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The Hijras Of India Through The Eyes Of A Beggar Poet

I want to show you the poetic darkness of a hijas life in Black and White without their gaudy makeup.. the poor hijras and the well of hijras ,, the hijras below the poverty life and the jet flying hijras of India ,,this is a documentary passionately showing the lost tribe of God ..neither Man nor Woman ..
Sexually brutalized raped sodomized both by people and the rogue cops ,,

Read behind the lines of sorrow on my pictures ,,

introduction to my new video... at you tube

The Poor Migrants Of Assam and The Cows Of Lucknow

I felt sorry for both but yes more for the Assamese .. they are the pride of Assam and the heritage of the River Brahmaputra ,,
I was in tears when I shot this ,, if you are as sensitive and human I am you will have tears too..

This is Mr Akhilesh Yadavs Uttar Pradesh perhaps the contractors who bought these poor from Assam with their entire family pays them less than the locals .. I dont know ,,
I am a Mumbai guy ,, but never seen such apathy and cheapness of human life ,,

The PM says India is marching ahead ..ys only for the rich the protected Adanis Ambanis and others ,, its marching on the dead bodies of murdered raped women its marching had on the humiliated brutalized bodies of the Dalits it is marching ahead on the dead body of Akhlaq of Dadri..
Never was my India so deeply divided .. between the Brahmins and the low caste...I am not into politics .. nor a part member but I am a senior citizen 65 years old lived all my life in Mumbai ,,it hurts .. hurts hurts as much as it hur…

The Dam Madar Malangs Of India

Giving me a rush of Adrenalin is the thought of shooting the Malangs of the Madariyya Order...most of them are celibate and sport long dreads that can be about 18 feet or more .
Within the Madariyya order are different sub orders but I belong to the Asqan headed by 102 year old Syed Masoom Ali Baba a very simple austere man .. he cuts through all religions and sects ..

The Hindus of Panihar his spiritual abode consider him an avatar of Lord Shiva and Masoomi baba has built schools toilets clinics in his village and here I must reiterate the Hindus and Muslims live as one ,,if someone in the village falls sick all stand by him..

Hindu feasts and Muslim feasts bring them all together ,,When little Shahnawaz a relative of Masoomi Baba dragged me up a hillock.. to see the Temple Of Durga Devi,, and I shot pictures , the head priest touched my feet and thanked me as Malang Baba ,, he offered me tea and I had tears in my eyes ,, this is Atithi Devo Bhava .

After Panihar close to Gwalior I …

Walking From Versova To Juhu Danda And Khar

Ujjain Kumbh 2016 - Documenting the Naga Sadhus

My Naga tent at Bhiku Mata Road had the Nagas guests of Maha Mandleshwar Kalyanji Giri ,, though he had a bigger spread beyond this road .
I on my part was less in my own tent village and more with the other Nagas staying around our periphery ,, there was one Naga Baba he was also called Vijay Giri and he was very close to the Sufi Qalandaris and would quote Khusro and ,,, Imam Ali ,,
I got along very well with him ..and these were the few that knew I was a Shia Muslim .. rest took me as a Naga Sadhu ,,,I was okay with anything,, I had come here as a photographer to document Hope And Hindutva as a Message of Universal Peace .
My religion I had left back at home here at Ujjain I was all saffron in mind and thought ,, I was also close to a Naga Sadhu who was a dedicated Ardh Nari Nareshwar ,,and the hijras eunuchs surrounded him they danced made merry every evening ,,,
Further ahead took the road to Bhuki Mata Mandir were th Naked Naga Babas ,, I shot but they just wanted of…