Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Child Factory .. That Producers Beggars in all Size and Shape

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this little fellow
learnt to beg
when he was
sucking his mothers tit
to get more money
she would pinch his
buttock make him cry
so be it the smartest
street operator no dimwit
making a way through
his own shit a smart ass
every bit he draws a
monthly salary a
princely amount
of rs 2000
can you beat it
the money that
runs his house '
life hard hit

Our Childrens Future Lies On A Mound of a Garbage Dump..Poetically, Metaphorically Realistically

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our childrens
future fucked
lies on a mound
of a garbage dump

this is bandra bazar
the queen of the suburbs
disease pestilence
on the soul of the
dead bodies
of the children
they could not kerb
the consciousness
of the city fathers asleep
please do not disturb
apathy nonchalance
through the lens
of my camera
i tried to add poetry
pathos looks superb
a sentence in silence
needs no more adjectives
or hackneyed verbs

Only God Knows Where I Will Be This Ashura .. 2010

The Damam Beaters of Amin Imambada

Moharam in Mumbai Is An Experience of a Single Lifetime

9 Moharam Amin Imambada When Time Stops Completely

The Pathos Pain of The Shia ..Encapsulated In a Drop of Blood

Sadka e Sakina

These are boys in white , they lead from the front cutting their heads like they are cutting turnips, no pain just the pain of Imam Hussain relived forever ...

There are other anjumans too like them and Amin Imambada on 9 Moharam is their spiritual abode , among them are a few arrogant kids that belittle the task of the photographer , insulting him with their spiritual conceit..
It hurts because we shoot their pictures to show you their faith and fervor and they misinterpret our intentions.. at least mine ..

Today I have the largest number of Moharam visuals and believe me they haven't come easy.. keeping in mind my severe diabetic condition, fits of giddiness , fainting spells but nothing stops me I shoot with a missionary zeal.. accumulating pictures like tear drops on the hanky of Bibi Fatima mother of all Shias.

This is not for glorifying Shia rituals , or Shia thought but to show you the spiritual side of a Shias life style during Moharam.

Indomitable Race Shias of Mumbai

Moharam is a Protest Against The Father of Terrorism Lanatullah Yazid

Matam Karne Se Hame Kaun Rok Sakta Hai

ek hussain
lakhon hussain
ek dil main dhadakta hai

Please Dont Tag Me In Your Mail at Facebook..

The True Fruitful Spirit of Mumbai.. Jai Maharashtra

Towering Inferno And Scams

Peechay Se Koie Na Koie Mar Ke Nikal Jayega

Stay Raw.. Shoot Raw

Stay Raw.. Shoot Raw

Mere Desh Ki Dharti Kachra Ugle ...Ugle Scam Aur Heera Moti..

Poetry and Photography Mirrored In the Soul of the Mind

The poet skinned of all wordly flesh

The Hijab Fighting All Odds

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a single garment
facing drawn out
swords ..
banned criminalized
by a notorious
hijab hating
french warlord
who cant read
the writing on the
black board
distrust discord
to cover up
for his incompetence
going overboard
he will visit
the taj mahal
with his wife
to appease
the soul
of political accord
adding a few more
cookie points
on the scoreboard
hopefully be
holistically healed
of his bias be cured
the hijab over the centuries
that has lived

Umar Qaid ,.. Life Imprisonment

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har zulm ki
saza deti hai
although i have deleted
her from my fucked
woh ek saye ki tarah
mere sat rehti hai
jo main nahi kehna
chahta hoon
woh kehti hai
madar chod
mujhe tabah
karne ke bad
hazaron ke sat leti hai
na aurat na mard
ne beta na beti hai
the transvestites tale
you cant undo
sood ke sat
woh asal bhi leti hai

Zindagi Ka Nam Gadi...

This is a Speeding Cab Shooting Life In Slow Motion

Street Photography is Poetry of a Fucked Mind and Unfucked Soul

This Is a Cemetery Of Life Where The Living Dead Lie Buried Above The Soil

This is Heaven Outside The House Where Jesus Lives .. Mahim Church

My Pictures Would Talk But They Are In Silent Mode

Another One Bites The Dust

Teka Lagana Ise Kehte Hain

Abey Helmet Pahenta Toh Policewala Nahi Pakadta

A Poet Gives Birth To a Picture

Aurat Ko Marad Ki Nihghaon Se Bachane Ke Liye Hijab Banyaya Tha

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lekin islam main
kuch logon ne
iske nam par
dhabba lagaya tha
ise pehnkar
shia masjidon
main bomb bichaya tha
kuran sharif ke sat sat
deewaron ko bhi udaya tha
naqab posh jehaddi
allah ho akbar
ka nara lagaya tha
masjidon ko giraya tha
kaum ko badnam karake
duniya ko tamasha dikhaya tha

only muslims love killing muslims
a hardcore fact on the soul
of islam death destruction enact
eunuch silence a excuse as tact
nothing makes the community
ever react be exact
with the devil the evil in man
has signed a pact