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A Plagiarist in the Poemhunter Forum Animal Farm

A Plagiarist in the Poemhunter Forum Animal Farm
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There was a conference among the animal poets online
They had caught a plagiarist red handed the swine
Said the eminent Owlin Dervish” break the bastard’s spine
But this hurt deeply as he was a friend of a group bovine
So said Eagle Hawk
“Today is Thanksgiving just let him pay a fine “
Said Trade Tortoise “lets bury him alive
And make a Plagiarists Punishment compulsory offline”
Tiger Taffee was angry how this plagiarist swine could
Our Animal poetic harmony by stealing poems undermine
Ron the Strolling Bear gunfire brimstone
As he lay on a mound supine
Said he “ the Swine his testicles should be pickled in Indian Brine “
But vociferous vivacious Sherrie the Sexy Cheetah
And her Ben gal Tiger friend said chop the bloody swine
As Sushi let him be served with Ginger Wine
Lizzie the Louisiana friendly boa constrictor began to whine
She was dressed in captivating Calvin Klein
Looking smooth and very serpentine
Said she “ let the Swine be a part of my Cajun cooking
Roasted boasted toasted on him we all shall dine “
Ted the Titmouse and Thad the Peace dove
Had thoughts more human loving
And said “lets not one of our own malign
So what if the swine
Is a plagiarist
We all steal our neighbors’ wife
Our neighbor’s goods
Our neighbors’ daughter
Forgive and Forget
“Bottom line “
“Let’s give him another chance”
Said the Australian Awesome Great Red Kangaroo
Of a criminal blue blood line
Nodding his head street smart David Mole
With his pretty Indian bandicoot concubine
Said “I am fed up tired frustrated as the Treasurer
Of this Poemhunter Forum Animal Farm
I resign “
Rape make more babies
Is my love line
Said the metaphoric Bat poet
Thomas Devine

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A Poets Dillemma on Cyberspace

A Poets Dillemma on Cyberspace
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A seething heavy breathing
Sickness and no cure
An ocean of words
At his disposal
A brain that needs no
Fertilizers steroids or
Cow shit as manure
Yet the poor poet
Is miserably insecure
Highly immature
Scared that someone
Will rob his poems
A sleepless thought
He can’t endure
But we give without
Our hearts and souls
So pure
Poetry the more
You give the more
You get I am sure
Only the plagiarist
With wrong means
Lives and survives
Ill-gotten gains
By filching
that he procures and the end
his mind his thoughts impure
he and his borrowed poetry
dies a death premature

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Poem hunter has taken seriously ill
Malarial fever shivering and chill
Given loads of quinine a bitter pill
A drip as the fluids out of
The monolithic body doesn’t spill
Adconion Media has paid the
Entire hospital bill
A Poem Search body
Going downhill
Poem hunter support worried
If Poem Hunter body dies
They won’t get a better job as
They have no skill
Don Quixote Chuck Toll
And his Indian side kick Firoze Sanchez
Attacking the Windmill
To open a page a task uphill
Money is what matters
That keeps filling the till
Some of the poets
Their poems
A little better than
Jack and Jill
Some who steal poems
And wait until
The original poet
has lost his good will
Poem hunter has gone comatose
His brains operated upon
By a pneumatic drill
While the hapless
Poet in his hands holds a suicide pill

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I came into poetry the kind I write, photo dependant two years back,
as a photo blog, at Buzznet.
So its an accidental choice that I registered at Poem hunter
with whatever our grievances or problems a great poetry site one of the best in my opinion.
Now this morning I got a message from Marci Made regarding her poems that have gone missing from Poem hunter website.
I am a one finger typing guy, not much net savvy.
But I remember a few months back, I had 12000 pictures on Flickr and one day I found I could not get into my site my password hacked, all my pictures had disappeared 12000 pictures all posted in 4 months, poems, blogs and all gone with the Wind.
Do you know the feeling the same or perhaps more than Marci is feeling at this time.
My son Asif Shakir web programmer wrote several messages to Flickr support, I got back my pictures and all my stuff.
Now I know the poet amongst you might read this with disdain, but because the poet is a written word and a photographer is a visual. I am lucky God has been kind in spite of Ian Bowen’s verdict on my poetry. I am widely read as a Poetry Blog.And I am a much better photographer as I shoot pain that I see in the glint as Hope in a beggar girl childs eye, the morphed sexuality of the accursed fate of the Hijda, eunuch or transgender..
What I want to tell the modern age poet in this cybernetic savvy world is to have his poems on a Blog site.
And those who are scared their poems will be filched than give up posting on the net, write in your copy book and nobody reads you but yourself.
I really don’t think about Plagiarists, what can they take, a poem, that is showcased at 5 different places. A plagiarist cant filch your Mind the reservoir of your creativity..
So if it is affordable at your end get your own poetry site, done in a way that your poems cannot be copied or downloaded, this upgrade costs money. The future of poetry is the Poetry Blog.
Or register your poetry blog at any of the sites listed a safety measure..

