Saturday, July 3, 2010

Khushi Angelic Beauty from Mumbai and Me

Khushi is one of the most cultured hijras I have ever met till date ,she is the epitome of beauty and humility , no arrogance no pride.

She is dignity grace and deathly charm, she can talk to you in poetic silence and mesmerize you with each sweet word.

She is polite soft spoken pianissimo.., and she is a very private person an accomplished dancer of Mumbai.

We keep in touch on phone and her guru is my guru too the Hijra icon Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

We are actually Guru Bhai or brothers sharing a single guru.

I shoot Kushi and enjoy each frame , I shoot her as poet no gimmicks no metaphoric machinations.

I am a street photographer and I shoot her like one.

She is a devout person and this is the third occasion I was shooting her .

I first shot her when she was over generously fat at Simran Dancers birthday party at Madh Island.

Than we met last year at Haji Malang, I shot her with her chela Kareena Puja.

After Haji Malang she took my mobile no from my dear friend Marc De Clercq and called me and we have thus remained good friends.

Today I put all her Ajmer pictures shot this Urus 2010 in a separate set at Flickr as my tribute to this angelic Hijra Beauty of all time.

I have added her chela Kareena Hijra in this set for convenience.

Shooting hijras is not about delving in photography, or capturing an image for me it is breathing life in a picture as the poetry and drama of hijra life.

Yes I shoot Hijras differently.

I am a poet I paint with light the spectral soul of the Hijra .

This is my ultimate tribute to Khushi..

I am ashamed to call her a Hijra..she is more beautiful than the woman God created from the rib of man..this is a hijra created from the quintessential restless soul of Man.

Shooting the Hijra Angst at Ajmer

133,334 items / 990,830 views

I am not collecting cookie points , here at Flickr Facebook or Twitter .

My pictures of the hijras are viewed and I need not accelerate the figure artificially through any blog promoting site.

The views on my pictures at Flickr per day is about 10000 but because of the new Hijra pictures I shot at Ajmer Urus has risen too 13000 to 15000 per day.

I dont sell my pictures or my text.

And till date I have posted 133,334 items / viewd by 990,836 people in 3 years.

Without sounding pompous I shoot hijras differently I dont shoot to grab images but I shoot them as ethereal poem of androgynous life.

I dont give copies of my pictures to the HIjras the only exception was my hijra friend Heena from Peela House Red Light area of Mumbai I gave her 100 copies of all her pictures I had shot at the Mumbai cages and elsewhere.

And my religiosity as a Shia Muslim is my personal pact with God it has nothing to do with you or your religiosity or your beliefs.

You dont like hijras dont see the respective albums ,and dont be critical or Maker fun of the people I shoot , but yet I have bigot Shias and bigot Sunnis gong after my ass a photographer my genre is street photography..

I shoot all religious festivals and street events rituals and customs.

I cannot shoot what you want me to shoot , I shoot life as I see it I hoot a smile behind which lurks the gruesome shadow of pain.

Please read me as a photographer only and this is a disclaimer for people who unnecessarily add me at Facebook and than start kicking me in the balls ,for what I shoot and display .

Yes it hurts.

The Untouchables

133,331 items / 990,788 views

my religiosity
has nothing to do with you
i cut myself scourge myself
should hurt me and not hurt you
i shoot the hijra
their androgynous angst
should not upset you
so on my pictures
or on my character
your hate you shoud
not spew
i shoot what i shoot
if you dont like it
fuck you
your bigotry
your narrow mindedness
your diatribe
is not part of
my picture world
its true
the hijra is more
human than you
through my
my picture thoughts
i give the hijra his due
my hijra albums at
are not meant for you

Raveena Hijra Rare Beauty and Seductress

i have removed all my hijra transgender blogs from public view at flickr ,,,, sorry ,,,

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