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Anjali The Jehadi Whore from Mumbai

I dont know this person from Adams, who comes and shits her Wahabbi venom on my photostream, using abusive language that even a common whore wont use, I mean this a Flickr member for you, I am shocked because she is supposed to be a Mumbai girl, and from her name a Hindu,so I dont know why she cries foul about Shias, I mean if she was a guy I would have given it to her in her own words, but she comments and blocks me, and her photostream full of African lose hanging tits..Read her profile ...

Im a liberal, modern, working girl here in Mumbai, I live alone in 1-room apartment with one of my male coleague, we have all kinds of SAFE relations, never gone Un-Safe, I like Photography, NET, Mobiles, Cameras, Sex Conversations, Open Talks..........
I believe in :
Her deleted comment on my post

My Lunch..Street Food Allah Ho Akbar
ﻰﻟﺠﻧﺍ ﺕﺍﻫ ﺕﺍﻫ says:
"bharwey, saaley, buddey Ulloo ke pathey (Time: 02:59 AM) ye raat ka time hota hei, saaley, barwey, gashti ke bahcey, teri maa ben ko chudwaaoo apney BF sey, haraami, raat 3-bajey teri maa lucnh bechti hei, KUTTI KA BACHA SHIYA SAALA, taaki rakh kar maa behno ko chudwaney waal zakir, i know all about u ppl, DARK ROOM mei jonsi aayii chod dii, aur 9-months baad zakar peda ho gaye, meri bii ek saheli thii saali ne bii 4-abortion karwaye MOHRAMO ke baad.....tu bii ussi jesi kissi TWAAIFF ka bacha lagta hei...........ha ha ha

And you are nothing more than a slut and a whore , you Shia hating venomous bitch, and for all you know you might be sleeping with all the jehadis and the cops in Mumbai should check out your anteceedents..

Lal Bagh Chya Raja Beckons

The crowds are immense which I shall show in later pictures, the Mumbai police on their feet, road blocks Nakabandis and checking, as no chances are being taken at all.

Waiting for Lal Bagh Chya Raja

These are people waiting in the line since last evening, but no remorse, no grumbling, just happy to have reached his door, I was lucky I just beezed in as a press photographer, and the Lord wanted me anyway...he knows my pictures in their simplicity will travel into distant hearts, even hearts as far as Alaska, yes the Lord knows the power of a Photo Blog...only Main Stream Media and crappy pedestrian photo journalists dont know it as yet...

King of Kings Lal Bagh Chya Raja

The most famous Ganesha on the firmament of Mumbai, is the one and only one the King Of King Lal Bagh Chya Raja, see him once in your life time, he is Mumbai, sans religiosity, he belongs to everyone, I as a Muslim, sometimes wonder, that the magnetic pull he has on me, he gives me wings to hold on to my paper soul, and he brings me to his domain bare feet , I had no camera prior to this I was shooting negatives on F100,and my technician returned the Nikon D70 as he could not find any buyer for it, I have not yet paid the service charges, but the Lord wanted me to shoot him, and so I first shot the GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha at Kings Circle, pictures I posted directly from my camera no photoshopping, but with Lal Bagh Chya Raja I am not taking chances , I reached there this morning in my Sadhu attire of the Shia Pandit, and it seemed the Lord was waiting for me, I just floated in no questions, nothing though I carried my Bandra Samachar Press card, and the people waiting for his darshan have been in the queque since last evening, serpentine human trail to see the Lord of Lal Bag Chya Raja...What touches you is not just his spirtual grandeur but his humility, he seems to love eveyone , and his thoughts rend the air, Sarv Dharm Ek, all religions one...
I am an emotional person, very human, and as I write this I have tears in my eyes and this has nothing do with my faith, but the very idea that he is clay and yet emanates Godliness of peace love and harmomy.I firmly believe in this Hope and Hindutva..
On Visarjan day I shall follow him barefeet..and shoot him till part of his journey than walk barefeet all the way on foot till Girgaum Chowpatty...
This is photography, this is passion , this is poetry , this is music, this requires no skill just devotion , and the Ganeshas on the road guide you towards the tempestuous seas of human experience parting the waters of your mind till you become one fused forever in a calm and cosmic consciusness, this is the Path to Peace and Brotherhood for me..Yes I am as Hindu as I am Muslim as I am Human, Faith is the color of my soul...and I am proud that as an Indian I breathe air untarnished by bigotry or hate of Mankind..and I am fasting too so the feeling is two fold my closeness to Allah and my proximity to Ram.


