Sunday, May 1, 2011

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The Beggar Poet Among Giants

We Miss Jeff Lamb .. Marziya And Firoze Shakir

We Are Proud of Our Beggars They Dont Rob The Nation Like Our Leaders Do

The Shia Samurai From Mumbai

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for hope
in shut eyes
wet that cry
the distressed
soul lets out
a sigh
why why why
cant we see
eye to eye
how could i
own what
is not mine
pain that
me online
her beauty
her form
in the
i sit and pine

Slitting The Soul Of Memories

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that wont leave
the darkness
of my soul
dark as dark
as charcoal
my poetic
that floats
on the back
like a dead fish
in a glass bowl
a part of me
she stealthily
stole a part
without which
i cannot be whole
leaving me in pain
in a hell hole
as my hopes
flow down
a sinkhole
i seek her
my cameras
eye hole
up and down
her memories
i scroll
my body is lifeless
she has my controls
she is my systems
console to cause
me pain as long as
i live her cosmic goal


Pain, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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is my birthright
my ancestry
my heritage
pain of a poet
born in a cage
pain of a child
pain of a sage
pain of no more
being part of
her web page
she who has
flown away

i have aged

The Poet of Doom

I am not a slave of time I have never worn a watch

Jesus Feels Sorry For Me

he knows
what i am
going through
he knows
how my poets
heart she slew
what was left
out of a window
she threw
doomed deleted
from my world
she withdrew
a warrior queen
loved by
a shia hindu
poetic justice
but true
jesus tells
one day
she will
come back
to you
a lifetime
all new

जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा, गर्जा महाराष्ट्र माझा

रेवा वरदा, कृष्ण कोयना, भद्रा गोदावरी
एकपणाचे भरती पाणी मातीच्या घागरी
भीमथडीच्या तट्टांना या यमुनेचे पाणी पाजा
जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा ...

भीती न आम्हा तुझी मुळी ही गडगडणार्‍या नभा
अस्मानाच्या सुलतानीला जवाब देती जीभा
सह्याद्रीचा सिंह गर्जतो, शिवशंभू राजा
दरीदरीतून नाद गुंजला महाराष्ट्र माझा

काळ्या छातीवरी कोरली अभिमानाची लेणी
पोलादी मनगटे खेळती खेळ जीवघेणी
दारिद्र्याच्या उन्हात शिजला, निढ़ळाच्या घामाने भिजला
देशगौरवासाठी झिजला
दिल्लीचेही तख्त राखितो, महाराष्ट्र माझा

Lyricist :Raja Badhe

I Got Fucked On My Own Terms

Some Poets Live In The Dark

sordid stark
on their foreheads
they carry a lovers mark
barefeet in the park
poets were not part
of noahs ark
the did not swim float
they just walked
their pulpy souls
the devil stalked

She Has Moved Away

Where Am I

Where Am I, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

sweet and nice
she hides herself
from my eyes
all those
all those lies
the soul yearns
the spirit cries
as time flies
broken dreams
broken wings
the poet dies
a hell half
the price
of paradise

Laut Ke Aa

Laut Ke Aa, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

the search continues
for my missing muse
heart breaking news

My Magic Wand Cant Bring Her Back

she gave
me the sack
she wont
be back
i search for her
like a needle
in a haystack
please come back
the hidden notes
missing track

Copy Cats .Hijacking The Muslim Niqab

Pani Puriwala Ab Sirf Pani Milata Hai

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pehle ka
lotewala taste
ab nahi ata hai
sach much
panipuri ka
luft yad
ata hai
woh kharand
woh lajawab
lote ka maza
hame phir se
apne pasina
apna peshab
dal kar
pani puri
khilayie ye

please hamari
duniya main
bahar laie ye

The Beggar Hijras Juhu Signal

The Rise And Fall Of The Beggar Poet

on the street
waiting for
a glimmer
of hope
but on
her dead heart
no scope
she gave me
enough rope
with my crazy rant
she could not cope

Shaiz Khan

Shaiz Khan, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

What Can The Beggar Poet Ask

nothing else
with a cats
if heaven
is separation
i d rather
live in hell

I Was One Fine Day Dumped In The Recycling Bin

in love with
a warrior queen
was my
mortal sin
out and in
on a spin
a pain

I Have Lost My Dreams On The Internet

they came
touched me
lit my way
than moved
far away
lips sealed
wont say

Dhirubhai of Advocate Tailors

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He is a man I respect the most in my tailoring fraternity and he reminds me of my Dad who was respectfully called Shakir Master .

Perhaps I see my dad in him , but he is a sober man cultured and humble unlike my dad who was colorful robust and a hardcore romantic , my dad was good looking in a rakish way.

Dhirubhai is a simple man , in the trade since 1963 his clientele is intact and keeps growing from one generation to the next though sadly Dhirubhai is the last of his generation , as his children all well settled are million light years away from tailoring.

His two daughters are well settled in United States of America, they call him every day , his daughter Geeta lives with him to serve him , though she is married and well settled too in Mumbai Ghatkopar.

His one son Ravi moved to Ahmedabad and the other son my dear friend is a doctor , the only Hindu doctor with the largest Muslim patents in all of Bandra West. Dr RD Parmar of Bandra Jain Mandir Road.

Dhirubhai wears a long shirt and a pajama , sartorial simplicity in this designing world of fashion and style..but he is good at his work, and he is honest polite and soft spoken..

