Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao

probing deep
into the cavernous
tunnel of the ear
he digs out dirt
like magic on the
cotton swab
of his tiny spear
reluctantly it appears
than he pumps
water from a
nozzle into
the aggrieved ear
the endless flapping
of the begging pigeons
is what you hear
ear cleaning is akin
to oral sex aphoristically
a climax that draws near
as he pushes his tiny
instrument into the
orifice in third gear
for just rs 20 ..sleigh
of hand into his
pocket it disappears
madness of the moment
sitting at the iconic
bandra talao without
shame or fear .ubiquitous
kan safai wala ..a healer
a roadside seer ..blood
sweat and tears ..

Fathers Day..

born in  lucknow
died in mumbai
buried at rehmatabad
shia cemetery at mazgaon
my mother lies nearby
side by side interred in
the same soil where plants
multiply ..blooming flowers
when tears fall from the sky
far away from 3 mohini
mansions strand cinema
a house of memories
walls that weep .. silence
cries,,.remembered jointly
on fathers day or mothers
day ..immortalized moments
that live dont die ,,,

firoze najma shakil zaheer
farzana rehana .firdaus
fathered by mohomed shakir
 shamim shakir....a garden
nurtured by the water from
their eyes .. lost illusions
or lost paradise ..death is
another name for our parents
sacrifice ..

The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao

There are three of them , but this man  finds me a blessing in disguise , whenever I come this side I let him earn his money cleaning my ears , a typical Mumbai pastime .I pay him Rs 20..

This was shot by a guy at the Talao.. but the rest of the pictures of my ear cleaning were shot by me precariously holding the camera in one hand..

Nerjis was excited feeding the pigeons and shooting the urchins ,,