Tuesday, June 10, 2014


the cycle has a puncture
it has lost its speed and pace
pockmarked surface ..law and order
jungleraj you need to step down
with dignity and grace save your
national honor your grumpy face ...
women in your state raped ..murdered
hung from trees victims of color
caste and race ..you offer 5 lacs
unworthy of your gratitude justice
misplaced ..terrorizing the soul
of humanity  womanhood disgraced
you have no time to touch heal
embrace ,,.harsh words you utter
your anger ..your pokerface



Can You Imagine The Pain Of A Mother Whose Son Is Murdered On The Streets ..

law and order
takes a backseat
bludgeoned to death
a corpse lying at their feet
political silence betrayal
of trust these are not good
days words you must eat
victorious valor turned
to defeat ..tolerance died
hope died faith died
a circle complete ,..the law
of the jungle angered heat
cyberspace another failed
battlefield ..Right to be
Considered Innocent
until Proven Guilty..
what did it yield .. he lost his life
his protective shield ..
welcome to the city of pune
the new killing fields

The Beggar Poet

gave birth
on the internet
an umbilical cord
attached to his
doomed destiny
still wondering
what happens
next a picture
a blog poeticized
juggled words
as text..framed
for the wrong
reasons tryst
with debt
a beggar poet
who she
flushed in
her blue
toilet than
retrieved him
in a fisherman's
net ..half alive
half dead ..
furrows grooves
fate line reflecting
venus of her mound
on his bald head

a poem dedicated
to good friend
mind meld

a cause seeking a rebel


if you Google search rape
than it is the two raped girls
hanging from the tree an
article by the independent
you read..uttar pradesh
the rape capital in the
lead ..is the only news feed
our policing , our investigations
dont curb the crime no remedy
serial rape day in day out indeed

#wakeupakhilesh,,they beg
plead and beseech
practice what you preach.
.insensitive your words
your disregard to courteous speech
the criminals way out of reach
women s honor day in day out
they breach..feeding on the blood
of humanity like leech ..
somnolent  un awakening dreams
is rape the only lesson in your
system of education they teach