Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jesus at the Gaza Strip

there are times from this cage
he runs away
to the gaza strip
where his muslim cousins
are being
mercilessly killed
as the world watches
the other way
policing the world
Israel America
in collusion they say
for the sins of the Hamas
civilians must pay
this is a chaotic
imperialistic hegemony
on new years day

a world eunuch body that
does not know whats
happening in its own backyard
for short
by the way

tears on the soul of humanity
as blood drops that wont dry away.

Searching for Hussain

abbas dodhiya
searches for hussain
at karbala iraq
I search for hussain
at kaisar bagh
the imam
is closer to us in India
right on track
year after year
with tears in our eyes
we call him back
I dont need a passport
or a visa
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain as
name plate on my hearts plaque
karbala and ashura
two pillars of Islam
that no Yazid
could hijack
death where is thy sting ?
an answer to shimrs attack
recognize us as shias
without borders
an army of Imams soldiers
in black
with the power of hussainiyat
allah ho akbar
yazidiyat will crack
our lanats
our curses
on eid e zehra
we unpack

they are an usual set of beggars ..

I have not seen them since three years now this was shot in 2009 .. they stay on the pavement close to where I stay the old lady presumably her grandmother is blind , they used to sit beg at JJ colony.

The little girl knows me I have given her money ..her eyes her smile her innocence her quizzical look is what I shot ...

Please Keep Silence

photo journo v/s photo blogger

one the over estimated
photo journo
shoot pictures that will make it
to a mumbai mirror first page
a part of his monthly wage
the other a photo blogger
a bird that has flown a
gilded cage
gives absolutely free
his pictures as poems
on the internet
the spiritual sorrow
of his web page
the dichotomy
of life and after life
death defying stage
the mind of man
to enrage
please keep silence
coming of age
holistically healing
a photo blog
the restlessness
of a cyber soul
it does assuage
demonic calisthenics
to disengage

I shoot the humility of street barbers Rs 10 for shave Rs 20 haircut

The Bandra west street barbers are a little expensive compared to others ..Rs 5 for shaving both the arm holes ..

cutting the nostril hair Rs 2 ..

Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation Has Seen More Rains Than You Have Seen Summers In Your Life

beneath a torn
broken down
she sits
in a
gravel pit
her cigarette
people eat
pan spit
when cars
rush across
with dirt
muck shit
she gets hit
silent patient
she does not
curse complain
a bit ..i have
never seen her
stand up
her cosmic
fate her saving
kit shadows
by a spectral
light she is lit
my pain pathos
poetry entwined
to her dharma
karma closely knit

tujhe kho diya hamane paane ke baad ho teri yaad aayi tere jaane ke baad teri yaad aayi,

i got medals for shooting beggars bawas and hijras

Sometimes I hate my camera for diverting my attention and goal in life

The Rotten One- Unbegotten One -Like Me Totally Forgotten One

241,406 items / 2,029,835 views

Please note I have pictures in my camera but no exciting stuff so I am too lazy to download them and hence I am taking a rightful break from uploading photography , manipulating my old pictures shot in 2009 giving them a fresh lease as new title text and more.

And pictures I have so many over 241,406 items, all at Flickr I am updating my street photography set 35500 images ... some I added wrongly to this set so moving to respective appropriate set ..I have over 560 sets some public a few private .and further made into collections .

Even if I dont shoot pictures I can blog my blank pictures and by changing EXIFF data make them appear as fresh offerings from my photostream.

Woman is a Lonely Creature Caught in a Maze..

241,406 items / 2,029,829 views

if she brings
in less dowry
they set her
who gives
birth to man
doomed dazed
searches for
her rightful place
kidnapped butchered
raped murdered
without a trace
we worship
a dichotomy
a catch phrase
but woman
under mans feet
trampled disgraced
a new one in
place the old one
erased ..evenly
spaced ..

Jesus Watches the Human Zoo

from afar
jesus watches the human zoo
as they rape , sodomize
covet the neighbors wife and screw
the husband to his wife untrue
the desirous daughter
eloped and flew
one son a drug addict
the other a drunkard too
gambling their life away
a motley crew
from the pulpit
hate some spew
some who kill others
a pact renew
spiritual terrorism
out of the blue
a homeless mother
her fingers chew
a footless beggar
envies another mans shoes
in a fake world
where pride and vanity
is not a taboo
man hating man
for being a muslim
christian hindu
beleaguered man
killing the Palestinians
as a retribution
for being a
persecuted Jew
the holocaust
if it was true

Welcoming him
to this world
the Pope the clergy
with a faith anew
Jesus Christ
with folded hands says
No Thank You

Going Home Empty Handed

all your wealth
your property
your prized
you will leave behind
your loneliness
to you
will remind
empty handed you came
empty handed you go back
once more blind
through the arena of darkness
a new life find
away from the chaos
cacophony of mankind
leaving behind your hate
your petty mindedness
thoughts unkind
man a failed robot
that god had designed

Our Future in His Hands

as it stands
India our homeland
the fastest expanding brand
peace hope harmony
in gods chosen land


Our future in his hands..
Lost job in a foreign land..
Outsourced beyond demand.. is more than a big word.. Jai Hind

i wont be bitter she is still my
excuse the jugalbandi
a bit offhand


Nothing to be bitter...about..
My perspective is to relate as an expat..
Mera Bharat Mahaan

tit for tat
efficiently you bat
now your silence
killed this cat
i smell a rat
end of chat

