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Eid Mubarak From a 15 Month Street Photographer To a Muslim Beggar Child

I can not will not shoot hugging children..but here Nerjis Asif Shakir gave Iddi to the little child , he knows her because Marziya Shakir my other 5 year old grand daughter shoot this mother and child on a Friday.

Nerjis Asif Shakir is a very sensitive street photographer as I hold the heavy Canon EOS 7 D with a vertical grip she will take a picture both my grand daughters prefer the Canon 7 D to the light weight Canon EOS 60D.

hum intezaar karenge tera qayaamat tak khuda kare ke qayaamat ho aur tu aaye

bujhi bujhi si nazar mein teri talaash liye
bhatakte phirte hai hum aap apni laash liye
yehi junoon yehi dehshat ho
yehi junoon yehi dehshat ho aur tu aaye
khuda kare ke qayaamat ho aur tu aaye
hum intezaar karenge

na denge hum tujhe ilzaam bewafaayi ka
magar geela to karenge teri judaai ka
tere khilaaf shikaayat ho
tere khilaaf shikaayat ho aur tu aaye
khuda kare ke qayaamat ho aur tu aaye
hum intezaar karenge

yeh zindagi tere kadmon mein daal jaayenge
tujh hi ko teri amaanat sambhaal jaayenge
humara aalam-e-rukhsat ho
humara aalam-e-rukhsat ho aur tu aaye
khuda kare ke qayaamat ho aur tu aaye
hum intezaar karenge

Jis Ki Rago’n Mein Aatish-E-Badr-O-Hunain Hai Us Soorma Ka Isme Girami Hussain Hai. . .

I Use My Camera As An Instrument Of Peace ..

Shayad Gham-E-Hussain Ka Mausam Qareeb Hy ..

Aankho’n K Sahilo’n
Pe Hy Askho’n Ka
Ek Hujoom

Ka Mausam Qareeb Hy ..

Khushia Jo Batta hai Wahi Gham karib Hai. Aankhe Bahri Huvi hai Fizaye hai Sogwar , Yu Lag Raha hai Jaise Moharam karib hai.

Juloos In Memory Of The First Martyr Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel

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This was a first time inaugral juloos I was told that began from Mehfile Panjetani Kapad Bazar Mahim ending at Bandra Shia Mosque at Bandra Bazar Road.

I spotted the Alam from my house window and rushed down with my camera barefeet to shoot it from Bandra Reclamation till the Shia Mosque.

This juloos or sad day commemorating the Martyrdom of Hazrat Muslim Bin Ageel the First Martyr is the forerunner to Moharam.. 2 month eight days of Shia pain known as Ghame Hussain.

I shot over 320 images using on camera flash....Pappu Bhai my friend from Kurla and SK Abbas who were in the juloos later came to my house inquire about injured leg..

About Hazrat Muslim Ibne Aqeel from the Net..

Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (as): Emissary of Imam Hussain (as)

By: Jan Mohamed

Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel bin Abi Talib (as) was martyred on Zilhajj 9 in the year 60 AH in the city of Kufa where he was sent by Chief of Martyrs, Grandson of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw), Hazrat Imam Hussain (as) as his envoy to look closely the situation before Imam’s arrival there.

Imam Hussain (as) received a letter from people of Kufa with these words: “We invite you to come to Kufa as we have no Imam to guide us. Through you Allah will unite us on the path of truth.” A few days later the people of Kufa sent an emissary, a special messenger, to Imam (as) to persuade him to go to Kufa. There followed hundreds of other letters and many special emissaries from the people of Kufa to Imam Hussain (as).

Receiving so many petitions and messages from Kufa, Imam Hussain (as) decided to send Hazrat Muslim (as), who was a famous warrior, as his emissary to Kufa to study the situation there and report to Imam.

He wrote a letter to the people of Kufa and gave it to Hazrat Muslim. In this letter Imam said, “I am sending my cousin and one of the most trusted ones from my family, Muslim bin Aqeel, to report to me about your affairs. If his report agrees with what you have written I will soon be with you. You must be clear of the fact that the Imam is only one who follows the book of Allah, and serves Allah in all matters and affairs with justice, honesty and truth.”

Imam also said to Muslim bin Aqeel (as): “Muslim, the whole world knows that you are one of the bravest warriors. It is just possible that seeing you in Kufa some people may think that our intention is to fight Yazid. Take your two sons Muhammad and Ibrahim with you. When they see you with such young children, they will know that our intentions are peaceful.”

According to reports Hazrat Muslim (as)’s sons were too young that they could not even tie up the buttons of their shirts.

On reaching Kufa, more than eighteen thousand people appeared before Hazrat Muslim (as) and pledged their allegiance to Imam Hussain (as) as their Imam. Seeing this Hazrat Muslim (as) reported to Imam Hussain (as) that he should proceed to Kufa as situation is ok.

Amongst the people of Kufa there were many spies employed by Yazid to report to him direct. When Yazid heard from them of the invitations to Imam Hussain (as) and the arrival in Kufa of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (as) he was filled with fury. He sent a message to his Governor in Basrah Ubaydullah bin Ziyad to go to Kufa and take over the position of Nu'amaan ibne Basheer, the governor of Kufa. Ibne Ziyad was also told to arrest Muslim and kill him.

Arriving in Kufa on 2nd zilhajj, he addressed the people of Kufa announcing his appointment as Yazid's governor. He then ordered them to surrender Hazrat Muslim (as) to him. Ibne Ziyad sealed Kufa.

At this time Hazrat Muslim (as) was staying with Hazrat Mukhtar (ra). Then he moved to Hani bin Urwah’s house secretly, but Ibne Ziyad found out where Hazrat Muslim was. Hani was arrested and thrown into prison. Hazrat Muslim and his two sons left Hani's house leaving the children with Qadhi Shurayb, a judge, and went into the desert to try and get back to Imam Hussain (as) to warn him not to come to Kufa. This was the seventh of zilhajj.

