Tuesday, July 7, 2015

BW Photography

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”
― Ted Grant

Carter Road Bandra Where Angels Roam.. Home Away FromHome

The Khans Live At Bandstand But God Lives On Carter Road

Our Leaders Are All Gone In Silent Mode ,,,

omerta party comes
first the silent code
scams on the soul
of our crony politics
explode illegal money
that they hoard ,,not
in Swiss banks but
in their old creaky
family cupboards
105 families have
lost their sole
spurious hooch
that allegedly
in collusion
with the cops
that the mafia
sold ,,rapes
bad law order
poor governance
in auto mode
bad infrastructure
potholed roads
garbage porn
makes inroads
be careful or
by an actor
you might get
mowed ,.pothole
tracking pictures
that bmc wants
you to upload

Sadly The Stinking Rich Marathi Politicians Did Nothing For The Poor Marathi Manoos

Drunken Father ..Crumpled Children

They set out to work in the mornings , both brother sister , their only dad is a drunkard, he makes them beg and drinks up the money.. I have not seen him for sometime now , he is not well I am told ..I gave them brun and some money.

Every Morning I Say My Prayers To The Lord Of The Flies

hidden behind
the garbage dump
he watches me
with his cosmic
eye ..every
morning he
garbage as
floral tribute
he promises
them a better
more peaceful
serene paradise ,
the municipal
workers his
priests who
manage his
temple by its
girth garbage
size , cats dogs
rats goats crows
his loved ones
angels in disguise
swach bharat is
utterly impossible
he lets out a cry
bandra bazar road
his most beautiful
temple beautifully
ugly stiflingly nice

I have to keep you alive to feed myself ...you wretched child

Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas

Women Emancipation For Poor Women Is Sweepers Beggars Or Customer Care In Red Light Areas

In India most of the sweepers are women , go to construction sites you will find them lifting bricks as the new born child watches waits for the mother to get free from-her chores and breastfeed her .

Even the dirty Indian Railway stations slave drive women sweepers and as a photographer I have seen them suffer in silence .

And as a person who has shot the infamous redlight areas of Mumbai Cages at Pila House , this is is the worst form of slavery and so called Congress coined Women Emancipation.

God Save The Poor Indian Women From Women Emancipation

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