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Manu Kashmiri and Marziya My Grand Daughter

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Munnawar Kashmir's maternal grandmother Ammi was the daughter in law of the second son of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, and Munnawar Kashmiris father was late Nawab Kashmiri doyen of the Indian film industry contemporary of Dilip Kumar Sohrab Modi and others ..

Nawab Kashmiri had removed his entire 32 teeth in order to play a role of a old father in a film called Yahudi..and my father Mohomed Shakir my mother Shamim Shakir daughter of Daroga Nabban Saab of Lucknow descendant of poet Mir Anis stayed as tenants at their palatial house at Khatau Bhuvan now Jony Castle..Wodehoue Road Colaba.

When they came to stay at Wodehouse road , Nawab Sab had alreay died and the entire house was under Ammi the matriarch of the Nawab Kashmir family , Nawab Saab had three children Akthar Baji a daughter , Anwar and Munnawar two sons..who had initially been bought up in Kolkatta at Wesley Street .

The Nawab Kashmiri family sold ther palatial Wodehouse Road flat 6 to 7 bedrooms servants quarters , Akthar Baji got married in Karachi and Munnawar moved to Juhu with his wife Vijay.

Anwar Kashmiri rugby buff and his Christian wife and children migrated to Australia.

Munnawar has been the link to my childhood my past and my education my upbrnging was the result of his sister Akthar we called Akthar Baji ..with due respect.. she educated me at Private European School affiliated to a Methodist John The Baptist Church opp Usha Sadan Colaba.

Later in 1963 she enrolled me at Holy Name High School..I am a product of her love and perseverance , though she hailed from a blue blooded royal family she was humble kind and loving, she loved my family the most , and Munni my sister and me were her blue eyed kids..

The Nawab Kashmiri house played host to Maulana Kabban Saab grandfather of Kalbe Jawad Saab and Maulana Kalbe Abid Saab his father was a welcome guest at their homes .. Kalbe Sadiq Saab to came here once in a while..

The Film Industry too dropped in and late Begum Akhtar treated Nawab Kashmiri's children as her family ..there used to be ghazal recitals at their house ...

A lot of memories of my childhood are etched in this house , memories that rewaken each time I meet Mannu Bhaiyya , Munnawar Kashmiri and his wife Vijay , they had visited our home today had lunch with us I had specially gone down to the Bandra Bazar fish market and bought some Goan fresh promfrets , that wife had fried and served piping hot..the lunch included crispy chiken fried with dried noodles and the main course was Chicken Biryani..

Marziya took their pictures and Nerjis watched them with glee .. Mannu Bhaiyya and Vijay have a very pretty charming daughter Sabha in America.

Akthar Baji has three loving children Ali Zehra and Abbas and I am told has never forgotten any of us ..she studied at St Xavier's College along with Mr Rajesh Khanna ..

If Society Took Care of Its Own This World Would Be Without Beggars

Hijras begging on the streets
beggars at temples falling at your feet
muslim begging women in burkhas
fate they could not cheat veiled
sorrow life incomplete society
fucks it own useless file it deletes
street urchins kissing your hand
in dust humidity and heat
fuck who really cares
where they shit or eat
to get something
out of nothing is how the
beggars they treat
little beggar girls
before their time
sold in brothels
poetry pathos barefeet
the living dead
in eternal defeat
tears bitter and sweet

to Sarah Hill in humility and gratitude

The Beggar Hijras of Bandra

The Beggar Hijras of Bandra

Most of the hijras on this beat know me as a Malang and respect me , but wont stop asking alms I give them generously , and there was a time I gave them old sarees beads etc, and this was possible as I visited the flea market o Fridays in the past a few years back , picked up all this for them , but sadly I discontinued going to the flea market completely..

People dont treat the hijras of this hierarchy , as hijras because many of them are guys wanting to make a fast buck dressed as hijras , even tribal women pretend they are hijras clap their hands beg at traffic signals.

Their guru is also called Lakshmi is a very dear friend of mine and devotee of Lord Balaji..She keeps inviting me to her house but it has not happened I politely refuse her incvites lack of time and inclination..
I shoot hijras thats it , I shoot them as they are and I give them the same respect I would give any other man..or woman for that matter.

But hijras are part of my poetry like feathers of my broken wings .. we cant do without each other ..

Had I gone a bit earlier for the Haji Malang Urus I would have got to shoot a lot of hijras but most of them had left as I arrived late .. and so that is why I aborted my trip.. after shooting the Urus of Sultan Shah Baba.

I document the hijras I do it as their pain has to be showcased and shown to the world and to society that treats them on par as stray dogs .. actually stray dogs get more respect than beggar hijras ..with so many dog activists falling over each other to see they are taken care of and fuck honestly who has time for hijras .. politicians of all hue give respect to dogs pass rules laws for their protection but when it comes to hijras .. of fuck hijras they say..