When I am depressed sad I sit with Dhirubhai listen to his tales , he knows all the top lawyers judges that have made their wardrobe with him, and he greets them when they enter his shop close to my workspace.

That I am into tailoring too does not matter , he gets what he is deemed to get ..Dhirubhai does everything himself cut stitch press he is always involved with the garment .. giving it a touch of hope..

So I touch his feet consider him a Guru of my trade and he listens to my stories my failures my love life too.. he will never broach me , he just listens he subscribes to Midday that I borrow and read every day.

Once upon a time Dhirubhai and his family his father was a Master too stayed at Marwadi Chawl Bandra.

Bandra has changed but Dhirubhai remains unchanged he is what he was when he was young, he will never retire and I know Dhirubhai has greater pain in his heart than me , he has never told me, he conceals it well but as a mind reader I know it all..and perhaps he too is a mind reader as he knows my pain too predilection my doom..

Once during Idd , that is the time when Dhirubhai is packed with work, all the Muslims from our area make their Idd clothes with Dhirubhai.. and I never envy him , a guy wanted to have a pathani urgently made he came to me two days before Ramzan Idd.. I refused him , he said but Sir you makes clothes for everyone in my area aren't you Advocate Tailors.. I directed him to Dhirubhai.. so such is my relationship with Dhirubhai, most of his clients are my best friends but I refuse to make their clothes.

And they understand my style my content my form is different from Dhirubhai but we are one as he is a traditionalist like me..and honestly he is my inspiration , he uses the same English scissors my dad used..and through Dhirubhai I try to discover my dead departed father one of his kind Shakir Master..who was a connoisseur of beauty and a heart throb..

My younger brother Shakil Shakir was luckier he learnt tailoring under my Dad , and though I hated tailoring cutting , I learnt cutting under Miss Spencer at Windmere Road close to Taj Mahal Hotel..and accidentally got drawn to couture ..

I have seen great masters of the olden era Bul Bul Master of Shrimans and so many others but my dad was unique and made clothes of all the dons of the 60 s Haji Mastan , Yusuf Patel, Basu Bhai Khaliq Bhai ,Karim Lala Maxy Rashid Arba best friend of Basu Bhai and they came to our house at Jony Castle Wodehouse Road.. it was a era of white clothes and Rampuri chaku.. no guns no bombs just a word of the don could make you piddle in your pants..

And they gave us kids money generously they were our childhood heroes ..

So sitting at Dhirubhai s shop I let my mind my imagination soar..

Happy Maharashtra Day Unhappy Dry Day Happy Sunday

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the greatest
on any feast day
or during election voting
counting votes time
by the way
is a eponymous
venomous dry day
when they lock up the
bars restaurants wine shops
throw the keys away
but dont worry every street corner
near yacht janta deepa it is easily
available they say as a parcel take away
even if the contents are nakli you are a bewda
you will fuckin drink it anyway i have gone
through the vicious cycle of alcoholism
it ran in my bloodstream every day,,
but hafta corruption scam is in our blood
how will it ever go away so bewda joints addas
call the dry day their all saints day
they pay get away...counterfeit booze zindabad
on the highway nothing more to add or say
games that our ministers play...holding
our balls at ranson..from the system
you just cant get away..

from a reformed teetotaler to the bewda a Happy Maharashtra Day..keep the change anyway..

How Could You Do This To Me

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silence kills
her silence
a sweet
bitter pill
on a slow fire
the poets heart
liver spleen
she grilled
her last wish
she caught
the last train
home vanished
never to be seen
or heard again
from her world
he was duly
poetry passion
pain pathos
hot garnished
as her favorite
to her 3 little bears
stout stocky fattish

warrior queen
arrogant conceited
proud selfish
choked the life
of a poetic
her kohl
laden dewy eyes
her Cleopatra nose
her gazelle like neck
her pout her pillow lips
arched curvy eyebrows
sensuous luscious
finger tips holding
a cat o none tails
the back of the poet
she horsewhipped
tight lipped his heart
from his body
she ripped
the rest of the
gory details
i have duly

but i believe
his blood
with relish
in a wine glass
she sipped
her divine form
her divine beauty
her perpendicularly
pendulous hips
end of a short
sweet courtship
bleeding the soul
of a hardcover
bound script

On The Accidental Death Of A Beggar Poet

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blood tears and sweat
he came under
the karmic wheels
of her car died
as he had lived
on the internet
his lifes last
he leaves
his mark
on the
soul of poetry
a positive spam
in her debt
his number
on her hand set
his poems
have found
an outlet
the abyss
of her toilet
she wont
jab we met
bad karma
bad kismet

khuda hafiz
rest in peace
beggar poet
its better to have loved and lost
than not to have loved at all
she sighed showed her regret
a debauched moment
his madness his craziness
she will soon forget

Whip lashed

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the lashes
they wont stop
blood trickles
like rain drops
on a window pane
of the back
non stop
a fiddler
on the rooftop
the soul of silence
dark gloomy
a wordsmith
in a rusty
dingy workshop
going flippity flop

I Lost It

I Lost It, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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for a few
she was
in my hands
a dove
a bird of
bluish white
than she felt
she took flight
i am still
holding a
part of her
in my hands
my darkening
my lightning
in my mind
out of sight
wrong and right
spectral light
with a sword
of silence
my soul
she smites