Monday, November 18, 2013

Moharam In Delhi .. Ashura 2013

Election Ke Bad Mujhe Utha Dene ..

"Anubhav hai, raftar hai, Hame Dili Se Pyar Hai.. Am Admi Raste Pe Tayar Hai Jo Jeeta Uski Sarkar Hai

Moharam In Delhi Ashura Kashmiri Gate 2013

Once Upon A Time In Delhi..

The Brooklyn Jew And The Shia Blogger at Crossroads In Delhi

You Shoot Pictures I Shoot Ghame Hussain

rolling down the cheek
of a mother whose love
was silently visible ..
eloquence at its peak
i was crying too ,,when
i took this shot innocence
brave and meek,,,the child
is the father of man
so to speak...

My Pushkar Kama .. Blessed By My Friend at The Brahma Mandir

Raj Tilak sells Ninja swords daggers at Pushkar , I was at Pushkar searching for my friend Niru Bullet, instead I met Raj.. I was not carrying much money with me , but I liked one of his daggers , I told him I was a Shia and cut my head every year in memory of Imam Hussain..

Raj told me to wait , he had the dagger blessed at the Brahma Mandir and handed it over to me he , said pay what you want I know you wont take it free from me ,,I will be blessed to be part of your pain your faith your ritual wherever you use it , I had tears in my eyes,, I paid him all I had ..and it was worth it ,,

I used this kama in Lucknow Chehlum , Ashura Hydrabad and now Delhi..and Raj Tilak feels happy when I SMS him after using it ,, and I have not met him since I bought the dagger ..

I was at Ajmer Sharif last year but could not make it to Pushkar I have not met NiruBullet for several years now ..

And if I go to Pushkar this year I will buy a new dagger and give this one to some Maulaiee ,,

Guru Nanak Gurpurab Afzalgunj Hyderabad 2012

I shot this a day after Ashura leaving for Mumbai by bus , I had time to spare before I took the bus I shot these frames as my tribute to my Sikh Panjabi Sindhi friends and lovers of Gurujis message of Universal Peace on Earth..

“Nanak Naam chardi Kalaa,
Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala”
Dhan Dhan sahib sri guru nanak dev ji de aagan,
Purab di aap sub nu lakh lakh vadhaai…!!

Documenting Moharam In Delhi Ashura Kashmiri Gate 2013

Unlike other cities I have shot , Moharam in Delhi , is very muted , and happens outside this Shia mosque at Kashmiri gate ,all across this area are Sikh and Hindu motor part shops ,after I had done my kama matam I followed a Kashmiri Shia contingent highly emotive , one guy was hitting the blades of his zanjir on his head.. and the kama matam in Delhi among the Kashmiri Shias or others is done with a surgical tiny blade , the point they keep piercing in their heads invoking Ya Hussain Ya Hussain..along the path I continued shoot were passionate students of photography, not missing a beat of the flying blades ,and there were some brave women photographers , shooting the juloos , climbing houses to get a strategic position I learn from these young veterans so I shot them too .. and these young photographers keep the flame of photo journalism alive.

There was a very respected senior photo journalist , who came and said to me we are proud of you .. he thought I was a photo journalist as I had a Press Card round my neck,, I did not tell him I was a blogger and from the bylanes I entered the Shia Shrine where it all ends .. The Kargil Shia contingent had young Shia youth , carrying yellow flags of Imam Hussain and were passing leaflets to the public on the tragedy of Karbala , and the commemoration of Shia pain every year during Moharam known as Ghame Hussain..The Kargil anjuman was reciting heart rending nohas and were highly disciplined in their Matam..forming small groups and very aesthetically performing the same..

At the courtyard of the Shrine it was a sea of blood , that the Kargil matamdars swept clean before starting their own within , by this time I was tired cold drained of blood I decided to move out , after walking a distance I caught a ricksha, told him to take me to a place where I could buy a monkey cap to cover my blood stained head , I was staying at Jumma Masjid and did not want to shock or attract attention I was barefeet like the others ..

I came to my hotel room rested .. I was out of online reach never had the urge or desire to search for a cyber cafe,,,Glenn Losack my friend had already left and I was wondering that I had come so many miles to support him shoot this Moharam documentary in Delhi.. though my heart was in Hyderabad among my friends and well wishers ..

I had shot Moharam in Delhi Chehlum 2007 and there were some old warhorse who recognized me ,and a Shia Malang who accosted me , he is my Flickr fan..

The following Morning I shot the Holy Shrine of Nizamuddin Aulia .. after this is my second segment of my Ashura documentary on Moharam..

My Kama Matam Ashura Delhi 2013.

My Kama Matam Ashura Delhi 2013.

My Kama Matam Ashura Delhi 2013.

My Kama Matam Ashura Delhi 2013.

My Kama Matam Ashura Delhi 2013.

Bachein toh aglay baras hum hain aur yeh gham phir haeJo chal basein toh yeh apna salaame aaqir hae

My nephew
Adnan Abidi helped me a lot, in stopping the bleeding and bandaging me wound healed the next day but my bleeding did not stop from some cuts ,,,We dont use antibiotics or medicine only rosewater and Faith