Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Humility Of The Marathi Manoos

her mother in law
sat here before her
than she took up her
place ..that is how
she was raised ..
by gods grace .
she accepts her
destiny without complain
such is the pride of her
race ..fighting to rise always
her grand daughter goes to
a convent school.. for this
effort of hers I respect her
with praise ... dreams we
all chase.. but will this
political system appease
her livelihood ,,, a thought
in my mind stays ,,, i have
seen her shot her next to
jesus' s house at bandra bazar
road ..its here she is touched
by the others who come
pray...i hope her life changes
this time all i can say,,,

every vote of hers she gave willingly..but they forgot her the way ..ab woh phir ayenge hath jod kar badalkar bhais,..muhpe nakli muskurahat plastic face ,,,

Salman Khan Will Soon Be Coming To Bandra Bazar Road

waving out to the people
from the truck to once
again give their precious
votes ...bandra weeps
along with its open gutters
open dugout moats ...
the gaothan in its
deathly throes.. by
the sword of the builder
smote ...jesus watches
with sadness in his eyes
politics is about power
collecting hard currency
notes ...they build their
mansions ..but also
give the homeless public
land to create vote banks
please note .. sala system
main hai khot ... garib marta
hai toh paisewalon ko kyon
lage chot ...sealed hot ..
aye maut ah .. gala ghot

Rest In Peace .. Bandra Bazar Road ,,,

The Last Gasp Of The East Indian Gaothan

one day will be completely forgotten...
heritage a cumbersome burden..
a past that was held by the grandfather
sold away by his sons sons ,,

to healthier pastures they run...

Jag Utha Insan..

insan ka ho insan se bhaichara
yahi paigam hamara
yahi paigam hamara
naye jagat me huya purana
unch nich ka kissa
sabko mile mehnat ke mutabik
apna apna hissa
sabke liye sukh ka barabar
ho bantwara
yahi paigam hamara
yahi paigam hamara

harek mahal se kaho ke
jhopdiyo me diye jalaye
chhoto aur bado me ab
koi phrak na rah jaye
is dharti par ho pyar ka
ghar ghar ujiyara
yahi paigam hamara
yahi paigam hamara
insan ka ho insan se bhaichara
yahi paigam hamara
yahi paigam hamara

Movie/Album:Paigham (1959)
Singers:Prabodh Chandra Dey (Manna Dey)
Song Lyricists:Ramchandra Baryanji Dwivedi (Kavi Pradeep)
Music Composer:Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar (C. Ramchandra)
Music Director:Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar (C. Ramchandra)
Director: S. S. Vasan
Music Label:Saregama
Starring:Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Raaj Kumar, Saroja Devi