Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Rest in Peace

Benazir Bhutto Rest in Peace
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Photo Courtesy AP

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide bombing that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally, a party aide and a military official said.

"At 6:16 p.m. she expired," said Wasif Ali Khan, a member of Bhutto's party who was at Rawalpindi General Hospital where she was taken after the attack.

A senior military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment, confirmed .

political poison a dangerous disease
hate that blows you of the crease
you were alive just a second
frame freeze
gone with the blowing breeze
life body gauards yet no gurantees
like father like daughter
silenced forever
Benazir Bhutto
Rest in Peace

Marziyas Might

Marziyas Might
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marziya and asif shakir
daughter and newly born father on a high
like the feet of earth being touched by the forehead of the sky
a fountain showering waters from Mashke Sakina
that on the banks of the Euphrates will never run dry
of a world of Ahle Bait hidden in the slivers of a lttle childs eye
silence a peak of eloquence that money cant buy
or rob or steal or get it on the sly
a fathers love for his daughter that you espy
is a sobless tear thanking God the maker in reply
for making Marziya in the image of her mother
the blood sinews of her fathers spirtuality
that he did apply from kazmain in lucknow
to a paradise in mumbai
time held in her tiny fist before it flys by
Marziyas might hits the bulls eye .

The Sabri Sufi Solitude

The Sabri Sufi Solitude
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The Urus celebration of the Sufi Saint Makdoom Shah Baba began on Dec24 .
Normally I never missed this event, walking bare feet from Bandra to Mahim to sit among the Chancawalli Sufis or Rafaees body piercers , as they sit smoke chillum
at the Dhuni or Holy Fire.
This year I decided to stay away from the Rafaee events and the Dhuni because of personal reasons.On Friday I will go and shoot Saqib the Florist friends Sandal , which I shoot every year , the body piercing performed by Firoze Rafaee under the patronage of my friend Fahad Pathan up and coming political youth leader...
I spoke to Saquib, and he was wondering why I was not seen at the Dhuni.Actually I have shot so many meaningless pictures , mostly portraits and the chillum smoking, some of the Bawas dont take kindly to the picture taking.
So my pictorial quest is on a low key, mostly the Turner Road Hijdas, the beggar kids are part of my quintessential street photography.
I was hoping Mr Glenn Losack MD from America , would come down to shoot the body piercing events but he has postponed his India trip.
The birth of my photogenic grand daughter Marziya , has been a a blessing in disguise , shooting her almost a few frames every day soothes my soul.
She is the finest model, she gives me rare gems of her expressions , and she is demanding too , she is a month old so I cant do much in terms of creativity but I manage .
Marziya is a photographers Muse , and inspiration, she is a sight to be seen when the lady masseur gives her a massage and her bath , all amazing episodes of her daily regimen.One picture I do wish to take of hers is in a tiny Hijab..just her eyes...
She has been part of our luck, and she got ha cradle from Shivani my sister in law wife of brother Firdaus.. I got her a pram from Little Kangaroos , a childs shop that belongs to my friends Alok and Arun Lalwani..a unique shop and must a visit for toddlers and new borns..

Man Child in a Zoo

Man Child in a Zoo
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He is a man child cub in a zoo
endangered specie its true
on the verge of extinction
a thought hackneyed but new
with his back to the world
a world of hate he left behind
a world of sorrow and suffering
he outgrew
now he eats only what
he can chew
his ancestors once upon a time
roamed the wilds
till evolution charged their intellect
they became from apes
men categorized as Christians Muslims and Jews
assorted races Buddhist Sikhs Parsis Jains Hindus
using religion as a weapon
their own kind without impunity
they mercilessly slew
political powerplay
man destroying man
a heady intoxicating brew
a god who created them
they killed on the cross
now by killing
those that did not kill him
pay off their forefathers
unpaid dues
suicide bombers
misplaced martyrdom
prosleytizing the human soul
with any available excuse
Justice as a precondition
to Peace and Freedom
The only solution
for a global truce