Rajiv I could not shoot the GSB Visarjan.. or the GSB Wadala .. and the few others you mentioned.

I did what was humanly possible within my scope ..and the wishes of Lord Ganesha the best picture model ever..

I Have Posted 7368 Blogs At Flickr In August

From Marziya With Love

nabila4art Nabila Khanam

Re: sallam

That is very kind of you, my Dearest flickr-friend!
I have been thinking of you everyday as I have not posted any pictures since quite some time, (although have several)...also my little granddaughter reminds me of you and your grandaughter each day too... as she is with me all day while her parents go to work...So please know that you both are always in my thoughts.

However, my biggest drawback is just procrastination...but with your testimonial (don't know if I really deserve such wonderful words from you!) you have inspired me to upload pages of a book I made of Niah's first year in pictures...this will be specially dedicated to you and your granddaughter dear Marziya.

Thank you for Ramzan greetings...I had planned on shooting the new moon of Ramzan 2009 to make my greetings, but clouds over it did not let me...Please accept Ramzan Mubarak from me to you and your family.

Once again thank you for your testimonial (to awaken me...!)
It feels good talking to you.



GSB Seva Mandal King Circle Ganpati 2009 Thank You Dr BU Pai

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I have placed the last 172 pictures of this series on the uploader , its about 3.25 am in Mumbai in a few minutes my wife will wake up to cook stuff for my 10 th fast of Ramzan.

I once again thank Dr BU Pai of Hinduja Hospital a GSB and a devout hardcore believer of Lord Ganesha , without Dr B U Pai these pictures would never have seen the light of day.

And I am happy that the message of peace and mutual coexistence of Ganesha and Ramzan emanates from the soul and spirit of Mumbai.

Mumbai is a simmering cauldron of love of all communities beyond caste color or creed..
That I was able to document all this in a few hours,speaks highly of Lord Ganeshas love of this barefeet Muslim Blogger of Mumbai.

Amchi Mumbai the city of migrants and the Marathi Manoos all bound to its bounty generosity , it has given us so much and made us what we are..Mumbai the city of love hope and brotherhood.. a vibrant heartbeat of India.

Jai Ho

GSB Seva Mandal King Circle Ganpati 2009/Tolabar

Muslim Barefeet Blogger at GSB Ganesha King Circle

Marziya The Spices of India

We Love You Uncle Ashish Shelar

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you are bandra's
super star
helping the needy
the poor
in their bad hour
their blessings
on you your family
they shower
uncle ashish shelar
a man who stands out
like a tower
not running
after a chair
or power
for you
grapes will
always be sweet
never sour
your well wishers
marathi manoos
muslims sikhs
punjabis sindhis
chistians madrasis
parsis gujratis
migrants from
up and bihar
residents of
bandra bazar
dalit bhim sena
from ambedkar road
pali and khar
kolis and macchimar
all part of your network
your humility
your hearts radar