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The Muslim Beggars God Forgot ...

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My grand children are being sensitized to street pain and to those less fortunate and .....Nerjis in particular as Marziya Shakir has been shooting beggars and helping them out too with money old clothes etc..

She has adopted a old homeless lady Umbrella Lady of Bandra Reclamation he pocket money she gives to her ...Nerjis too is aware of the Umbrella Lady,,

Than He Looked Into My Eyes And Shamed Me And My Camera Forever

I Shoot What Nobody Dares To Shoot ..Broken Branches Scattered Roots

Muslims Are The Greatest Enemies of the Muslims

Congratulations Sir You Are A Grandfather To Nitara Khanna Bhatia

picture shot by dear friend Sagar Bekal

Happy Birthday Advocate Ashish Shelar ..Hardik Subbhecha

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Every year on Oct 3 I wish Ashishji as I call him a great family friend support and mentor , this picture was shot in color but I have desaturated all the hues to show you in starkness that behind every great man like Advocate Ashish Shelar lies the Soul of Ganesha Omkhara Remover of all Obstacles ..

Advocate Ashish Shelars world in all humility I have encapsulated as a set on my Flickr photostream.. and simply because even as a politician spokesman of BJP Party he is a simple soul.. he started his life from scratch living in penury but by sheer hardwork, struggle rose to the top , but as yet not forgotten his hard times or the humble abode where he lived .

His mother considers me her son too, so my bond with Advocate Ashish Shelar is very special.. I am an apolitical man but I respect this great humble human being.

He and his Wife and son Omkar are part of my extended family .

Good Bye John Dixon Howlin Dervesh

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP

i will soon
be coming
to see you
up there
after death
poets vanity
fair at rumi
you sitting
cute angels
on a chair
you beat
us all
you dared
into a
that we shared
you were luck
sweet death
had you
looking into
the mirror
a void
i stared
you and i
greatest pair

Liberal Pussy Poetry Forum Awards

Liberal Pussy Forum Awards
Chief Guest Hillary and Obama capital stock
Convener Bollinger of Columbia University
In California at 5 oclock
The best of poetry and discussion
As they unlock

Best poet award on the block
Goes to Eagle Hawk

Best poem as Commodity Stock
Trade Martins Liberal Pussy that wont Talk

Second best poem to rock and knock
Trade Martins I am not Schmuck check my Jock
You Jingle Jangle Jug head schlock

Best World heavy weight Poet’s trophy
For the best knock
Miss Sherry and Miss Courtney
Mental Block

Best Limerick Award
Posthumously awarded to
poet braywell
Racist Poet
Gangubai the Gonorrheal Whore
In much shock

Best Veterans Award
Goes to Ted Sheridan
Bukowiski angst on the chopping block

Hubcap Shithead Synchrony Award
At goes to Goldy Locks

Best Omar Khayam Rubaiyat Award
At Poem Hunter Forum
Goes To Howlin Dervesh
Now stranded in Iraq

firoze shakir

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP

The Mirror in your Eye

HOWLIN' DERVISH (10/16/2007 2: 59: 00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

.. at one time Howlin' brought a gift to the powerful Sultan Firoze. 'I have brought you a picture of the biggest fool in your realm.' he told the Sultan.
Sultan Firoze is delighted and unwraps his gift. His pleasure turns to fury, however, when he finds he is looking into a mirror. 'Take this impudent dervish away and have him flogged.' Sultan Firoze yells. Howlin' is astonished and looks in the mirror to see what has caused offense.' But O Great Sultan Firoze, ' he protests, 'this is a picture of the greatest fool in your realm.'

MORAL: If you don't know yourself to be an ass, you certainly are an ass.

Love is All


If you see your image in the mirror
It does not lie
Your faults your shortcoming
That reflects from the closet of your eye
The mirror tells the truth
Though cosmetically you lie
Your erased wrinkles of
False rejuvenation
It espies
Your cowardice
Your hate for others
Embellished on your
Soul as ungratifying sighs
You are nothing but
Hatred in disguise
Father Son and Unholy Ghost
Racist Trinity
Do take advice
Howlin ‘s Words
Pearls of Wisdom
No surprise
Relent Rethink and Realize