See my Blogs any help you need just send me a message..we are poets and whether you hate me or love me we all love poetry.. that binds us all into a community of peace and love..

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http: // (my main homsite)
http: //
htttp: //firoze
http: //
http: //
http: // (I dont post here)

I like Sherries and David Hazells blog sites too and that of Lawrence Beck too.

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The Top 500 Poet Plagiarist

The Top 500 Poet Plagiarist
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There is a panic in the forum
Among the envious jealous poets
Says my informer a reborn Buddhist
Who was once a 7th Day Adventist
That among the Top 500 Poets
In the poem hunter celebrity list
What if there is a Plagiarist
A news quite sensationalist
Running away deleting accounts
Emotionally black mailing
Besmirching poet names
the story has a twist
The Top 500 Poet Plagiarist
The new antagonist
Stealing poems
Adding his or her name
This robber careerist
This anti-socialist
Among Mary Angelou
Neruda Amichai
He comfortably co-exists
This poetic egoist
Collecting poems from cyberspace
This poem loving hobbyist
Anti –nationalist
A budding novelist
He is going great guns
He has hired a Hollywood publicist
Poetry has been beaten bruised
Bought down by this pugilist

I got a message in my poemhunter inbox that I have given a poetically dramatic turn..I dont know the truth but the Poem hunter forum is a center of news and is always in the center of news.. everyone hogging flogging news..
comment box deletish 30 minutes...

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An Indian Resilient Ass

An Indian Resilient Ass
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All I am just me
Write more notes to yourself
You will become a much better poet than you are
Within the drivel of your womanly vindictiveness
on the soul of poetry a cancerous unhealing scar
Why pick on me why blame America by far
You Moon goddess are nothing but a failing falling star
You mind your business with me why do you war
I am not what you are looking for
So go back to your kitchen and do your domestic chore
As for my ass at Poem Hunter bitten by a hog,
Hammered by a Gods Messenger knows how to fend for
A Indian resilient ass that is not yours anymore
Be careful you might get hit by its swinging door

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Gods Messenger

Gods Messenger
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Satan sodomized a eunuch
While she was asleep
The eunuch gave birth to a
Wicked child a slithering
Serpentine pipsqueak
Out of hate for Lord Jehovah
Satan named her
God s Messenger to mislead
Tongue in cheek
The Mark of 666 on her scalp
A strange language she did speak
A cross between Hebrew Yiddish
And Greek
A very satanic speech
If she hated you
She stuck to your soul like leech
At Poem hunter every norm of decency
She does breech
Sadistic masochistic freak
She has killed all her 10 husbands
She with the wily widow’s peak

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dedicated to ted sheridan


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Pigs, also called hogs or swine, are ungulates.
Native to Eurasia, they are collectively grouped under the genus Sus within the Suidae family. Despite pigs' reputation for gluttony, and another reputation for dirtiness, a lesser known quality is their intelligence. The nearest living relatives of the swine family are the peccaries.
• The dietary laws of Judaism (Kashrut, adj. Kosher) forbid the eating of flesh of swine or pork in any form, considering the pig to be an unclean animal (see taboo food and drink) . Seventh-day Adventists and some other fundamental Christian denominations also consider pork unclean as food.
• Islam also forbids the eating of flesh of swine or pork in any form, because of its uncleanliness and its immodest nature (see Halal) .


As a Muslim there is no love lost
Between ourselves and the specie the hog
Who is a scavenger living on the flesh of
Other animals in a slimey situational bog
That I pay tribute to him as a poem
In my Poetry Blog
Because for reasons unknown
As racist recapitualtions
That my memory flog
British colonoliasm
As seen through the bleeding pages of our History Book
A corner stone on the dead body of a Brown golliwog
Poetic postulations as seen at Poemhunter through
The curtains of a smog

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Clickity Clackity Clue

Clickity Clackity Clue
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Clickity Clackity clue
My dear culinary queen
I have given my burnt
Heart to you
Those old days of cybernetic
One finger fucking
Can’t we once again renew
Clickity Clackity clue
Pecan pie Featherless Turkey
This is one mad poem for you
From an Indian bare feet poet
Who swears he has
fallen in love with you
Clickity Clackity Clue
Your lovely chest nuts
He wants to chew
He wants you to
Beat his balls black and blue
Yes Babes you are the
On he wants to screw
Clickity Clackity Clue
After taking you as my
Second wife
I want to be an American like you
You blonde white me black brown
Our children will look like you
Clickity Clackity Clue
Happy Thanksgiving Day
From India I share with you
Clickity Clackity Clue
Our best man
Winnie the Pooh
Sweetest darling
You dont know
How much I love you
Clickity Clackity Coo
There are many fishes in the pond
You are the only one that will do

Clickity Clackity Clue

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