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Mama The Man With The Camera Is He A Beggar Like Us

limping barefeet
wound on his head
mama i am sure he
is a beggar like us
one of the living dead
pain in his eyes i read
perhaps using the camera
as a beggars bowl our
pain he spreads ..
mortally wounded by
the original sin of being
beggars ..we are the left
overs of gods bounty
through tears he bred
to always beg be at
the mercy of the well fed

no i dont want to return home
no ghar wapsi to become
a hindu i d rather be dead
the religion of my mother
is the essence of my humanity
he looked into my eyes silently
moved ahead ..a beggar poet
a hindu shia i am what i am
when my body was being born
my mortal soul had fled
religion destroyed humanity
killed god  the poison spread

killing innocent children
an eye for an eye the Taliban
code of honor build on fear dread
if he is a shia hindu or jew
the commander said off with hs head

Mama Why Are They Not Begging Like Us ,,,Are We Different

hands in their pockets
stony eyed they stare
but alms they wont give
for beggars they have
nothing to spare
mother child
conjoined pair ,,
the other side of
the royal minaret
the limping lion roars
ghar ghar islam
but for the poor
fuck they care
the untouchables
of Islamic Indian society
held captive in a lair
will they even give a
dime from their royal
share ..a falling house
of doomed humanity
they wont repair ..
allah ho akbar as
the royal minaret
blares ,, wear and tear
i d rather be an indian
than only a hindu or a
muslim the patriot swears
politicians want sectarian strife
to build their dynasties for
wealthy comfort for their heir

Sadal Vida Hussaina Wa Hasrata Hussaina Hakim Shame Laeen Ast

The Mark Of Hussain..Kama Matam And Kids

All over the cities I have shot documented Moharam..I have seen little kids getting their heads marked with the blade of a dagger .
Little kids who perhaps hardly know what is happening but are aware of the grimness of the moment.

In Hyderabad almost every child , including little girls get the head cut by the dagger known as the kama, it is a symbolic cut unlike the swift rapid strokes by Shia adults while hey do their kamazani.. or kama matam.

Almost every Shia child has a bandage on his head in Hyderabad on Ashura day .. and Chehlum.

In Chennai the child has his head cut on Ashura day and here strangely even Hindu mothers with new born boys have the childs head cut for holistic healing purpose ,, I asked one Tamil Hindu mother waiting for her childs head to be cut, why she was doing it , she replied to keep the child healthy and prevent evil eye ,, I had no words to respond .

In Mumbai the head cutting starts at Kaiser Bagh from eve of 8 Moharam and the kids get initiated thanks t…

Ham Kare Matam Lage Chot Apko . Koste Hain Ham Yazid Aur Uske Bap Ko