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I cured my acid reflux
But yes the poem hunter
Forum far too many hiccoughs
Grueling heartburns
Women to women
Wrestling bouts
The poem hunter forum sucks
Mind blowing wind blowing
Poetic fucks
Weightless remorse 100 ton
A battle lost before it is won
Fixed matches loose
Bowels and runs
Pages and pages of hysteria
By a nun she would not give
It to the boys poetically speaking
she saved it for the worms a rerun
Aussie Atilla the Hun
Hannibal chewing metaphoric
Pussies having fun
Howlin whirring under a sad lit sun
Poetic highlights shadows that stun
Surfer boy going great guns
And the Homecoming of Manfred Man
Disguised as Ted Sheridan
The Poet God is silent
Today is his day off
His work a thesis on phobic poetic
Critical claustrophobia
blanks from an empty gun
is a message to poem hunter
forum fornicators each one
david hazell micheal shepherd
faslund angie tara a few good ones

the rest love poking fun
racism hiding within the armpits
of a few hairless crazy ones



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The poem hunter pirates poets on the high seas
Of a forum marauding the ships of poetry
The victims hapless tears cries and pleas
One poor Indian man thrown of the plank
Mercilessly by Black Beard the Pirate
Limping lackadaisical lackey
No Howlin it cannot be with
Women poet pirates I see
Let my people free
From the corrupt forum sacristy
Of a corrupt poetic pompous
Pedant poetic clergy
Now Fluck this Forum
Deform dewormed forum is not for me
Zen from Philadelphia does agree
Knives, hand grenades, butchers cleavers
Machete to knock of heads and and hearts
Of those who believe in the
Holistic healing powers of Poetry


carrying on with the burden of love

photo courtesy dr glenn losack md

mans burden on his head
is a woman as sorrow on his bed
a woman who has changed her colors
the woman that he had wed
a woman that time and tide
have incoherently mislead
a love poem when he married
now as a footnote of animosity to be read
feelings emotions love of old
all burnt out
all dead
on a bedspread
trying to come to terms
as on hot embers he
has to tread
man does not live
only for food and bread
he wants to live love
be loved it is said..
words flowing away as water

A Bleeding Pearl

A Bleeding Pearl
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
photo courtesy google images

Daniel Pearl 'refused to be sedated before his throat was cut'
By Massoud Ansari in Karachi
Last Updated: 8:52pm BST 08/05/2004

Horrifying new details of how Daniel Pearl, the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter, met his death have emerged from the interrogation of new suspects by Pakistani police.

Pearl, who was kidnapped in Karachi in January 2002, knew for several hours that he was about to be killed, but resisted repeated attempts to sedate him, police now believe.

He was fully aware of what was happening when the Arab extremists who took control during his final days cut his throat, according to information gleaned from Pakistani militants now in police custody.

Shocking video film of Pearl's murder, seen around the world via the internet, was in fact a partial reconstruction of what had happened a few moments earlier, officers have been told.

The camera operator made a mistake and missed the moment of his death, which his murderers then re-enacted, before decapitating the reporter.

The revelations have fuelled anger among police investigators that at least a dozen leading suspects in the kidnap and murder of the 38-year-old journalist have been arrested, but have not been charged or tried in connection with his death.

Some have been accused of unrelated - and mostly lesser - offences. The three most recently captured suspects have not yet been charged, and their arrests have never been officially announced.

The only cases brought so far in connection with Pearl's death have been those against Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the British-born al-Qaeda terrorist, who was convicted of kidnap and conspiracy to murder the American journalist, and three others who played relatively minor roles in the kidnapping.

All were given life sentences for conspiracy to kidnap, but are now appealing against their convictions in the country's high court. Pakistani authorities are said to be reluctant to put the new suspects on trial lest their evidence helps the first four win their appeals.

A legal official said: "No matter what Sheikh is guilty of, if the police were forced to change their account of what happened because of newfound evidence, he might be given the benefit of the doubt on everything else, and be set free immediately."

Omar Sheikh, the mastermind of the kidnapping, set the trap which lured Pearl to his captors. He put the reporter in touch with a man who, he pretended, would introduce him to an extremist Muslim leader whom Pearl wished to interview.