Happy Republic Day

an eye
our nations flag
happiness in sorrow
nothing more to say
will be another day
dignity in labor
no time to play
a leaking pot
made of clay
tears that
on the soul of humanity
happy republic day

Bible Gem- For Us and Them

in drunken stupor he lies
60 years of our republic day
how time flies
a new world is not
possible on earth
so man sets his eyes
on the skies
in murdered wombs
unborn children die
tears that bleed from
motherless eyes
everything even godliness
is sold by spiritual brokers
for a price
the fool wears the garb of the wise
here every man in disguise
inwardly shallow
outwardly look very nice
lady luck a loaded dice
the pain and passion
of jesus christ
control alt delete
a new task master
takes you by surprise

Movers and Shakers

blessed are the peace makers
in gods lost acres
butchers dressed as bakers
drunken driving overtakers
people on the streets
overriding speed breakers
the world a place
with inveterate fakers
profit from loss makers
movers and shakers
women s porcelain
heart breakers
no givers just takers

To King Khan From Metaverse ..

Shah Rukh Khan..

Look inside your million dollar makaan..
Ask what you have done for your fellow insaan..
Money is more than for dhoom-dhaam...
First tenet of being musalmaan..
Think it over....have a paan !

Mother India

a sacred land where
the river ganges flows
a land where peace
prosperity grows
a land of equality
that draws us close
mother India
as everyone knows
the land of love
that god himself chose
religious harmony
as it glows
terrorism we oppose
ready to battle
unto death
with our foes
a fitting reply
we enclose
cross border
of our neighbor
we expose
non state actors
living under their nose
misplaced jihad
in modern clothes

Woman's Tale

To Fox Metro

A Woman's Tale
so many frontiers
left to scale
a dominating spirit
a responsibility
she cannot fail
born in domesticity
born in captivity
a ruthless jail
through her
man searches
for the holy grail
in her ears the
human cries
of her children
hungry stomachs
truth shall prevail
celluloid duplicity
lives on sale
slum life
to unveil
a woman's story
fighting a battle
for supremacy
with the Alpha Male

The Bohra Dabbawala of Bandra Bazar Road

He has gracefully retired once his cycle broke down .. and strange part of my life as a photographer I shoot dont ask questions, dont take notes or I would have tomes of new stories .. I lack journalistic curiosity and skills but my picture says it all my pictures are of real people a virtual gallery of known unknown faces.

The Bohra Dabbawala of Bandra Bazar Road

There are some unique people, self dependent I love to shoot and Mohomed Bhai is one of them, he works for a Catholic lady that supplies food to school kids..Mohomed Bhais job is to deliver food to them, and he does it punctually without taking an off or bunking..
And he always has a smile at the start of his day..this was shot in 2009

He likes me taking his picture...but I have yet to give him a copy which is his perpetual grouse..

8 September 2012
he has retired , his cycle broke down, many a kid now adult got his lunch on time because of Mohomed bhai, he sits by the cycle shop all alone living his dreams I help him from time to time .. though he never asks me for anything..

Searching For Fred Miller Beyond Facebook.....

Firoze Shakir

of Bandra, Mumbai has the approach of a
poetic soul and he rips it open, while hoping you won't rip
off his precious, personal mind-boggling collection. I intend
to tell you more about his tremendous achievements at a later
time - if that is ever possible - because I have yet to digest
the brunt of his prolific blogging, photography and outpourings
on Flickr, WordPress, Scribd, Friendfeed, Twitter, etc

Psychiatrist Dr Glenn Losack MD
of Manhattan, New York
is a world traveler, Musician, and a National Geographic-
calibre Photographer among other things. A true humanitarian
and a Renaissance man, he was introduced to me online by
Firoze Shakir....they are like two sides of the same coin,
having shot Mumbai street scenes in tandem.

Another great recent connection made thanks to untiring
Mr. Shakir, is Author Linda Schaefer
who teaches at ECU in Ada, Ok. This lady who has served
as an NYPD photographer and worked with CNN among
other things, considers one of her finest moments to be the
work she did at the Missionaries of Charity, an Organization
started by Mother Teresa of Kolkata. That icon blessed
Linda with her personal permission to shoot what turned out to
be the final photo documents of an exemplary existence.
A Single Mother, Linda tours the country frequently, sharing her
life experiences via speeches and photo exhibitions.
Linda is my idea of a true Renaissance lady.

Taken for a ride

After I finished shooting the Hijras at Andheri Versova Link Road I saw this enormously far lady unable to fit in a rickshah , there was another person in the ricksha too..she saw me with my camera ..wondered who the fuck I was...

So I thought
I would introduce myself to her poetically..

a pedestrian poet
a pain a passion
on the broken wings
of an angel in flight
painting pictures
of pain and pathos
in spectral light
a black ass
check not required
fragmented genius
a pain in the butt
of racists white
fighting for the hijras survival
hijras human rights
their endless struggle
their dreamless nights
their fucked existence
no social fire ignites
buried standing
tears on the
soul of humanity
their last salutations
their last rites

my hijra pictures since this year are not for public viewing barring a few

Lost Child In a Mans World

whats her future
even god wont know
doors once open
now shut close
a picture i shot
my camera froze

Mornings in Mumbai Are Pleasant Very Nice ..

to the start
of your day
they add
you finish
your domestic
chores time
flies ..a new
fresh day
brings hopes
to ones eyes
a new day
a new sacrifice
read the DNA
Hindustan Times
the same shit news
the same shitty
media pictures
a bloggers
soul cries