Thank You Sufi Master Howlin Dervish of Koyna

firoze shakir

" Stop Writing Poetry "she said

you keep getting into trouble
you and your hot air
balloon head
the poet racists of
a hate filled poetry world
want you debarrred and dead
with the connivance
of hackers
website managements misled
stop writing poetry she said
with your poetry blogs
you dont earn your daily bread
its poetic truth
that racism exists
in cyberspace
that they dread
many a
poet from the dark nether world
the racist poets have bled
aldo , arizona angel and also our own fred
their juggernaut wheels
over dead bodies they sped
these academicians
pompous poets well read
the law of nemesis
will catch up
before they get ahead
i dedicate these lines
to trade howlin hazell
ray lucero and ted

Thank You -Howlin Sheikh

Thank You Howling Sheikh
When he decided to make you
He was tired but fully awake
He went to sleep later
That’s when he made
A Fake..An English Poet
A White God of Poetry
For Poetry’s sake
A slithering slimy snake
An American handmaiden
Who loves to cook and bake!
Good friends she does forsake
This Lady of the Lake
Racism in poetry
Is no nice give or take
It does a brown back break
A thirst parched in sorrow
Mere words can never slake
I am sorry I should have written
This in my language
But than poem hunter
Poison I did partake
Metaphors, Similes
And my poetic ache
And my horrendous grammar
My punctuated pause
My pedestrian poetic mistake
A pictorial wordless photographer
Writing for fun
Burning as an Indian
Like Joan Of Arc
Pilloried at a Stake
Pursued by
Australian Coral Racist Snakes
Racist Ducks and Drakes

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP

Howlin Dervesh in Pendle Mongolia

I shall
my friend
we shall meet
in a poets
on a river
in a
evocatively blend
so many broken
fences we need
to mend ..

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP


poem by Howlin Dervesh at Poem Hunter

 For the want of an 'r'
Our lives have
Or may
Change somewhat.

With out 'r' we
Could never be Rude
only ude
Ude is my new word for today

As we get old and gay
And prance in the ude
Looking far from ude
As today may say


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Thad Wilk (12/16/2007 7:03:00 PM)
Nice write Howlin! Short and sweet! Vendi, Vidi, and i enjoyed your write!

Ray Lucero (12/16/2007 2:16:00 PM)
Uday Howlin,

As President 'Tricky Dick' Nixon once said;
'You won't have me to kick around anymore'
So it is with Firoze...


T McH (12/16/2007 2:13:00 PM)
Ude is an excellent word.

Actually - despite the hurling of crap I found Firoze personable and charming. Also easily offended and easily offensive. Never to me however and I take people as I find them. o me. Whilst being aware of what they may say about others. As do you.... F. t x

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP

Howlin Dervesh Poetized

Wisdom wise
an Englishman
Sufi poet
very nice
stood by me
at a racist poetry site
when my poetic ass
 was being
by racist thugs
jesus christ
howlin dervesh
they realized
would stand by
this colored poet
collectively terrorized
for being Indian
was despised
debarred and
an elizabethan whore
a stinking swine
his snoopy snout
between her thighs
a metaphoric  roar
now supine
a ringmaster
retired hurt
australian racist poet
a bovine
poet in disguise
beady eyed
rusty old blades
wilkinson brand
penectomy prolonged
testicular tragedy
howlin dervesh
sweet bitter memories

in pendle mongolia
sufi saint romanticized

John Dixon aka Howlin Dervesh passed away recently one of my very dear friends who saved my muticolored ass from racist poets at Poemhunter .. May His Soul RIP

Howlin Dervesh in Pendle Mongolia

I will
i still
you have
a fast
one on
me your
we mourn
howlin dervesh
from our heats
the poetry of
our souls
you have
not gone
you my friend
i wait forlorn
of humanity
racist poets
poems we

I met John at Poem Hunter and I was all alone facing a barrage of hate from a couple of racist poets one mother fucking son of a whore from Tweed Head Australia .. John fought for me and David Hazell another English poet too demonstrated his flair for righteousness and stood by me..

Both were to visit me in Mumbai a few years back but sadly our dreams died young .. these are my old memories poems , that I have linked to Facebook as his obituary..

This was a blank post I added words to it..

resurrected remorse of a half dead beggar poet

his sense of service .. his precision his timing.. is humanly computerized

if i think of a good man - i immediately think of the dabbawala

bye bye sweet bandra of sandra

god made man made god ..

the trembling door got fed up playing the whore .. she weeps he snores

man is a poem incomplete .. death after he has read it will delete

God Has Been Generous Nerjis Asif Shakir Is Learning Her ABC Very Fast

Muslim Beggars of Bandra Are Not Actually From Bandra

Are actually not from Bandra , these are beggars who come from far flung areas of Mumbai like Mumbra and other places .. they come to Bandra because there are rich generous Muslims who give , and I gave her nothing as all that I had I had given to the one sitting on the floor ..near the car ..

