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Omar Sharif Farewell..

The only film that really stayed with me all these years is

The Horsemen is a 1971 film starring Omar Sharif, directed by John Frankenheimer; screenplay by Dalton Trumbo. Based on a novel by French writer Joseph Kessel, Les Cavaliers (The Horsemen) shows Afghanistan and its people the way they were before the wars that wracked the country, particularly their love for the sport of buzkashi.

Jack Palance plays Tursen, a renowned, retired buzkashi player, who is disappointed in his son Uraz (Omar Sharif). The film was filmed in Afghanistan and Spain.


Omar Sharif (Egyptian Arabic: عمر الشريـف, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʕomɑɾˤ eʃʃɪˈɾiːf]; born Michel Demitri Chalhoub [miˈʃel dɪˈmitɾi ʃælˈhuːb]; 10 April 1932 – 10 July 2015) was an Egyptian actor. His films included Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965) and Funny Girl (1968). He was nominated for an Academy Award. He won three Golde…

Motherhood Source of Shiasm

from the time the child is born
the chant of hussain hits his ears
on his face flows his mothers tears
from one majlis to another from one
juloos to another as a lover of hussain
he is reared ..watching the flowing blood
kama matam zanjir matam later as he grows
up he is devoid of fear ,,he does what others
did before him protesting against yazid
the only protest against oppression terrorism
since 1400 years ..paying homage to an
aggrieved mother of hussain as she draws us
near -moharam our life a path a pilgrimage
that you colorfully celebrate as your new year

Why Do Shia Children Cut Their Heads

a thought that every time raises its head
a tradition that goes back hundreds of years
in the shia world highly widespread ..some
consider it as child abuse rush to the courts
but silent when the radicals cut decapitate
innocent peoples heads will not condemn
this it is said .Muslims love killing Muslims
instead , the shia genocide , the hazaras
the armenians the coptic christians yezdis
ethnic cleansing ,, only muslims the rest
the want dead ..on the soul of humanity
more bloodshed .. the salafi minarets are
mute .. the world powers waiting to grab
an opportunity to move ahead ..hate
blossoms on a deathbed ..the shia
protest a banner of revolt color red

Humble Request Please Dont Tag Me At Facebook

posted at facebook

I still dont understand why people Tag me in their posts ,,your passion for religious posts is understandable but including me does not inspire me with your passion , unlike you I dont post GIFs ..I dont understand why you tag me in your political posts I am neither a Congress Crony nor a BJP bhakt ,, I stay million miles away from politics,, You do charity , you do great service at your Dargah very fine but why are you pushing it on my timeline ..I am not interested at all.
I post original content unlike some of you who post any shit at the drop of a hat I dont search for fishes to comment on my posts ..
I do not wish to be included in the list of your friends you tag,, if there is anything I hate on Facebook is tagging ,,I dont tag your ass with my street shots ..I also keep reminding people who add me and I add some back to remove me from their feeds .
I hardly comment on peoples post , I do not ever use the Marc Zuckeburg money making Like button.. I comment ,,…