Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2014

This morning at about 7 am armed with my umbrella my camera and barefeet I trudged out to shoot the Eid Ul Fitr Namaz at the Bandra Station..

This time I decided with a wet soggy weather and an umbrella in my hand , my hand is not in the best of shape due to a permanent injury, I would shoot the namaz from ground zero and for the first time I did no go on the Bandra Skywalk..

A lot of photographers were shooting from the top ,I shot from down below and did not wait to shoot the poster kids of Bandra doing the calisthenics of Eid Hugging pictures , neither did I wait for the Namaz to end I placidly dirty feet walked home shooting stuff on the road , the dirty garbage bins , left unattended by the Municipality that has no heart for any communities religious feelings ,,one of the worst managed institution of the city of Mumbai.

The Mumbai Police security and Bandobast was perfectly synchronized with the organizers of the Station Road Sunni Masjid , there was peace calm and respect of religiosity from all sides .the train goers had no problem and no inconvenience either to the Namazis or the moving crowds on the Station Road.

This Eid Ul Fitr is a very solemn somber on for Muslims all over the world..and every head bowed to God remembers the plight of the people in Gaza ..their ravaged homes and a mourning instead of festivity..
The Indians not just Muslims but people from all walks of life feel their pain and their loss of life home and belongings ..

In the words of Sahir Ludhianvi Sab

Khal Yahaan, Basti Thi Khusiyaan, Aaj Hai, Maatum Bahaar,
Waqt Laaya Tha, Bahaaren, Waqt Laaya Hai Kiza.

At the same time the peace brotherhood of Islam lies dented by the atrocities by ISIL on the Shias and the Christians the beheading the decapitations and another scourge called the Boko Haram causing immeasurable harm to the tenets of the Holy Messenger ..it is really though provoking because Humanity and humans are the sole property of the Maker nobody has the right to take their lives in the name of Allah.

So this new set of the Eid Namaz is dedicated to the oppressed people all over the World and to Indians languishing in pain as Hindu Muslims Sikhs in Saharanpur Muzzafarnagar other riots ridden areas in Mr Akhilesh Yadavs  Uttar Pradesh..

God What Was My Fault

was it the
 original sin
that you
 felled me
that i would
never revolt
cosmic fate
the face of
the earth
my bed of
thorns i
your name
i called .

my tears of salt

The Beggar Muslim Woman Wont Celebrate Eid

as the namazis pray
invoking allah
she invokes allah too in
humility she pleads
to get more charity
so her hungry children
she can feed
in the hot sun
different strokes
different needs
the same religion
the same creed
mans original sin
was always his
primary greed
its only man
in the name of god
that makes another
man bleed
here i pay
tribute to fatwas
that on the phone
you can divorce
your legal wife
in a second
of a nano speed
whether she hears
or hears not
whether it is cross
curse the soul
of muslim womanhood
born in slavery
to produce children
breast feed
used abused
on the roads
she begs dirtied
if only only
she had
learnt to
write and read
her soul
she could
 have freed
her fate
how could
she succeed
when the end
comes in an
unmarked grave
her husband
takes another woman
the circle of deceit
muslim beggar
womans life complete

 talaq talaq talaq on eid

Dear Photo Journalists of Mumbai Eid Is More Than A Hug

year after year
eid after eid
you shoot
the same thing
a thought
going round
round the same
cosmic ring
to old hackneyed
things you cling
 shoot change
shoot beggars
 hugging on eid
 a new hope bring
a hindu muslim
on the same swing
send a message
home to state
engineered riot
ridden right
wings that
peace is
an indian
send a
to mr akhilesh
mr azam khan
mr mulayam singh
that playing with
human lives at
the expense of
is not
thing.. we
as photographers
as photo bloggers
of the silence
of another king
another singh
happy eid
to the muslims
of muzzafarnagar
where healing
starting a
new beginning
is now the only
most important
main thing

this was written during the silent regime last year but it holds for the new regime too..saharanpur  eid mubarak sorry about the curfew

After The Eid Namaz Ends ..

she stands in a corner
covering her pain in a
hijab eid mubarak from
the beggars of bandra
to the ummah a message
she sends sepia toned
her back all bent her
frail body living in a tent
my poetic praise on
muslim beggars on
the soul of your miya
integrity should not
cause a dent with
malice to none
no evil intent
begging away
eid after eid
ladies and gent
moments of
ah how my
life was spent
shooting pain on
a very happy day
my only lament

Why Do I Shoot Beggars On Eid? Coz They Are The Only Ones That Dont Celebrate Eid

In Gaza too they wont be celebrating eid
searching for bodies no winding sheet
under the rubble children buried ..fear
takes its toll as bombs drop imperialistic
hegemony what victory what defeat
the eunuchs watch from the wings
spoils of war is their yield killing fields
on the other end killing Shias beheading
Christians the new caliph accursed
son of yazid ..a satanic force that he leads
tear drops broken prayer beads ..
ethnic cleansing  evil deeds ..this is
not part of Islam its tenets or its creed
in Africa the Boko Haram destroy peace
brotherhood womanhood a nation bleeds

Garib Bhikariyon Ki Eid Nahi Hoti Hai

ma ki patjhad
main beti roti hai
bhuki hai nahi
soti hai .yeh kaisi
eid,kya chanauti hai

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