Contrary to evidence given during Omar Sheikh's trial, police now believe he may not have been present when Pearl met Sajid Jabbar, the go-between, at a Karachi restaurant. It was after the meeting that Pearl disappeared.

Investigators say that senior officials in the Sindh police - the force responsible for Karachi - are "petrified" that if militants arrested in the past year were tried for their part in Pearl's murder, their earlier case against Omar Sheikh might unravel in the courts.

One official close to the investigation said: "Even if these men have admitted their roles in the kidnapping and killing of Daniel Pearl, we simply cannot charge them because of its impact on that earlier case."

Police have pieced together new details of how Pearl was held in captivity for two weeks, and eventually killed, from those involved - including two who witnessed his final hours.

Many of the details were unknown even to Mariane Pearl, the reporter's widow, who wrote a moving memoir about his death, A Mighty Heart.

They now believe that Pearl was not forcibly abducted from the restaurant, but at first went willingly with Sajid in his car, while four other militants followed. He was driven to the house on the outskirts of Karachi where he was to be held and killed.

There, four others who would guard Pearl dragged him inside at gun-point, tying his hands and blindfolding him. "Even at this point, Pearl didn't realise that he was already in trouble, and kept asking why they were behaving like this," one of those in custody told police.

He was held for two weeks before he was killed but made at least one escape attempt - according to the arrested men, just three days before he was murdered.

"He tried to scale the wall but couldn't do it because both his hands were tied," one told police. His captors said that Pearl had difficulty sleeping.

They brought him English-language newspapers and magazines to help him pass the time and let him exercise inside the room.

His efforts to converse with his captors were limited since they could speak only broken English. However, one said: "He made clear that he was a Jew and his wife a Buddhist. He used to imitate the way she prayed, and sing hymns and songs whenever he thought about her."

Eventually, Saud Memon, who is believed to be al-Qaeda's chief financier in Pakistan and owned the house where Pearl was held, contacted a group of Arab extremists who took over custody and decided he would be killed.

Armed with a video camera, three Arabs arrived, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, third-in-command of al-Qaeda - since handed over to the Americans.

For the first time, police have now identified the others as Abdul Rahman and Nasrullah - both Kuwaiti nationals fluent in Arabic, Balochi and Persian. Authorities are still searching for them.

On the day Pearl died, two of his Pakistani guards were present: Ali Khan, arrested just two weeks ago, and Fazal Karim, an employee of Saud Memon. One recently told interrogators how the Arabs tried to sedate Pearl, first by injection, then by doctoring his tea.

"I think he understood that he was going to be killed and refused to accept tea or to gulp pills. He even did not allow himself to be injected."

Before he was murdered, they forced him to relate his Jewish background and express sympathy with detainees in Guantanamo Bay before putting the knife to his throat once - and then again, a second time, owing to the faulty camera.

One of those present told police: "When they were slaughtering him in front of me I thought it was a bad dream. I had seen the cutting of a goat or chicken many times, but had never seen a human being slaughtered in front me."

Karim is among those who have been arrested and jailed for other crimes: narcotics smuggling, in his case. Investigators fear that Khan will also escape prosecution for his part in Pearl's capture and death.

Five others who took part in Pearl's capture or guarded him are behind bars for their part in unrelated sectarian killings, and Pakistani authorities have no plans to press charges related to Pearl. Authorities have yet to reveal publicly that they are holding three of the suspects: Khan, Naeem Bokhari and Faisal Bhatti.

Last night members of Pearl's family said they wanted all those involved in the journalist's death brought to book, and urged Pakistani authorities to hasten the hearing of Omar Sheikh's appeal.

In a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, Mariane Pearl and her parents-in-law, Ruth and Judea Pearl, said: "We are eager to see justice served and the truth come out. We are especially waiting to see a just conclusion of Omar Saeed Sheikh's conviction and the apprehension of all those involved."

The Islam of the Taliban
Of the radical is not Islam at all
Hate for humanity pride
That comes before a fall
A pearl in an oyster crushed
Like a paper ball
Allah ho Akbar a hijacked
Muezzins call
Holy Scriptures silenced
A new creed of Yazidiyat install
A bleeding head of Hussain
On the Prayer shawl
Single handedly he did stop the squall
Yes True Islam
Islam of Hussain
Is Equality Liberty Justice for all
Everyday is Ahura
Every Heart Is Karbala
We silently recall

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Bleeding poems that into the gutters seep
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What you sow if not what you reap