Thursday, June 4, 2009

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Thank You All

Marziya is a Lefty

says cousin lefty

Have you been teaching Marziya about capitalism?

Todays pet.

Tomorrows dinner.

in a world
of chaos and corruption
today a saint
tomorrows sinner
losing out in heaven
but on earth a winner

Kasab Should be Beheaded and Crucified

courtesy google images

A comment on my earlier post..on hanging and capital punishment

The most unfortunate is the case of Kasab the lone terrorist of 26/11 who killed innocent people mercilessly and ruthlessly .. today we have him in court spend money on his trial, listen to his demands, why should he be given a special treatment he should beheaded and crucified on the main street to tell all terrorist we mean business ...enough is enough..
This trial is only a farce to project ourselves as fair minded people, was kasab fair to those who died./
even if a terrorist is a minor he should not be shown sympathy at all , law and justice are fine but attacks on our country should be stopped with new stringent laws and regulations
we are sick and tired of stateless actors made and recreated in Pakistan by the ISI and other India hating forces...

ajmal amir kasab
should be beheaded
an evil man
he should not be tried
because of him
innocent people died
now within the safety
of our judiciary
our law and order
within its loopholes
he wants to hide
he should be
burnt alive and fried
this vermin
made in pakistani
stateless actor
who has attacked
our city's pride
dude he just looks evil
says my dearest
American friend
Dragon Fly
saluting the
resurging spirit
of the people of Mumbai
a lesson to all terrorists
public crucifixion
the most befitting reply
paying rs 50000 per month
to a defense lawyer
is an insult to injury
as the state coffers run dry