Friday, June 5, 2009

Going Bananas at Bandra Bazar Road

going bananas at bandra bazar
open manholes open gutters
potholes and scars
cast color community no bar
overloaded goods supply trucks
over speeding cars
street children running around
new slum dog stars
hardcore bevdas - alcoholics
heading for nirvana
towards the country hooch bar
for others teatotallers
it is the nagori milk bar
daredevil miya kids
doing stunts on their bikes
like sexy akshay kumar
chicken shop
mutton shops
fish market
the stink and the filth
you can smell from afar
on a side lane playing street cricket
breaking the parsi neighbors window glass
hunks in low waist jeans
shoplifted body fit tshirts
imitating the new superstars
at every film office
these bollywood strugglers
get a kick up their ass

dedicated to fred miller

A Woman's Day Everyday

every day is woman s day
the pain the agony the sufferings
that comes their way
the pitfalls the betrayal
the curse of living
a sky turning gray
giving birth to sorrow
you might say
darkness and gloom
missing suns rays
for a better tomorrow
for her children
she prays
one fine day
when they get married
they will drive her away
pushing a hand cart
carrying debris
to the mouth of the bay
its not just sacrificial goats
on feast days
its woman that man
to appease a man god
loves to slay
treated worse
than a street stray
a woman is much abused
misused they set ablaze
it the right amount of dowry
she forgets to pay
woman a stalked animal
in mans maze
a drop of a tear
on the soul of malaise

These are women whose job is to carry debris from buildings or flats that are being reconstructed on a hand cart towards an open space at Bandra Reclamation..
They work from morning to evening I caught this one part of a group resting taking a much needed break.

Dedicated to New Orleans Lady.. one of my favorite Flickr photographers.