Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ode to a YouTubeTroll Mr Noor

You Tube Troller Sufi Shia hater Noor you seem to be misinformed you abuse me insult me on this platform as a Muslim you definitely need to reform. I know you were born in a sewer a gutter snipe a besharam nalayak Harami kutte ka pilla product of a faeces swamp a better act you need to perform I curse you a million times you Wahhabi Salafi serpent one day your bastion of hate by the Goodness of God will be stormed.. I have blocked you reported you.. Malang Hater a shitless body without from. you thought I will chicken out ..remain silent a thought you need to transform I am sure you cant read English as your mind your soul satanic deformed ... one day you will rot in a jail in a prisoners uniform... the words of my poem will keep you comfy and warm

posted at youtube community tab..