Teacher Leave Them Kids Alone All In All Its Another Brick in the Wall

Definition of Dress Code On The Soul of Humanity

Definition of Dress Code On The Soul of Humanity

For 5 Years It Has Been This Way Welcome The 5 New Years of Civic Hope and Frustrations

Congratulations To The Congress For Winning the Ward 97 ..The Garbage Welcomes You Here

The Magic Of India Lasts Forever

My World of Moving Images As Street Photography From a Rickshah

Two Street Photographers

We Are Camera Centric Shakirs of Bandra ..Any Thing That Shoots

Yes We Are Bound To The Humility of the Camera

We Tell Stories of People's Life Through The Poetry of a Camera

Among Her Textbooks is the Canon EOS 7D

Junior KG Street Photographer of Mumbai - Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

I Shoot on Canon EOS 7D

The Canon EOS 7D is an 18.0 effective megapixel APS-C crop CMOS digital single-lens reflex camera made by Canon.[1] It was announced on September 1, 2009.[2] Its particularly notable features are HD video recording, its 8.0 frames per second continuous shooting, new viewfinder which offers 1.0X magnification and 100% coverage[3] 19 point auto-focus system, movie mode, and built-in Speedlite transmitter.[1]

18.0 effective megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
Dual DIGIC 4 image processors with 14-bit processing[1]
Liveview mode
100% viewfinder frame coverage with 1.0× magnification
1080p HD video recording at 24p, 25p and 30p with drop frame timing
720p HD video recording at 50p (50 Hz) and 60p (59.94 Hz)[4]
480p ED video recording at 50p (50 Hz) and 60p (59.94 Hz)
8.0 frames per second continuous shooting
ISO sensitivity 100–6400 (expandable to 12,800)
3.0-inch Clear View II LCD screen with 640 × 480 (921,600 dots) resolution
19 point auto-focus system, all cross-type
63 zone color sensitive metering system
built-in Speedlite transmitter
Magnesium alloy body
Popup flash
Weather Sealing
[edit]Autofocus and metering
The 7D has 19 autofocus points arranged in a horizontal diamond pattern. The AF system is a new design which uses a translucent LCD display in the viewfinder. The camera uses TTL 63 zone color sensitive metering system with four variations (evaluative, center-weighted, partial, spot) and exposure compensation of -3 EV to +3 EV in steps of 1/3 EV.E-TTL II flash metering is provided. The translucent LCD can also display guide lines and the spot metering area circle.
The shutter is rated to 150,000 shots, and is capable of speeds up to 1/8000 sec, with a flash sync speed of 1/250 sec.
The 7D has roughly the same dimension as the 5D Mark II, with the button layout having gone through an update. It also features a 100% viewfinder with 1x magnification.
The 7D was the first Canon camera with a dedicated movie mode switch, the preceding 5D Mark II and 500D movie recording being done in live view.

The dual Digic IV processors let the 7D reach 8 frames per second continuous shooting; the buffer throughput allows up to 94 frames in large JPEG mode, and up to 15 frames in RAW. But with UDMA CF-cards this can be increased somewhat (currently the fastest UDMA card has a 100MB/s write rate, Oct 2011).

The Canon EOS 7D won the 2010–2011 European Advanced SLR Camera[5] and the Technical Image Press Association Best DSLR Expert awards.[6]

The Canon 7D has acquired significance in the independent filmmaking world as an affordable alternative to digital cinema cameras. The camera was used on feature films, such as Black Swan[7] and Stanley Ka Dabba.[8]

Canon Master Service Center a State of Art..

I visited the Canon Master Service center at Rustomjee Natraj Andheri East, highly efficient staff quick service homely hospitality and my camera problem resolved in one day..

I never found this promptness sincerity of service at Nikon .. at Nikon Service center wherever it was in Mumbai over the years it was always making a fast buck, and I say this without bias Nikon money came first , service came later ..

I am happy I am gradually switching over from Nikon to Canon after almost 15 years better late than never , and I am happy my 4 year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir the youngest street photographer in the world whom I groomed on Nikon D 80 since the age of 2 now comfortably shoots pictures on the EOS Canon 7D

The Street Photographer Shot By Marziya Shakir on Canon EOS 7 D

Grand Pa Shot By Marziya Shakir on Canon EOS 7D

Street Photographer Shot By Marziya Shakir on Canon EOS 7D

The Healing Head of a Shia Blogger Shot By Marziya Shakir on Canon EOS 7D

The Beggar Poet Shot By Marziya Shakir Canon EOS 7D

The Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Grand Pa Shot By Marziya Shakir on EOS Canon 7D

The EOS Canon 7 D ...Enters Our Life ..

The Street Photographer Shot By MarziyaShakir on Canon EOS 7 D

I have never used the Canon in my life , having been a hardcore Nikon user all my life but my 4 year olfd grand daughter Marzya Shakir is luckier than me she began shooting on the Canon EOS 7D..she cannot read the camera manual but she knows the soul of the camera interlinked to her inner vision..

Photography in all humility runs in our blood and God has been generous even my 7 month old grand daughter Nerjis Asif Shakir knows the artistry magic of the camera .. she prefers the Nikon 80 D

This was shot the day the Canon EOD 7 D entered our lives we use it sparingly, neither did I take it to Haji Malang , and this now becomes my new set of pictures shot on the 7D..

This set begins with th picture shot by Marziya Shakir of her fathers old man...