On the eighth (the day when Imam Hussain (a) converted his pilgrimage (Hajj) into off-seasonal Pilgrimage (Umra) and started his journey from Mecca towards Iraq so to save the sanctity and honor of this sacred place (ka’aba)), tired, hungry and exhausted Hazrat Muslim knocked at the door of a house on the outskirts of the city. A lady opened the door. Hazrat Muslim requested for a little water to quench his thirst. The lady when she learnt who he was, invited him in and offered him shelter for the night as she was a lover of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw)’s progeny (as). But when her son learnt that the man Ibne Ziyad was looking for was in his mother's house, he in greed of reward gave the information to a captain in ibne Ziyad army. Early the next morning, five hundred soldiers surrounded the house and demanded Hazrat Muslim's surrender. Hazrat Muslim came out holding his sword. Three times he drove the enemy away. Twice Ibne Ziyad had to send in reinforcements.

After his arrest, Ibne Ziyad told Hazrat Muslim (as) that he would be killed and asked him if he had any last wishes. Hazrat Muslim said: “I owe a debt which should be discharged by selling off my sword and armor. Secondly I want my body to be given a proper burial. Thirdly I want a message sent to Imam Hussain (as) advising him not to come to Kufa.” Ibne Ziyad agreed to the first request refusing the last two. He then ordered Hazrat Muslim (as) to be taken to the roof of the palace to be executed and his body thrown to the ground.

Immediately after Hazrat Muslim (as) was martyred Hani bin Urwah was dragged to the rooftop and executed.

kind courtesy

Two Street Photographers of Bandra

Nerjis Asif Shakir The Youngest Street Photographer ,, Now Shoots On Canon 7D

I hold the camera she takes the shots ...the Canon 60D is with Assad for some food shots ..

My Grand Daughter Nerjis Is Angry As I Did Not Take Her To Shoot The Bakra Qurbani

I reach home after shooting the Station Road Eid ul Adha namaz and the Bakra Kurbani..

The Photo Blogger...

I am an accidental photoblogger and I was inspired by Mr Biz Stone co founder of Twitter to become a photo blogger ...

When I began I did not even know how to upload pictures .

My earliest blogging experience began as below... in 2005

Buzznet as Photographer No and Commentator no 1 .. both accounts deleted .

Photographer no at Blogspot also deleted .

Fotothing ..Photographer No1

Fotgrapher no1 Flickr also deleted

Wordpress all blogs deleted .

Photographer no 1 Webshots also deleted .

Now the following remain my earliest site ..

Shiathug No1 .. the name was given to me by an American Blog Goddess ,, who did not much like me ..

Flickr ..Firoze Shakir Photographerno1

Firoze Shakir.

FirozeShakirKumbhmela Hindu Naga Sadhu Blogs Shia Blogs

3 Blogs of my granddaughters also at Blogspot.

from wikipedia

A photoblog (or photolog, or phlog[citation needed]) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text. Photoblogging (the action of posting photos to a photoblog) gained momentum in the early 2000s with the advent of the moblog and cameraphones.

There are three basic types of photoblogs.[original research?] Photoblogs on individual domains, photoblogs on blogging services such as Blogger that were designed primarily for text content, and photoblogs on photo specific blogging services such as Fotolog or Flickr.
The dynamic nature of blogs and photoblogs compared to static sites means that blogs require some form of content management system (CMS) rather than being built by hand. These content management systems usually provide the photoblog's authors with a web service that allows the creation and management of posts and the uploading of images. The CMS delivers webpages based on the data entered by the photoblog author. Access to photoblogs is usually unrestricted and available to anyone with internet access and a web browser.
Some existing blogging CMS have been modified by the use of add-ons or plugins (and sometimes core code rewriting) to enable the transition from text blogging to photoblogging. As an example, a photoblog author might limit his blog to display a single entry per day (as opposed to several entries which is typical for text blogs) and he might put thumbnails in entry excerpts to provide archives that display images instead of text snippets. Over time, developers have begun to write purpose-built CMS just for creating photoblogs. Additionally many services specializing in hosting and displaying images, such as Flickr and Fotolog, have APIs that allow other blogging systems to display their images, giving the user many options as to the construction of a particular site. Good photoblogging platforms also include camera metadata (Exif) that display the camera settings of each photo taken.
[edit]Developments and accessibility

The early days of photoblogging required some level of technical experience with setting up a webserver and installing or writing the CMS code for it (e.g. Pixelpost or Picoplog). Many photobloggers still prefer this option of running their own server, as this gives them full control over the display and functionality of their photoblog. However, there are now a range of photoblog hosting services available which provide ready made photoblogs in which everything has already been set up. This has made photoblogging more accessible to the layman.
Convergence of mobile phones with digital cameras has opened a new era in photoblogging as authors may publish photos directly from smart devices to the Web.[1] Visual blogging enables people with limited English, or low literacy to contribute to material on the Web. Combined with automatic (photo-booth) uploading technology, this is a powerful tool to build digital literacy and digital citizenship in marginalized groups.[2].

Two Bakre ..Waqt Ke Sataye ..Ek Bacha Aur Ek Katal Ho Jaye

Ham Bakre Ek Hal Ke...

The Sacrificial Goat And The Beggar Poet In The Same Boat

death is imminent
do dilon ki dastan
khoob khaie chot
in a cosmic ocean
two bodies afloat
the beggar poet
the consenting goat
one seeks spiritual
a sacrifice to connote
the poet cursing
his coming of age
his lost wild oats
romancing a stone
in a world cut throat
deleted doomed
a love time smote
love is folly quote
unquote ...