Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Cosmic Poet

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my ancestry
lives encaged
in the zoo
i asked her
before going
out with me
she wanted
to meet
them too
all they are
proud of me
would like
to know
the woman
I pursue
cosmic poetry
of my life
my soul
at my rescue
in a micro blog
at Google Buzz
you can view
back to
the lady
who wants
me only
as her guru
she says
is suicidal
man woman
ever true
a fire
even god
could not
beggars cant
be choosers
my destiny
I cant undo
behind me
her admirers
in a long queue

My Lost Angel

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shooting her through the
mistiness of the mirror
of my mind a lost angel
with broken wings I find
she senses me touches me
although she is deaf and blind
she is humane
considerate and kind
with feet of clay her halo
in the kingdom of heaven
she left behind her spirit
in the sanctity of my soul
she enshrined a fusion of fate
two beings on the tree of life
entwined ying and yang
perfectly aligned
a doomed destiny
on the soul of mankind
my pain on her consciousness
poetically artistically outlined

Cutting your wrist to emotionalize your pain

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your wrist to emotionalize your pain
everything to lose nothing to gain
everything ends nothing remains
life's poetry going down the drain
an unending pain that returns
to haunt you over and over again
sometimes whom we love
we cant obtain she has found
love in another winding lane
such is the irony of a lovers fate
what does not belong to you
even miraculously you cant regain
his name embedded on her
heart soul and brain
I am at loss to explain
loves labor lost forever
sit back reflect dont complain
the next one might be
kind considerate
more humane

i have nothing to offer my life's glass is shattered before i began drinking from it..

Kya Sun Rahi Ho ...

tumse pyar karna
bhi musibat hogaya
tan pe kapde nahi
sukh chain
sab kho gaya
jagta nasib bi
kambhal ke
neeche so gaya

Yeh Ishq Nahi Asan

yeh ishq
nahi asan
hamne yeh jana hai
hijde ke dukh
ko durbeen
se pehchana hai
hijda bhi
ishq ka deewana hai
mauj masti
main begana hai
katon pe nachte hue
khuda ko neend
se uthana hai
hijdas are human
yeh keh keh
ke sunana hai
aj nahi to kal
humko bhi
yahan se jana hai
sirf hijda hi nahi
khwajah saab
ke darbar
sab ka thikana hai
phoolon ki chadar
phir se chadana hai
ek dua aman ki
ghar laut ke lana hai
ke shikwe se door
hijde ka gharana hai

these were two hijras and a cross dresser bonding on the dance floor..I wrote this poem while posting my links to facebook.. I dedicate this to kalki subramaniam friend and trangender personality..

Main Apko Chahta Hoon Is Main Mera Kya Kasoor Hai

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apka chehra
apki seerat
apka husn
ap jahan
rehti hain
us gali main
mashoor hai
mujhe samajh
main nahi ata
apko kis bat ka
gharoor hai
meri manzil
apki manzil se
koson door hai
woh bat au hai
ke apse milne
ke liye
mera dil
phir beinteha
mujboor hai
ap ki yad
mere dil ka
suroor hai
main apko
chahta hoon
is main
mera kya
kasoor hai

Siwai Sapno Ke Hum Ap Ko Aur Kahan Mil Payenge

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ghar baithe
hum yoonhi
dil bahlayenge
siwai sapno
ke hum ap ko
aur kahan
mil payenge
kehne ko
bahut kuch hai
sirf sapno
main apko
keh payenge
en lafzon
se dil ko
ashik ap ke
ban na sake
kam se kam
to ban jayenge

I Shoot Pain

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I shoot
the testimony
of Faith
I shoot Pain
again and again
I shoot Humanity
saved on the
Sands of Karbala
by Gods favorite grandson
Akka Moulah Hussain

He gave his head
but not his hand
a new chapter
in Islam began
1400 year or more
till another life span
through humility
through humanity
crushing the power
of the strong man
breaking the manacles
of yazidiyat
every man
a free man
Allahs edict
His Holy Messenger
His Holy Koran

Meri Zindagi Main Ghubar Hi Ghubar Hai

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jo katle ashik
ka hathayar hai
unke hathon
main tayar hai
gussa jo
unke tewar par
sawar hai
chand jaisa
ruksar hai
unki jeet
meri har hai
meri zindagi main
ghubar hi ghubar hai
waqt ki mar hai
unkhi berukhi
unke husn
ka singar he
unke pair ki ahat
unki siskiyon ka
mujhe phir se
intezar hai

although I have deleted her
from my consciousness
like an arrow
woh mere seene
ke ar par hai
bar bar yad
dilane wala
ek scar hai