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I Was Very Troubled When I Came To Delhi

I had come from the station to solve my problem , but it was postponed to the next day 3 pm  , after being called again at 5 pm..on the day of my arrival.. and I was sick tired as I mentioned earlier I dont much like Delhi

So the following day I came to Nizamuddin Aulia to calm the turbulent poetry of my soul I was here from 11 am till about 1  pm..when I sat to eat someone had offered me a plate of rice and dal, I took two mouthfuls and two kids came and sat next to me they looked more hungry , I gave my plate to them wiped my hands and left the Dargah much light headed and feeling full  I dont carry or take my diabetic medicine when I travel.

I took a bus to Jummah Masjid too meet two beggars a dwarf and his wife to give them money and they are friends of Glenn Losack my American friend too, by the time I took their shots it was 2 pm I rushed for my meeting taking a rickshah , and finished my work and it was a loss soul took a beating again but I took my failure of hope in my …

The Beggar Poet

standing as a beggar at his door
i will be humble since honest
i swore i will keep changing in
life but i will never allow destiny
to change my ancestral core
i will die but i die every second
when i see the poor being abused
as the system snores
has turned mans consciousness
into the crass commercialism
of street whores reach into
the very temple of your heart
i shall walk head bowed
on all fours ,,

to a friend Sudarshan Pandey..with love and more
2 August 2014 6.38 pm

Dear Ms Poonam Mahajan Welcome To The Languishing Bandra Talao..

it saw me from my return
trip of delhi hands folded
it cried out please mujhe
bachao,, mere azu bazu
ki najasat ko dur le jao
ho sake sirf ek bar
punam mahajan ji ko
meri shakal dikhao
dil ke ghere ghav
main hun tumhare
bachpan ka ladkpan
badnasib badkismat
bandra talao,

ab ki bar acche di lao
sab se pehle mera
rang roop sajao
bandra ki shaan
aan jaan.. mujhe
apni nazron se
mat girao ,,

main hoon apke ane
wale kal ka bhavishya
apka apna bandra talao ..
ab zyada mat satao..apne
 bacchon ko boton par lao..
aao tum bhi bacche ban jao

ek acchi tasvir kehchte jao