Saturday, June 9, 2007

Waiting Endlessly

waiting waiting waiting

Outside her Trembling Door

wave after wave

lashes her

trembling door

lost in the labyrinths

of man made darkness
I dont know what is in store
no light at the end of this tunnel
no ray of hope in this corridor
a hymeaneal hypocrisy
hyperbolic metaphor
hypothetical hysterics
that I endure

Shia Thug No1

loneliness is a terrible

bear hug ..

water flowing

from a broken jug

seminal stains on a rug

a crucifix on the back

as a hump of despair

that i lug

reliving emotions

recycled pain

of a photographer

of a poet

of a blogger

she once baptised

shia thug

falling in love

with an american woman

was never a wonder drug

she who hates

bollywoods most wanted mug

Will She Take Me Back ?

love means searching for happiness like a needle in a
i lost my way no chance that she will take me back
a shia thug bleeding forehead a hard nut to crack

The Shia Thug v/s The Shia Pandit

Man made woman he rested.

But when God made American Woman neither God nor Man has rested.

for the American loves to hate whom she loves more a thought undetested , swimming the shark infested waers of life untested.

The American woman calls me a Shia Thug..

The Indian man who hates me falling in love with a Blog Goddess calls me Shia Pandit, therby saffronising the soul of my pictorial poetry..

Being married does not mean you cannot fall in Love..falling out of love is the beginning of the family lawyer, the divorce the alimony ...Some marriages take place in Heaven some were nuptialised in Hell...

Falling in love not getting married saves you from in is the best way of living out.

I am married , I am always in love , as a poet you need to be in love hate does not beget Poems... only more Hate.

I think the only was to save Humanity , is to give a seconds thought to Polyandry..let the wife pay the role of Man...

I will leave this with a blank... I dont intend to fill .

Life is not a bed of thorns

my exotic jewellery collection is about 160 kgs, excluding my own weight, my
silver sticks and my pictorially poetic attitude.

Lady Diana of The Dread Heads

Diana stopped talking to me because I shaved of my dreadlocks,
hopefully Iam trying to grow them again.

The Odd Couple

shot by subhash solanki togetherness undefined

Growing Grass on a Bald Head

Being bald is looking and feeling beautiful.
I know guys with receeding hairlines, baldness covering up
their sparseness hirsute scarcity, with horrendous wigs, it looks all the more
awful, why not just go bald.Idid , but honestly I hate the bald look on me.I
grew dreads , but there is a tale attached to my dreads, my dreads were kept in
good form by Lady Diana of the dreads , she was a Wiccan, gone Tantrik under her
Kailash Baba from Jodhpur.Diana is famous in Goa and in Pushkar too , she is
strictly by appointment.. she is Bollywood's celebrity cult figure.
My wife practices aromatherapy, she made a hair growing brew, expensive
one, but hair is guaranteed in a weeks time. It grows grass on a bald head.She
sells it to close friends, though a little bottle takes time to make as the
ingredients have to be dried in the sun, so its tough in the supply
just demand.Its all about green thumb, she has it , it works.She tried it on
heself, her hair was falling, diminishing, not anymore...


This was shot by a friend, photographer Umesh Salgaonkar at his studio, five years back, we were students of Mr Shreekanth Malushte, but Umesh a graphic artist was light years ahead of me in photography.I learnt much from him too, he has two studios one in Andheri the other in Dadar.

I am your Fan For Life Mr Photographer

This picture was sent to me by my neigbour Mr PC Chandra in my Gmail, amazing masterpiece of a picture , I place it here also as header on my blogspot site as a tribute to the photographer who shot it, I take my hats off to him, this is the ultimate street photography..this is accolades to the author of this picture.
I have never seen such brilliance, such timed shot...even if it is an ad its just outstanding gets my nod all over again..
It teaches preaches humilty in a pictorial thought.
Take your Camera go out on the streets Just Do It..!!!!!!!!!!!!