I was out on a errand and dont carry much money on me ever since my wallet my belongings got stolen at Nagpada during the Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan..

I took some money from a friend but when I came back she was not to be seen..

But I will meet her ..perhaps next Friday and give her her dues .. for the pictures I shot ...

Can Money Really Remove The Obstacles of Their Fate

Can Money Really Remove The Obstacles of Their Fate by firoze shakir photographerno1

they wait 
for a healer 
who will 
give them 
not just 
a few coins 
or food 
on a broken 
they stand 
beg here or 
gods house 
in a beggarly 
state right 
of admission 
says the
his gate 
head bowed 
those who pray 
those that will
 cut rich expensive
goats dumbas 
camels on idd 
are benumbed 
humanity gone 
out of date 

Muslim Beggars of Bandra

The Plastic Bag Says Libas ...Her Pain She Hid In a Mask

a child
in her
her pain
the other
a very
tough task
why i
dont ask
of an

The Very Thought Of Mothers Day..Kills Me As a Street Poet

I was destined to shoot beggars .. a penance for the poetry of my life

And As I Moved Ahead I Saw Another Beggar On The Crossroads of Time

Muslim Promote Beggary To Aid Misplaced Charity And Create More Beggars

The Sanctimonious Muslims That Feel For The Muslims of Assam And Myanmar Have No Time For The Poor Muslims of Mumbai

I was seeing her after a very long time , had not spotted her on many Fridays that I passed this way , perhaps she had gone to he muluk or hometown..I give her money generously and I shoot her pictures and she is not from Assam or Myanmar .. she is from Mumbai and the so called sanctimonious heads that feel for the poor Muslims of other areas have no time for the weeds that grow in our backyards .. and there are so many of them outside every mosque in Mumbai.

And I shoot the Muslim beggar it is the genre of my human documentary , I shoot other beggars too but I shoot Muslim beggars because I am a beggar poet ... a beggar in more ways than one.

I have been shooting Muslim beggars and I dont need to sell pictures to add to my income my photography is free , but all my camera equipment etc has cost me money .. and after I am dead and gone perhaps my grand children will shoot beggars too to show you their evergrowing unending pain..

And in a few weeks the so called rich showy Musalmans will spend loads of money buying expensive goats , dumbas and their pictures will be plastered in all the no 2 Newspapers of Mumbai DNA And Hindustan Times I dont read the Number 1 newspaper of Mumbai..and I once went to Deonar to shoot the expensive goats but I stopped it I shoot around Bandra.

And I will shoot the Bakra Eid Namaz ..

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īd al-’Aḍḥá, IPA: [ʕiːd al ʔadˁˈħaː], "feast of sacrifice"), or Feast of the Sacrifice or Greater Eid, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a sheep to sacrifice instead.[1]

And after the namaz the agony of the beggars of Bandra and finally the slaughter of the goats and the bulls .. and even the guy who has not cut onions at home will become a butcher because demand is greater than supply and for me Bakra Eid is the beginning of Moharam.. another important sacrifice that has kept Islam alive till date because of the Martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain .. grandson of the Holy Prophet .. I will shoot the blood of the goats and in Moharam the blood of the Shias symbolizing a protest against Yazidiyat since 1400 years .. the banner of Revolt against hate for Humanity .. by the enemies of Hussain.

And I will cut my head too on Ashura and on Chehlum to continue this Protest my personal expression of my feelings and my pain part of a greater collective ethos called Ghame Hussain..

Only Beggars Can Shoot The Poetry of a Beggars Soul..

He Celebrates His Birthday Everyday - And You Dont Need To Have A Black Tie To Meet Him ha ha ha

The Bollywood Stuggler - Have Wheels Will Travel

Kamal Dhamal Malamal.. Ram Jane

First the pictures release on his wall and Sushil Kumar the Tantrik of Juhu only does his magic on those whom he likes .. Ek Tha Tiger was a Super Hit because Sushil Kumar of Juhu Facewall is a hardcore of Bhai and hopes one day Salman Bhai passes by and shakes hands with him.

We are great friends because every time I pass Juhu close to Theosophical Hall I keep my wife waiting in the ricksha and take his shots he is one of my streets hero..he is the Bollywood Struggler ..

And if I was making a move I would add him to the cast , he is a lucky talisman for all Salman movies ..
He is my very good friend sometimes I give him pocket money too ..for keeping the world entertained through his Facewall..