Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shah Ast Hussain - We Curse Yazid

Shah Ast Hussain - We Curse Yazid
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Hussain the beloved grandson of the Holy Prophet
with whom Allah the Most Omnipotent was pleased
Hussain the name of Humanity beyond caste color or creed
the Bayt of the Holy Prophet he did not conceed
gave his head not his hand to a Monster called Yazid
who born of an illegitimate serpent seed
well known for destroying Islam by his dastardly deeds
every act of his against Allah, Islam humanity woman hood indeed
the laws of civility the human values he and his warriors did not heed
yes a black chapter in Islamic history words that bleed
the accursed Ummayad Caliphate leader Yazid
an insult to the human breed
on the flesh of carrion he did feed
his so called followers of yazidiyat
in todays world we do not need
who give reverence to Yazid
the Ummah at spirtual circus to mislead
they should be crushed God Speed
Hussain a single man army 72 warriors in the lead
against the mammoth forces of accursed yazid..
even afer death and defeat did suceed
Hussain gave up his life not for political supremacy
that he did not need
Hussain our beloved Shaheed
political gains and worldly control of Islamic fortune
thirst of Yazid his wantoness depravity and his ungodly greed
Hussain for his live or his his familys life never did plead
Karbala that became the killing field
it was the fruits of Hussainiyat from the blood of the Martyrs
it did yield
Hussain Allahs most protected Shield
Astride on Zuljana the Indomitable Steed
living words of Nade Ali on him decreed
fearless along with Abbas Ali Akbar Kassim
he did proceed
Ali Asghar the little Mujahid
all battling the evil forces
who prayed the namaz
and the Holy Koran did read
now dont ask me why the Shias
from the major community did secede

“Shah ast Husain,
Badshah ast Husain,
Sardaad na daad dast dar dastey Yazid,
Haqqa ke bana-aey La ilah ast Husain.

” Translation : “Ruler is Husain,
Emperor is Husain,
Religion is Husain,
shield of religion i.e. Islam is Husain,
Gave his head (for Islam) but not his hand to Yazid,
To maintain the truth no one but is Husain.”

my poem dedicated to Maulana Zaki Baqri a Man of Spiritual honor .. who helped in my growth as a good human being..

Hijdas on Christmas Eve Day

Hijdas on Christmas Eve Day
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Outside the St Peters Chrurch Bandra Hill Road
The Hijdas stand in reverence on Christmas Eve Day
knowing the good parishioners will come out
and pay -charity a Christian virtue like prayer
broken bodies of human pain they bare
a god given tragedy they have no money to repair
clapping their androgynous hands in the air
transgenders are human like me and you
a convulted contorted emotional erosion
personal in nature who cares
perhaps Jesus Christ lying in his crib
looks at them than at the clergy
the Rock of St Peter
a castrated silence
chaotic spirtual commotion
that as humans we share
some cry they have no shoes
some cry they have no feet
who stand on stilts of prosthetics
without the need of footwear

Marziya Flickr PhotographerNo1

Marziya Flickr PhotographerNo1
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she cannot walk
she cannot talk
she is a chip
of a block of a block
pictorial poetic stock
wanting to be photographed
round the clock
the new poet on the block
whose poems will not shock
peace freedom justice
all solid as a rock
she might be the next gen
flick photographer no1
marziya shakir
this friendly eagle hawk
a gift of a drop of tear
from karbala in iraq
named after Princess Fatima
a new world of hussainiyat to unlock
allah ho akbar
she too will photo blog

Marziya our grand child

Marziya our grand child
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miraculous memories
lyrical joy to share
marziya shakir
our grand daughter
a diamond very rare
camera friendly
poem friendly
monk like head
without any hair
we do make an unusual pair
she is the first child
who is comfortable with what I wear
she a shakir who does not easily scare..
love poetry hate racism
in the eyes of our antagonists we stare
justice is a pre condition
to peace and freedom
da vincas words we swear
on the wings of poetry
we enter leopard lairs
where angels fear to dare

Dignity in Child Labor

Dignity in Child Labor
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sir take my photo he said with a smile
covering his fateless face
the turner road traffic signal beggar kid
with humility and human grace
its not dreams but cars he must chase
as the red light comes on
his palms the feel of coins will trace
dignity in child labor
is no more a disgrace
the beggar mafia
controls his destiny
his body his soul
his mind space

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer
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traffic signal beggar boy
Christmas cheer
a life imprisoned
in a drop of tear
his cry the world
has no time to hear
the world busy shopping
for a happy new year
vehicular traffic of pain
as it draws near
joy happiness
pass by disappear
birth life death
karmic punishment
to mock and sneer

dedicated to Mrs Andrews mother of Tom Andrews..